Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So I am pissy about Idol tonight. Basically because I don't really get the theme. It was popular ITunes downloads. I'm thinking what's in the Top 10 of the week on ITunes. Not really. Apparently it's any song that can be downloaded on ITunes, so basically any song in the world. And I think I was correct in my original assumption because they all had their little field trip to Ryan's radio show which is the Weekly Top 40. That is current top hits. Not hits from 35 years ago. Whatever.

Tonight instead of my Randy-ism I counted times he said his new favorite word "swagger"-three. I also liked DiaGuardi's outfit and earrings but that is about the only nice thing I have to say about her. Paula's necklace and earring ensemble-I LOVED IT and wish I knew where to get one. We also got to learned about the term "artistry" from DiaGuardi "It's when a person takes a song, that everyone has heard a million times, strips it down and does something to it, gives it their own twist. " Right. How damn metaphorical-basically that is a cute word to tie up what the judges have said for all those years you weren't on the show which is, "make the song your own." Thanks. (Wow I am being mean tonight). The other thing that I have had it with? Ryan telling America they cannot vote until the show is over. WE GET IT! I mean it's been seven seasons. If there is some moron sitting home dialing during the show and not getting an answer isn't this just more fun? No need for instructions.

Anoop: Wow. I mean I don't even know where to begin. And I am a huge Anoop fan, but wow. Him singing Usher is the equivalent of Archa-loser last year singing Chris Brown. Here was the comment I loved by my fave judge, "To sing Usher you have to go up in your range-and then you just did what he did." What the hell does that mean? That is a contradiction. Argh. The best thing is how much Paula hates Kara. Even if Paula agrees I swear she says the complete opposite. Then Anoop got a little annoyed and said "Well I want to be R&B." Sorry Anoop-you are not Brian McKnight.

Megan: They put the mic stand there so maybe she would stand still. No such luck. Another night subjected to that awful movement. I am angry that she made it this far and Alexis, who was so much better, is home. I never really got the "unique" sound to her voice unless by "unique" they meant "sucks."

Danny: Sorry Marrah, I love you but you and I totally disagree. I heart Danny. There is really not much more to say. I leave greatness alone.

Alison: So after she turns around and faces the mirror when hair and makeup are finished, does she feel that their interpretation of what she should look like is acceptable? I mean it is bad enough her hair looks like what would happen if Ronald McDonald became a transvestite, but did we have to make it look like Pat Benetar gone wrong? I really would have loved her to do a Kelly Clarkson song because I think she is just like her voice wise. All in all she was really good.

Scott: Only a true Billy Joel fan would realize that was not a new "look"-wardrobe purposely was trying to recreate the Billy of yesteryear that graced the Greatest Hits album. That was done on purpose. I also love how Scott said he was going to be true to himself and play the piano. I feel bad. Ever since Paula made that dumb comment he feels the need to justify his sitting behind a piano. That's OK Scott, we understand and hope Paula does too, if you are shelving your MC Hammer moves for yet another week.

Matt-Thankfully he went after Scott to borrow the same leather jacket. Matt went out to sing The Fray, my mom's new favorite band. I love this song, hated the Idol self created mosh pit around his Casio. So dumb. The judges ripped him a new one, even though I thought he did a really good job.

Lil-She sang "I Surrender" and I think she will be surrendering. This poor girl cannot catch a break. Nothing she does is good enough. On a side note-dropping some Idol knowledge on you-this song was done by Kelly Clarkson first season. It is also a song that I sing awesome in the privacy of my car-like very private. I even make sure I drop Preston off to school as to not scar him for life. And really, can they stop filming this girl from the back? She is not "lil" back there (props to Mel on that one). Not that I am either, so I feel for her. Her kids are beyond adorable and when her little girl just hugged Randy I got a little teary myself. I would love her to bust out "Single Ladies." She is amazing when she sings upbeat songs. I want her to stay around a bit longer.

Kris-I am going out of turn I know. Work with me here. And it's my blog. (I know I am way too bitchy to be writing tonight). He was good. I did not think it was the most amazing song I have ever heard. Personally I was kind of bored. Not James Taylor bored, but almost.

