Friday, February 25, 2011

February Slacker

First I must share a picture I took Valentine’s weekend of pres and my dad reading the paper.  Katie and I call my dad, “weekend dad” when he reads the paper.  He totally zones out, ignoring perhaps even a nuclear war, in order to absorb the metro section.  In fact we nicknamed this because if you try to talk to my dad he gives you an obligatory “Uh huh.”  It was great as a teenager: “Dad. Yeah going out. Taking the car…buying some beer…sleeping at X’s house because their parents aren’t home and the guy I like will be there.” So Katie and I termed him weekend dad.  Because if you keep pestering him while he reads the paper, then he gets all flustered and it’s comical.  He did it to Pres once.  Pres called him out.  He said, “PaPa. Why do you say ‘uh huh’ to me?  Are you not listening?”  Here is weekend dad and Pres:


Here is my little funny Valentine:


I was away last weekend in New Orleans for a business seminar.  I absolutely love these seminars.  I had such a great time.  I would also love to return to the Big Easy  to see some of the touristy sites as well.  While I was gone, Grandma and PaPa got to spend four days with Pres (thanks Mom and Dad)!  While away, my parents took Preston on an Amtrak ride.  One stop from Richmond to Ashland.  Once in Ashland there is a huge train store.  I now have three more tremendous Thomas track boxes and stantions for bridges in my guest room.  I love these pics of Pres and my mom.  I was looking through them quick and did a double take.  At first I thought it was me and I thought, “When did we take this picture?”





And just some other random pictures:  Katie is on her way down for the weekend.  And who’s excited for Idol blogging????  Whoo hoo!



Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Weekend

This weekend my friend told me about a program run by Lowes called Build and Grow. It’s every other Saturday morning and it’s free.  The kids all get their own goggles and an apron and they build a project.  Lowes provides hammers and nails and the wood is already pre-nailed.  This week’s project was a heart music box.  Lisa has a four year old so we met up for breakfast and then took the kids over to Lowes. What an awesome time we had.  Here’s my little Tim Allen:






He decided to give Grandma the music box.  I told him to keep it a secret until this afternoon.  We got to my mother’s and Preston said the following, “Grandma, I made you something but it’s a surprise….it’s a music box.”  My mother responds, “Pres, don’t tell me.  It’s ok, I don’t know what it looks like.” Preston: “It’s a heart.”  We went today to pick her out a pair of earrings to put in the box.  He kept picking out necklaces.  My mother only wears her cross.  I think I’ve seen her change necklaces twice in my lifetime.  So I tell Preston that Grandma doesn’t wear necklaces, to which he retorted, “Yes she does.  She wears the church one!”  I really don’t even know how to respond to this kid anymore.

This morning we baked Valentine cookies and cupcakes.  Notice his black teeth from eating the sugar lips and hearts he was supposed to be putting on the cupcakes!


And no Valentine’s Day is complete without a big bag of goodies from Grandma and PaPa!


Happy Hearts Day!!!!  We are off to make his Valentine’s for school and then I am hosting my friend for dinner and the Grammys and gossip!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our Random Week

Nothing too exciting this week.  We are getting food ready for Super Bowl-off to a party this evening.  Pres wants Green Bay to win.  My brother called before and told Preston he was rooting for the Steelers.  I heard my son say into the phone, “The Steelers stink.  The Packers are going to win.” This morning we had my parents over for brunch.  Pres called to invite them last night.  I even heard him say to my mom, “Do you want to come for breakfast tomorrow?  Um…..10:30?”  I did not tell him a time! He’s too much! Here are some random pics from the week.  Hope everyone enjoys their Super Bowl! Pres is off to decorate our Super Bowl cake with his Eli Manning figure.  He told me he wants Eli on the cake, despite the fact I’m sure Eli is hanging on a beach somewhere.





And our portrait after he inhaled cheese doodles.


Yesterday we split up all our holiday decorations into boxes depending on holiday.  We found the Valentine’s bear that my mom gave Preston when he was just two months old.  At one point Preston only had a few inches on the bear.