Monday, May 30, 2011

Our Memorial Day Weekend

First, to the men and women that have fought for this country, to protect our freedoms, who have laid down their lives and those that continue to fight, thank you.  On Saturday we went grocery shopping early.  Preston saw the vets outside the food store.  He thanked them for fighting for us.  One of the older vets said, “Well, I still fight…but with my wife." Saturday we went to the pool for awhile, then Preston and PaPa roasted marshmallows together.



Yesterday we drove up to Amy’s house for a POLP get together.  We had such a great time!  A big thanks to Amy and Tim for hosting! They have a beautiful home and it is so great to get the kids together!











After our play-date in Maryland, we drove back for a dinner bbq in Virginia. (Thanks Paula for being impressed). Pres is such a rock star in the car so I don’t mind doing long day trips.  The highlight of Preston’s evening?  Riding the go-cart with Alec and Kelly. This is the Alec that wrote that gorgeous essay about Preston.


Today it was back to the pool.  He is loving the pool and playing with his friends.  And making ridiculous faces:


And in an ever so seasonal mood-Pres is watching Christmas movies as we get ready for the bbq tonight.  97 degrees outside, but Rudolph and Polar Express inside.  I love this kid! 


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We’re Still Here

Mel may have burst her top if she did not see new pics of her adorable godson.  We’ve been busy around here lately.  TV ended for the season. Although the Bachelorette and America’s Got Talent will keep me occupied as well as the Yankees. I just finished another season of American Idol.  Loved it!  Until January…which will be here before we know it I’m sure.  Right now the 90 degree weather has settled into the Richmond area.  I must share.  For my son who absolutely, positively SUCKED at sleeping for such a long time (almost two years on and off) he can seriously sleep anywhere and through a war.  Exhibits 1 and 2.



He also has had great fun with an animal sticker book my mother bought for him.  You make up stories with the animals and use your creativity. 


He’s had birthday parties too! One of his friends lives on a real farm.  Her birthday party had horse rides, hay rides, cotton candy, bounces house, Sno cones and popcorn!  Even the parents had a blast.  He really is my kid-he will talk to and make friends with anyone.  After thirty minutes at the party a little boy he does not know declared Preston was his best friend.




And ever the clown my son at his friend Ivy’s birthday at an indoor gymnastics pavilion.  Instead of goodie bags the mom gave each kid a copy of Shel Silverstein’s “A Light in the Attic.”  I am having a trip down memory lane reading these poems to him.  So far, “Messy Room” is his favorite.  Mine was “Sick-I cannot go to School” but alas, that is in “Where the Sidewalk Ends” so we’ll need to get that soon too!


How amazingly perfect is this shirt (I’ll save you the asking-Target)!


My mother is obsessed with buying Preston pretty much everything, but loves buying him pajamas and socks.  Here is the combo he picked out last night when we slept over.


My mom and dad were in New York this weekend.  I am so insanely jealous they had tickets to the Yanks/Mets subway series and sat behind home plate about 15 rows back.  My mother so sweetly captured my favorites.  I also just have to share the pictures.  I miss New York so much sometimes I can cry so I am so thankful they have an apartment there so we can come and go as we please.



A-Rod may be obnoxious, but he’s smoking hot.


My man…Number 2.



Have a great week everyone.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

American Idol-Final Three

I’m beyond exhausted tonight, but alas, I blog.  I am sorry if you made a comment on here last week and it’s gone.  Blogger, I am told, had some issues.  Anyway, three rounds tonight-finalist’s pick, Jimmy’s pick and judge’s pick.  Every year my brother Chris and I try to pick the judge’s pick.  We lost again.  Our picks for the contestants this year, was a Dylan song for Scotty (to get off the country kick for maybe 2.4 seconds), Amy Winehouse for Haley and Etta James’ “At Last” or Norah Jones’ “Don’t Know Why” for Lauren.  Not even close.  Thanks for playing Chris. Observations from tonight-J. Lo I believe feels threatened by Beyonce.  J-Lo’s earrings were too small for her hair being up.  Considering Lauren wore one pair that may have been a bouquet of flowers, J.Lo’s paled in comparison.  Steven may have been slightly altered tonight considering he told Scotty, ‘I’ve never heard you sing a chorus like that!”  But he had… according to his very own comment…two songs earlier.  And Randy.  Randy who still has not answer the call from 1991 that costumes were stolen off the set of the video, “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday.”  Also,  who thinks Jay-Z really skimped in that engagement ring department?  Good Heavens! I’ve seen cars smaller.  I was also confused about the video premiere.  First, don’t tell us it’s a full uncut video when 1) you cut it halfway through and 2) you had the words edited so it’s TV friendly. Ah Beyonce videos.  They reaffirm how awful a dancer I truly am.