Adam: OK, seriously. Tonight I have had it. ENOUGH with the Adam Lambert Variety Show. This guy belongs on a cruise ship. He should have tried out for America's Got Talent and been judged by the Hoff and gone to Vegas. I mean he thinks he is untouchable. Thanking the band???? It was s bit much. If I were Ricky Minor I would have thrown my baton at him. I mean I get saying a nice "Thank you to the band." But it was like he was so awesome and the band adapted to his arrangement....AHHH. Comparing him to Steven Tyler? Not so much. Danielle made a good point-why when one of the other contestants does something different they are chastised? And in my opinion he screeches.

My pick to go home: Megan. I cannot deal with one more week of the spastic movements.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Whew! What a Weekend!

Can I use more "W"s in my title? The rain held out so the kids could get off the First Annual neighborhood Egg Hunt! It was so cute. A lot of us parents donated eggs filled with candy and they placed them all around the soccer field in the development. They divided the kids by age group and the only requirement was bring a basket. They had the Easter Bunny and one mother made bunny Rice Krispie treats. It was a bit hard for me-not very many single parents in the land of rainbows and skittles I live in, but I did make sure I started talking and meeting people. Most of the parents are older than me too, but I am determined to make more friends down South dammit! Here is the booger on his Egg Hunt. I cannot believe he sat next to the Bunny. I told him if he took a picture he could grab a marshmallow treat. That might have been the reason. I took one picture and he hopped down. I begged him to let me take one more to which he replied, "I did. I'm done Mommy."

Today we had a really busy day. I took Preston to Friendly's and many of you commented on my Facebook status that you too have an undying love for that place. Fribbles are so good aren't they? Then it was off to our once a month Wal-Mart trip for staple items. I am not a fan of their meat or produce (other that bananas and maybe grapes) and my favorite grocery store here closes on Sundays (we are down South now) so I will have to made a trek to Ukrop's this week. Preston scored a cute little basket with construction vehicles on it for his bedroom. Then we hit Target to pick up new toddler bedding for his bed. The one from last year I thought was getting a bit faded so it was time for a new set. Let me tell you-the one I got today is the first "toddler" sized bedding where the quilt is a quilt, not as thin as a receiving blanket. I put his bed together and he came running in to tell me, "Oh it's so cute Mommy!"

Preston is loving the neighborhood kids. They all seem to love him too. They are all older than him but just love when he is outside. I did meet one girl today whose son is about 9 months younger so it looks like I will have some playdates in the future. Here is Preston's face when he is told it is time to end the day:

It is hell getting him inside. He loves being outdoors. And here is the dude showing off his new bedding!

Have a great week!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Motown Night! Seriously though when is it going to be hair band ballad night? I know I have brought up this subject before. I am so ready for people to start belting out some Foreigner and Firehouse. Some "Every Rose has It's Thorn." I am also curious if they go with that theme who the guest person would be-and what advice would they give since unfortunately hair band ballads are no longer made. Which is a damn shame in and of itself.

This was an exciting trip for the Idols to Detroit and the four fans in Starter jackets waiting for them. Please that is not a shot at Detroit, just so sad that there were seriously like four people outside the local answer to 7-11 waiting for them to show. Then Smokey came to the Idol mansion to give his advice. One thing I LOATHE is the staged "impromptu" group song that correlates to the theme of the week. Are we to believe that the Idols all sat around (with that eerie piano player again who just plays and plays and plays) and they all belt out a perfect Motown tune and when finished all high five and fist pump as if they are that amazing to get the harmony and melody right the first time? Right...and my ex might pay child support next month.

My count for the night was how many times DiaGuardi said "artistry." Three.

The Randy-ism "Dude you set it off on a tone." Now I am not even really sure Randy knows what this means. If anyone wants to take a gander at that one....

So the night started off with Matt signing "Let's Get it On." He is awesome. Totally always thought he had a great voice, but he was really really good! Although if he busted out with the Shaggy version and sang "Mr. Boombastic" I would love him even more. (On a side note did anyone feel really let down when they found out Shaggy really does not have that Jamaican accent? So disappointing. It was akin to the whole Milli Vanilli thing for me). Anyway, my favorite comment for Matt was Randy who stated, "This is what I love about tonight." I totally didn't get this either since Matt started off the night and there was nothing to compare it to. All that happened prior to Matt was you walked out. Whatever. Paula also told Matt he was comfortable behind the piano and away from the piano...as opposed to Scott who Paula feels truly needs to stop using that piano as a crutch. (Hint of sarcasm)

Kris-What was with the Jean Valjean prison numbers across his shirt? Pretty awful. I thought he was o.k. tonight. They want him to have "swagger." That word totally gets me thinking about that "Paper Planes" song. Which you all know I love.

Scott-Seriously was the person dressing him also visually impaired? Give the poor guy a break-those pants were God awful and he should get to give someone in wardrobe a beat down. They left Lil alone tonight so figured they would screw with Scott. Unfortunately for Paula, the stage crew did not hook lines to him and have him fly off like Peter Pan across the stage. What they could do to satisfy Paula's need for Scott to perform for her, is hook his piano to one of those flying stages a 'la Tommy Lee in Motley Crue's "Same Ol' Situation" video. Let him fly high above all the tweens in the audience. (Speaking of videos who remembers videos? I really miss MTV and Kurt Loder). I love Scott and hope he goes far in this competition. He, like myself is also single and looking for that perfect "fit." Rock on Scott.

Megan-For the love of everything holy-does anyone else watch her dance and think she looks just like Baby's sister from Dirty Dancing doing that end-of-summer routine before Johnny and Baby bust on stage? She is just the worst dancer and tonight the worst singer. You know you sucked too when randy starts off with, "Ok so you know I have mad love for you right?"

Anoop-I can't not love this guy. Other than needing an eyebrow wax, Anoop is totally awesome. I was also digging his jacket and think a smaller one would fit nicely in Preston's wardrobe.

Michael-Nice guy but it is time to go Mikey-boy. You might of saved yourself if you sang TLC's "Ain't to Proud to Beg."

Lil-Smokey totally used the "You can sing the phone book" line the judges love but I must say I don't care what the judges said she ROCKED. She looked the part, dressed the part and sang the part. I am not quite sure why they were so harsh on her tonight.

Adam-Elvis sings Motown. They love Adam. They love his artistic spin but when it comes down to it, I don't know what his album would be about. He is like a variety show. That is why I think Broadway would be the way for him, of course I don't know how they would close up the massive earlobe holes, but that would be for the make up people behind the scenes at Wicked to contend with.

Danny-I really don't have a lot to say other than you guys know where he is placed in this competition for me. He is feeling no pressure right now. He is not getting the boot and if he did for some reason the judges would save him at this point. Danny and his spectacles are sitting pretty.

Allison-Wow. Seriously this girl is growing on me. She had no business being in the bottom three last week. The only problem she had tonight was agreeing to wear the white pleather shrug. She was insanely good. I feel like that last line sounded like something DiaGuardi would say.

My pick to go home: Michael Sarver. Megan is probably safe for only one more week.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Hair is NOT that Exciting...

I totally freaked all of you out with my Facebook status huh? The hair is not too exciting. I just took off two inches, chopped in some long layers and shortened the side bangs a bit. Nothing too drastic because summer is coming and it is like 400 degrees and HUMID here so I need to be able to pull it back. I just was tired of looking like my high school pictures with the all one length long hair-only difference is now is I have awesome smile lines around my eyes that were so not there in High School. What I want to do come the fall is copy Destini's hair cut! I am so going shorter come the fall.

We have had a fun week. On Thursday we went to a party in my friend Jordana's neighborhood for Kelly's Kids clothes. So cute and totally overpriced but needless to say Preston made out like a bandit (duh). This weekend was pretty low key. I started meeting some more people in the neighborhood. Preston was psyched because this weekend marked the return of the train at the Short Pump mall-there is an electric ride on train for kids and parents at the mall but it hibernates in the winter (I learned of said hiatus after taking him there in January only to find out it was gone and my son was wailing at the abandoned station). So he was THRILLED and he rode on the coal car with my mom and I and he felt like a rock star.

Today we also went exploring again outside in the woods and met a couple that is building a house in the development. (Not in the woods-we met them before we went exploring). Next weekend is the neighborhood Easter egg hunt and I really hope it does not rain. Here are some pictures of Preston and I being total goofballs. Please excuse the end of day makeup, bobby pinned hair and ashen face AND Preston in nothing but an undershirt-but I heart you all and know you heart me as well so here is our photo shoot.