I found myself a little bored tonight with Scotty even though I love him truly.  He came out Round 1 with his signature denim.  I really wanted Beyonce to suggest her sweetheart’s hit “Big Pimpin.”  I mean, we get it, you can sing Lonestar and Garth Brooks and every other country song well.  We…get…it.  But it would have been fun to break the mold a bit.  Jennifer requested his short hair back right after I told my mother I liked Scotty’s hair longer.  After Scotty’s final song Ryan asked Scotty’s dad if he had any words.  Was anyone else hearing the hidden message of “Hot damn!  We are so going to be rich!”?

Lauren was the worst dressed contestant this year.  During her first song where she was all dolled up in her little cowgirl outfit I couldn’t help but think she was a contestant in Toddlers in Tiaras.  She is so beauty pageant-ty.  She also wins for most ridiculous line of the night, “I’ve been singing Faith Hill since I was a little girl.”  Which was what? Last year? Her second song was ok and for her final song not only was she dressed like Glinda the good witch (just in blue) but I swear she went from a blond to a brunette!  That was about the only impressive aspect of her performances tonight for me.

Haley-Wins tonight.  I’m with you Bobbi (I saw your Facebook status)! After she fell in five inch heels, I was messaging my friend Josh, (also a lawyer) and asked if his mind immediately went to negligence (although I assume wearing five inch heels may put some contributory negligence on Haley’s part).  He had predicted the wipe out prior to its happening.  Impressive. How cute that she performed with her dad?  One thing you’d never see is me singing and my dad jamming on a guitar.  I mean the image enough is hilarious.  Anyone who knows my father knows is never really out of a suit…with a French cuff shirt…and coiffed hair.  (Love you Daddy).  Although he may have rocked out to “Werewolves of London” with a blow up guitar once that was passed out by the DJ at his 50th birthday bash-(Katie? Mel?  Remember)?  Loved her ensemble (shoes and dress) on her Stevie Nicks song.  Did not love the wind machine.  If you are going to use a wind machine (which I question why in the first place) perhaps not picking the turbo setting would be appropriate. At one point it reminded me of that old Maxell cassette tape advertisement.


Her last song-Alanis.The 90’s answer to “You’re so Vain.”  The song that even was centered around a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode.  First off, once again with changing the lyrics.  Annoying.  You Oughta Know Idol, that we all know the words! Haley also messed a few lyrics up.  Which shows her age.  No self respecting 30 year old (ok…33 year old) would mess up the lyrics to the best revenge anthem ever.  (Although I must admit some of the anger kind of deflated for me once I found out the song was about Uncle Joey).  She rocked the chorus.  She took the most chances tonight and for that she deserves a place in the finals.

I think it is buh bye Lauren.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

An Essay On Preston-By Alec Capparelli

Alec Capparelli has just turned 15.  The Capparelli family are the first people we met when we moved into this neighborhood. Alec met Preston when we moved in and has watched him grow.  A few months ago he had to write about a person that inspires him.  Alec picked Preston.  I am so honored and cry every time I read what he wrote. Through the eyes of a high school freshman, I share his views on Preston

Being a little person doesn’t mean you’re less of one. If you know one they each have their own personalities that’s different from everyone else.  Personally the little person I know is very funny.  Preston is a courageous person because of the big things he does despite his size, how he doesn’t need help expressing himself and how he doesn’t let his condition bother him.

Even though he’s small I know he can do big things.  He is 5 but he talks like he’s 10.  He has such a vocabulary.  I know from personal experiences.  He does things his way and doesn’t like it when you tell him to do it differently. He loves to build things with Lego or things that have to do with trains.  He can get up on to chairs, couches and go up and down stairs fine.  I’ve seen him do it many times.  He has no trouble keeping up with you or finding you.