And here are some pics of Preston exploring.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I have been such a blog slacker this week. Happy St. Patrick's Day. I think I may be like 1/500th Irish and completely forgot about the holiday so Preston was pretty much the only kid in school in red today. I made up for the lack of green by making him broccoli with dinner. Tonight was country week on Idol. I have a couple of preliminary comments before we begin:
First when the judge's give you criticism just shut up and listen. Stop arguing. They are rich and famous, you're not yet. Just because you are in the Top ELEVEN does not make you record deal worthy yet. Take it to heart-we don't want to hear you had a hard time picking a song, you gave it your twist (meanwhile we don't even know you that well yet so your twist is not that big of a deal), you wanted to try something new, the song meant something to you because your 98 year old great uncle loved it as a kid growing up poor-what...ever. It's long enough now with DiaGuardi, don't add to the critique. And speaking of my favorite judge she came out rocking her discount rack G&G rubber silver top special. I must say the majority of my critique tonight focuses on the wardrobe since the night was BORING. And it's not that I do not like country, I do like some country, I just was not a big fan of a lot of the songs they chose-so without further ado...

Michael-This is where I first noticed the Randy Travis piano player. Did you catch this guy? After the contestant would sing their song, he would continue to play softly in the background while Randy pitched insightful rhetoric to each person. It was hilarious. It's like the soft music that would play during a Sex in the City episode when Carrie would be looking at Big, and then walking off with the East River to her back in her high heeled Manolos, liberated that she was a free woman (with a huge apartment in NYC on a 30 thousand dollar salary...ok digressing).

Alison-This girl reminds me of Kelly Clarkson voice-wise. I love how wardrobe matched her jacket , bow and necklace to her maroon hair. I also wonder if she understood what Randy meant when he said her performance was "dope" considering she was not alive when that term was used in modern jargon. Why didn't he just tell her she was mint and throw her a Kid n' Play album?

Kris-I think I am going to start a pool on how many more weeks Kris' marriage lasts now that he is like the hot commodity of Idol? He is safe this week and has sealed his fate on the "tour" so I wonder what this means when he has all those groupies outside hockey arenas that lend themselves to the Idol tour (which I totally went to with my sister after Season 5 btw). Kris also brought about the Randyism of the week, "tender dawg" which I assume translates to "emo guy with guitar."

Lil-who obviously did not have that heart to heart with wardrobe. When I think country I totally think high cut strapless satin cocktail napkin of a dress don't you? I am thinking of how cute Lil would have looked in jeans, a ribbed white tank from Old Navy and a cowboy hat? Not a hard outfit-she probably packed it with her already! If I was on Idol I would be wearing black head to toe and have a clause that you are not filming me from unflattering angles such as from behind. I also love how they told Lil they would have chosen "I Will Always Love You" for her. If she sang that they would have told her how she cannot duplicate Whitney. It's always that proverbial no win situation.

Adam-Bobbi, I know you love him, but seriously WTH was that all about? I love "Ring of Fire" and could have done without the Aladdin-esque version. When Randy Travis said "points for uniqueness" he meant "Mother of God! Please don't disgrace the Cash." Also love how Adam dressed the part for tonight-gold lame jacket and Brett Michael's tank top underneath. Lovin' it. Liked Adam so much more last week.

Scott-Scott was the first one to kick away the annoying piano guy that Randy was using so he could play. The song was pretty awful-the chorus swelled like it was an anthem in one of those puppet/human movies that are always a little creepy like Neverending Story or Labyrinth. Then Paula tells him he is using the piano as a crutch. Of course he is...the guy is almost 100% blind! I agreed with Simon here, what exactly would you like him to do? Think about Stevie and Ray-they sat behind the piano. No one was moon walking across the stage. Ridiculous.

Alexis-Nicest dress of the evening and killer earrings. So then they start panning the audience to those clapping and you see the subtitles-Contestant X's friends and family. I got to thinking, exactly what types of jobs do these people have that they all can come to Idol twice a week and they don't live remotely close to Hollywood? How many thank you points have they racked up for free mileage? How much vacation time have these people accrued? I wonder if people rent-a family you know if their family has a big presentation at work and can't get there do they just put people in the audience and label them friends? Alexis also promised to bring "dirty" back next week whatever that meant. And who is watching her child? Big picture of me on Idol living in some mansion getting three square meals a day, three pools, a horse, personal masseuse and my mom home alone suctioning Preston's boogers out each morning all while dealing with his sunny disposition at 7 am. (My kid will be the coffee drinker like mommy).

Danny-Besides the Backstreet Boy white jacket with Cousin Eddie National Lampoon white loafers, I loved him. Seriously just love him so much. Like Michael Johns, he can come out and truly recite the phone book and I would not care. By the way though-where is Jamal? Are they suddenly not friends anymore? He is never representing the Gokey crew when it is time for Danny's audience panning.

Anoop-Why was he dressed like a Best Buy employee at his audition with Randy? And then comes on stage with the Kanye West hooded cardigan? Anoop also had the most cliches tonight. Unlike O.J. he was told that the "glove fit" tonight and Simon told him he went from "Zero to Hero" (so cheesy). Love Anoop a loop!

Megan-Ok Megan is gorgeous even though I cannot stop focusing on the tattoo. It's like in Austin Powers when they had Fred Savage's character have a mole and that was all Austin could focus on. She has a cool voice but her dancing-it's like one of those battery operated toys on their last legs. Every now and then it jerks violently. Poor thing was sick. She had to get into costume, makeup, hair done. When I have indigestion I want to be left alone, so can you imagine singing with the flu?

Matt-So TV Guide wrote that Ryan told Matt he looks like Michael Buble. Next time Ryan and I IM each other I am going to make sure he gives me credit for the Buble comment. Really Ryan you silly guy. (*For new readers-I really don't IM Ryan but you must play along).

My pick to go home and hence lose the tour-first off why can't all 13 go on the tour? Is three extra people going to ruin the whole thing? Anyway-my pick to go is Michael. Runner up to go-Alexis.

And the picture of Preston for everyone:

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Well I, like many Americans who DVR/TiVo the first half hour of Idol to rid yourself of commercials, had no clue of the Top 13 because my DVR cut off. Simultaneously my Black Berry was going crazy with people texting me asking about who made it since their DVRs had also cut off and as if I can totally IM Ryan to find out what happened. I did not know-Caitlin had to tell me. It was kind of like the final episode of The Sopranos where I threw a virtual fit thinking the cable cut out. So the big Idol surprise, in true Idol-cheesiness, was there would be a Top 13 saving Anoop-a-Loop. I mean it's a Top 13 for two hours-by tomorrow we are right back where we would have been had there only been 12, the only difference is Anoop will more than likely stay. I don't know if I have mentioned my disdain for Kara (*cough*) and seriously someone needed to tie that bow a little tighter (see Kristin) to shut her up. Ugh. The only good thing about not extending Idol another week to accommodate 13 (which they cannot do anyway because it must end with May sweeps but I digress) is this is one less week of Kara and hopefully one more week closer to Nigel and all the folks at 19 Productions to realize the mistake that is DiaGuardi.

I didn't count pitchy tonight because I have decided my new game will count how many times Ryan says the word ITunes. I think those fine folks at the aforementioned 19 Productions get paid every time it's mentioned. Look for that next week (I am sure you are eagerly wishing it was already next Tuesday). I also don't have a specific Randy-ism (such a slacker tonight), because I have a Randy-quirk-ism. What is with the questions? Here is Randy tonight, "You know what dude? You know what I like? You wanna know? You know what it is dawg? You know how it is for me? You know what's up" And sometimes he just doesn't answer the question either which irks me because I knod of want to know "what it is."

Michael Jackson night. Love MJ. Not the whole touching a child/Neverland ranch MJ-but good old fashioned MJ. No matter what computers can do, "Thriller" will never be duplicated-ever. I also have a flashback story for you. I was a camp counselor I think at age 16. For the final talent show, my sister, her friend and I made up a dance to "Will you be There." I was the counselor for the 10-12 year old girls. Needless to say the girls were so awesome they invited us to the town wide show. I continued this the following year to Coolio's "Fantastic Voyage." Mel will never let me forget my choreography to the Free Willy song. Now into the commentary:

Lil-those pants! It's like a cross between Jessica Simpson's God awful waist high jeans and Z Cavaricci's gone horribly wrong. And in white! I could not even concentrate on her singing because I was horrified for her. After tonight she should go have some serious words with someone from waredrobe.

Scott-I really have nothing to say other than he sang a really nice inspirational song and I think he is very talented.

Danny-I heart Danny. I may love him more than MJ from last year. I love how his glasses totally match every outfit like Sandra Oh's character in that old HBO series Arli$$. I feel that if Preston ever need specs he would have matching ones for each outfit too (of course-my mother would have it no other way). I also am a huge sucker for a man in glasses so Danny gets my vote. And since Paula already predicted him in the finals...

Matt Sarver-Nice singer, nice voice. That pretty much sums it up.