One thing he doesn’t need help with is expressing himself.  He is very funny in the things he does.  When I see him he is always laughing about something.  He doesn’t have trouble speaking his mind.  When he talks he always uses his hands in some way.  If he doesn’t like something he’ll tell you.  He always wants to be doing something different than he did a day ago.

He doesn’t even act like he has dwarfism.  He does things kids his age should do.  He like has lots of friends just like him.  I think he actually does some things that other kids his age can’t do.  He goes on trips with his mom and they meet up with other families that have kids with dwarfism.

Big things sometimes come in very small packages in his case.  Expression is one of his strongest qualities.  He acts like he isn’t dwarfed at all.  Doesn’t matter if you’re big or small, you’re a person either way.

Just beautiful.  Thank you Alec.  Preston adores you so much.  And Alec is right-here is the dude with his soccer trophy after scoring four goals with one assist in his last game of the season.  We can’t wait until fall soccer!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

American Idol-TOP 4

The competition is getting fierce.  Randy wants to know still who is, “in it to win it.” (Said three times tonight).  My friend Tara made the observation tonight that Ryan may have wanted to exit stage left from the spray tan booth as he closely resembles an Oompa Loompa in Technicolor. 

James- I’m shocked (and slightly appalled) that James didn’t sing “Whatdya Want from Me?” in the inspirational song round, as a thank you to his obvious inspiration, Glambert.  Instead he chose a song that embodied his AI “journey” (his pun, not mine, but props to him, on that one), singing “Don’t Stop Believing.” I wondered where he got the Journey t-shirt?  I recall the days of Guns n’ Roses and Metallica and heading down Jericho Turnpike to the flea market next to the Commack Roller Rink and that was where I could procure said t-shirts.  (And cassette tapes…nail polish in neon colors and slouch socks…ok and stretch pants with paint splatters on them…and my first pair of Z. Cavaricci’s). Can we just talk about Z. Cavaricci’s for like a minute?  When I was going into 8th grade, in true non-dramatic Kim form, I explained to my parents that I would “just die” if I didn’t have a pair.  Truly die. I didn’t know how I could face the first day of school without them. Because it would be humiliating not to have high waisted pants with a small label on the zipper for my first day of school. To wear with…wait for it…deck shoes with those yellow laces everyone would curl. Awesome.  I spent the entire summer begging and did get them…although after that year they sent me to Catholic school and wore a uniform.  But I digress. Also did anyone know Randy was in Journey??? (*Eyes rolling).  The judges also told him this song was so hard to sing…um really? It’s the quintessential Glee tune.   For his second song, he pretty much rocked the house.  I’ll give him that-he’s entertaining.  Not as entertaining as it would have been to split screen to James’ wife while Gaga got all up on him.

Haley- I was picking up a pizza tonight from NY Pizza here tonight (which I assure you it is not) when Haley was performing.  I received a text from my friend Karen who told me Haley obviously thought she was in debate class (and maybe Karen’s text had a few other choice words in there).  Haley was none too pleased with the criticism. She was pretty feisty back to them as well. But I had to agree with the judges.  “Earth Song” is really a typical MJ type song that no one but MJ could sing.  MJ had a very unique voice and his “angry” Michael singing still sounded like singing, not screaming.  Her second song however was amazing.  I also will give a shout out to the hair peeps from Idol.  Obviously they have rummaged through my prom pictures and both Haley and Lauren have sported my do this season.  I’m honored…truly.

Scotty-When he sang “Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning” you cannot help but tear up.  That song is so moving and Scotty did such an amazing job.  It was on this song where I thought Scotty was such a true performer and so comfortable. Well comfortable singing…not so much in the comfort zone when Gaga wanted him to get it on with his microphone.  I am calling it….Scotty is not only in it to win it…I think he will win it. And tonight Scotty was not dressed in dual denim.  Mainly because the denim was used to make J-Lo’s hideous dress. The designers should just drop denim from their list.

Lauren-Her dress looked like a duvet from a courtesan's bed in the Moulin Rouge.  I also think Idol can start a spin off- Real Mom’s of Idol Contestants.  Starring Lauren’s mom and what appeared to be her aunt who may have been sporting a Botox needle in her forehead along with her frosted hair and Ryan Seacrest tan.  Two other observations from Lauren.  While she was pow wowwing with Gaga, the piano player kept playing.  He must be the same creepy piano player from year’s past.  She also wants America to vote because she doesn't want to go home.  But next week is Hometown week so she really needs America to vote so she does go home. 