Jasmine-Loving that dress even though if I wore a dress like that I would look like a pregnant yak. She reminds me of Brandy a lot. Thoughts?

Kris-Preston totally wore that shirt to school today. As he was singing I turned to my mother and said, "They will either love him or hate him. If they love him they will say he is like Jason Mraz." BINGO! Randy said it! Kris reminded him of Jason Mraz. I mean if they needed another judge I could have been a shoe in over DiaGuardi. Loved when Simon said he should not have shown his wife. She was pissed!

Allison-I cannot believe her voice for 16 years old. You know what was so cute tonight? All the proud parents in the audience. I cannot even imagine how they are feeling. When Preston went potty for the first time I jumped up and down like a chimpanzee on a bad LSD trip so I can't begin to imagine if I saw him belting out some good ol' MJ on the AI stage.

Anoop-Anoop was one of the only contestants that had no sad story, no cruddy upbringing, just an only child of two pretty well off parents as evidenced from the manicured backyard he shot his video from. It could have been staged-perhaps there was a car on cinder blocks in the front yard. He did sound karaoke, but everyone loves them some Anoop so I am sure he is safe.

Jorge-Might be going which is a shame since his family just reunited due to Jorge's Idol fame.

Megan-She is like Barbie if Barbie got serious ink done. Her dancing is so much worse than mine and I have mentioned I suck. She reminded me of Mike Meyers in the beginning of the Austin Powers movie with all the jerky movements. And did anyone catch that she "cawed" at the end of the song? I did not think robins cawed anyway, let alone rockin' ones. I also love that Simon asked Gordon Ramsey what he thought. You know they couldn't give him a microphone. He'd be all like, "Bloody hell, she sucked f'in s%@# you know?"

Adam-I like this guy. I think he is really cool. I also love the song and I remember watching the premiere of the "Black or White" video. If I recall Michael did this awesome video then jumped on a car and smashed it with a bat. Caused a lot of controversy. Then I think he morphed into a panther.

Matt-The Micheal Buble/Justin Timberlake look a like. I personally give him props for also playing the piano. I took piano lessons for years and never could I play anything from memory. And sing too. Although no one wants to hear my singing. Really. Even those who love me most.

Alexis-made Cat happy singing "Dirty Diana" (saw your FB status while watching). She screamed a lot of the song. I also had a pair of short black velvet shorts from Express once. Back when I had a body that would allow me the opportunity to wear such articles without fear of utter embarrassment. Oh Preston you are so lucky you are flippin' adorable.

So there it is. My predictions-Jorge is gone and possibly Jasmine. See ya next week! Oh and for good measure here is the picture of the patoot.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

What a Difference a Week Makes

I TOLD YOU! I told you I'd wear flip flops this weekend after shoveling eight plus inches of snow on Monday! Ahhhhh it was glorious. The flip flops were out, the skirts were out, Preston was back in bucket hats! We had a really nice weekend playing outside. We also went to the Richmond Home and Garden show where Preston had a blast on the tractors and eating a big blue Tootsie Pop! There were also a ton of landscapers who had mock backyards set up. He had a lot of fun with the waterfalls and fire pits! (There was no real fire)!

Today we had to do our annual hat shopping for Preston for new summer hats. Children's Place and Janie and Jack came through again for us! I also scored an $8 button down from Janie and Jack for next year. This was also a monumental weekend for Preston because he got to wear his Crocs and we all know Preston's obsession with Crocs, which are also great for his wide pudgy feet!

He also mowed the lawn for us:
And apparently the driveway needed mowing too:
It looks like this is just passing weather for now-we are going into the 60's and possibly 50's this weekend, but at least I know we are heading in the right direction! Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Here we are ready to pick the next three for the top 12! I was completely digging Paula's dress. I have a major obsession with the color green this past season and want anything that I see in green! Tonight my mother and I have decided that the most annoying thing are the absent back up singers. First of all where are they? You don't see them you just hear them. And how come they are not judged because they are horrible and half the time out of tune? It's like easy-you're not the Supremes!

Randy-ism "You know what's funny dude?" No Randy we don't. Because Randy never tells us what's funny. He says this and then I wait for what he thinks is funny and he goes-"I was totally feeling it." So basically he means-you know what's funny? You did not suck like I thought you would.

Ok let's critique-now I am not that funny tonight and I am extremely exhausted and this is my third post in three days so I apologize for being off my game.

1. Von-Ok so he starts to sing, belts out three notes and I turn to my mother and say, "He totally reminds me of Clay." The "appalling" red sneakers, the nerdy look, the funny faces. What does Simon say-"You remind me of Clay." See this is why I should be a judge and not Kara since she makes me want to stick Q-Tips so far into my ear I puncture ear drums just so I don't have to listen to her! Argh!
2. Taylor-She was not memorable. Kara told her she had "issues." This was also used by her later in the show. I gather this is her answer to "pitchy." She is trying way too hard.
3. Alex-I mean this whole performance was right up there with Norman Gentle, but he was cute and had a good sense of humor.
4. Arianna-For the love of everything good and holy. She sang Abba. Now Emily (Seamus' mom) loves Abba and remember when Gigi was busting out her rendition of Abba on the blog? Yes well Gigi should have sang tonight and her little two year old voice would have rocked the house. Unlike Arianna. Once again Simon totally stole my joke by saying her song the "Winner takes All" was ironic.
5. Ju'Not-First off this guy looked like a skinny version of the Notorious B.I.G. Second he was wearing that awful leather Members Only jacket. Third I don't like the name as a contraction. I am sure his name is Junot. No apostrophe. As he was singing I am thinking "Ju-NOT should sing ever again." That horrendous KC & JoJo rendition of "Hey There Delilah?" Really? And the judges loved it! Might I remind them of Jamar (Danny's BFF with the face jewelry) who rocked this song during Hollywood week and was dumped for the likes of Ju'Not and Norman Gentle. Wow. Wow. Wow! Ju'Not also shares Randy's love for gigantic, hideous mall kiosk chains to wear around one's neck.
6. Kristin-who looks like a slightly bizarre Mena Suvari. I love how Kara tells her she is not "feeling the outfit." Says the pot in the sparkled leotard. One thing Kristin has felt is a dentist because she has the most gorgeous teeth I have ever seen.
7. Nathaniel-Meatloaf. See post from Week 1. I have so many issues with every Meatloaf song. I still don't know what he won't do for love and this song is about fifteen years old. I thought I really sucked at dancing until I watched Nathaniel. I suddenly feel as if I should sign up for DWTS. Totally go and hang out with Tom Bergeron.
8. Felicia-This is the one that got called back because Joanna Pascuiti was kicked off the show. So Felicia is the American Idol Season 8 booty call-not good enough until they need someone and there is no one else around. I mean to be honest I prefer her over Joanna who was still crying twelve years later about being cancelled as Little Orphan Annie and already had a failed record. And did you catch this girl's baby in the audience with the Vote for Mommy T-shirt? OMG! So adorable.
9. Scott-Two things-one I hate audience participation clapping. It should be prohibited. Second I never knew that the lyrics to this song were "Listen to the Mandolin Rain." In fact I don't know what I thought the lyrics even were. Which reminds me of the King of Queens episode where Doug thinks the words to "Tiny Dancer" are "Hold me close, I'm Tony Danza." Hilarious. Scott is sailing through.
10. Kendall-she is really cute wearing Paula's dress in yellow. She said her mom picked it out. Too bad Kendall did not pick out her mom's outfit and could have saved her from wearing a silver pleather jacket on national tv.
11. Jorge-I liked him! The crying! Oh Jorge! It's funny they told him to lose the accent, now they want it back. It sounded weird that he talked without an accent. It's like when Dr. House is at the Emmy's and talks in a British accent, because he is British and really Hugh Laurie and not Dr. House.
12. Lil Rounds-She was very good. I mean really awesome and did sound a bit like Mary J.

So I think Lil and Scott are cruising through. As for the third it is a toss up between Felicia and Von. Probably Felicia. We shall see!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow In VA!

I swear-we move down South and the snow follows. We probably jinxed ourselves since we left every single snow shovel up North and I did not buy Preston or myself any boots or snow gear. Thank Heavens the snow pants Aunt Melski bought Preston last year still fit (a little snuggly and a bit short but hey we had to make do). It is really very pretty. Even though this weekend it is going to be in the high 60's and I will be wearing flip flops. I was supposed to start my new job today but we were closed.

Here is the difference between VA and NY. In NY before the snow falls the plows have put down enough sand to replicate a beach and enough salt to guarantee a dirty car for months. Then the plows come every single hour. So far there has been no plow here. My parents are the only ones who shoveled their driveway so I am dying to watch everyone attempt to get their non-SUVs out of the driveways tomorrow. Second they had about 210 people to clear the roads here versus 4500 just in the five boroughs. Preston who was not super into snow last year had a blast today. I have put together a slideshow to memorialize this event since if there is snow here it totals a dusting to an inch or two and we were told this never happens! I mean there was some dude in the store yesterday buying four gallons of milk. That was a little much-we are not going to be stranded for a month.

Here is our Snow Day! I was going to do a slideshow but the images were too grainy so I picked my faves from today. I took gorgeous pictures (over 60 with lots of Preston) and I have an album for those in New York coming on Kodak.
The view from our third floor. That is the creek that runs through the backyard.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

100th Post-So I Went on a Date.....

100th Post! What a milestone! I was going to do the Top 100 things that annoy me, even had Mel helping me out, but did not want to bore everyone...oh you want to hear about the date...

So I went on a date. It's been almost three years since my separation and subsequent divorce. It's been a roller coaster three years. To give you an example of how long it's been since it has become just Preston and Mommy-here is Preston about one week before his wonderful father took off.
I know, I mean really who can leave this adorable face? I don't care if you hate me-look at him! (Although in the word's of my ex husband he never left Preston he left me-semantics, semantics). No need trying to figure out that which can never be figured out. Since my divorce I went out a few times with an old friend from work, but nothing serious. Then I knew I would be moving to Virginia way before I gave notice at work, so I did not want to start a relationship only to have one of two things happen: 1) break it off to move to Virginia like I had planned or 2) not break it off and stay in New York. I wanted to give it the ol' college try here in the VA so I chose not to get involved. Until my friend here in Virginia started hinting that a single friend of his was interested in meeting me for dinner.

I agreed to do the couples dinner-meaning my friend, his wife and this guy who we will nickname X. X was someone who had job security, liked his family, no issues with my status as a single mom. So far so good right? I saw a grainy Facebook profile picture while I know my friend showed X all my pictures on my profile. He still wanted to go out so this was a good sign. I stressed over my outfit, jewelry got my eyebrows waxed that day. And then there was the meeting. We met, made small talk and were all seated at the table.
First thing X did was comment on the shape of someone's head. Nice-I'm thinking maybe you can talk about Preston's heart shaped head? I mean the very first thing you do is make fun of someone? I am not going to sit here and pontificate that I have not made fun of someone. I have. I think we can all say we have done this, however this is supposed to be a first "date." Ok so I think maybe he is nervous I'll let it go. Then halfway through the meal he tells me about a witness he has to question and then proceeds to use a not so PC term. Suffice it to say that the guy then put me off for a comment about the handicapped. I just could not get over it. Perhaps because I curse like a sailor and totally did not even use the word "damn." I am thinking that on the first date you may not want to show these particular traits. And to be honest I was not attracted anyway. You need some form of attraction and although people can grow on you (hence my Ryan Seacrest crush), after the comments I knew I could not do dinner alone with X. Apparently he was upset that I thought that of him and wanted to explain himself, but there was no need since I did not see us as a good match anyway. I think he is a nice guy, just bad first date ethics.

I applaud myself for trying. I also think I am not good at showing signals to someone I may be attracted to. I feel I have been out of the game so to speak for so long! I really don't want to do Internet dating because frankly it frightens me. I feel maybe now that I am starting a new job I will meet more people and maybe that special person. Is it that hard to meet a really nice person, willing to love not only me but this?

(Must give credit to Aunt Melski for the shirt-and apropos too)! There was someone else I had been interested in, but I guess my signals were not all that apparent. Hence why I decided to go on this date. Maybe I need the straightforward tactic like I used to use in my pre-marriage days? Ok the date was not a total disaster-it got me out there again. So I am proud of myself for that alone!

In other news, Aunt Pat, who is also my godmother, came for a few days this week and we had so much fun. Since I took off this week before starting my new job, it was nice to have her and my mother around to spend time with! Preston loved having my Aunt Pat here, even though he never says "Aunt Pat" just "Pat." I really miss seeing her pretty much weekly so now these visits are very special. Because my mother was in New York last week, Preston had not seen my dad for two weeks. To celebrate Papa took us all out to Glory Days for dinner last night!
Got to love that Sheriff and Mater also came out with us! Now if you really want that list of things that annoy me though-I will not disappoint!