I think Lauren is on the chopping block!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

What a Week!

This has been quite a busy week.  Another birthday for me-of course I woke up and it was a monsoon, but the sun did come out later in the day and the myriad Facebook wishes was certainly a pick me up.  Not to mention a fab dinner with mom, Pres and our neighbor Kelly.  Thursday was Cinco de Mayo.  Preston made this make shift sombrero, which goes so fashionably with his monkey pjs.


This past week we also tried this new Crayola craft kit called Magic Presto Dots.  It was pretty cool and I think our hedgehog came out very nice.


This weekend my sister came down to visit for Mother’s Day.  Saturday started with Build n’ Grow then soccer.  I must share how lately it is impossible to get Preston to be serious in a picture.  I put the blame squarely on my sister and brother Charlie.


Saturday afternoon was my friend Jessie’s wedding.  When Jessie got engaged and saw Katie’s wedding pictures, she immediately fell in love with Katie’s dress.  We all remember how stunning a bride my sister was!  Katie paid it forward with the dress and it was worn by another beautiful bride!!!








Last night my sis and I went to see Something Borrowed.  We both read the book and it was a perfect night for a chick flick!!!  Today was Mother’s Day.  Preston bought me a bear that signs “Wind Beneath my Wings.”  I cry every time I push the button. He also got me a bunch of other goodies!!  What great taste. Since my mom has everything (remember my breakdown at Christmas over this) and she just had a birthday…we treated her to brunch at the Jefferson Hotel.  This champagne brunch is a Richmond tradition and a must do.  We’ve gone a few times and it never disappoints.  After all, you’re on the waiting list for months prior for Mother’s Day!  Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms-especially mine, a woman I strive to be!! And to Preston-I am honored to be your mommy.  I love you to pieces.  Even when you are a clown! *Disclaimer-that is not a real alligator….nor is Preston imbibing with mimosas. He very much wanted his OJ in a champagne glass.









Wednesday, May 4, 2011

American Idol-the Top FIVE

Nothing like Idol night on your birthday! Tonight Randy once again reminded us of the theme-Who is in it to win it?  And told America we must ask that question.  I thought I answered this for Randy a few weeks back, but I’ll repeat myself just in case he didn’t read my blog-pretty much the five people on the stage want to win it.  No one is voluntarily putting themselves on the holding stools for the bottom two tomorrow night.  We had Steven wearing a flower on his jacket that Jennifer also wore in her hair.  Speaking of Jennifer, that shirt reminded me of Seinfeld’s puffy shirt.  I was driving my mother crazy because I said, “But I don’t want to be a pirate” enough times tonight to make it un-funny. Sheryl Crow was the celeb helped tonight.  And who know she sang back up with MJ? 

1. James-Came out to sing “Closer to the Edge” dressed as if he was time warped into a Warrant video, but with Ryan Seacrest’s hairdo.  As he was singing he gave Steven a high five.  The significance of that really hit home to me.  He gave Steven Tyler a high five! He probably recalled watching the “Sweet Emotion” video over and over on MTV as a kid and now slapped hands with Steven.  Pretty awesome.

2. Jacob-Jacob was so bad that while he was screeching and gyrating to a fog machine in a jacket five sizes too small, I started compiling a list of things I prefer to be doing rather than listening to Jacob sing: sticking bamboo shoots in my eye (or in the alternative, under my fingernails); riding the E train with no air conditioning; going to Michael’s for ribbon or smelling the aroma of a petting zoo in mid August.  And then the judges praised him.  Which again makes me think I’m either crazy or tone deaf.  Please someone agree with me!

3. Lauren-Did you catch J-Lo’s face when Lauren was singing?  She looked like she was sucking a lemon.  Or maybe the realization that she’s People’s Most Beautiful Woman and married to Marc Anthony.  In any even they loved Lauren too. They really also have to stop dressing Lauren in skin tight clothes from head to toe.  The only other people that dress in skin tight everything are found on on the People of website.

4. Scotty-Obviously the fashion people refuse to stop putting Scotty in dual denim.  They listen to me pretty much the equivalent of Preston listing to me.  How many Facebook requests do you think Scotty gets weekly?  I’m just curious.  They loved him.  Randy called him ‘Concert Scotty’ and declared that Scotty was, indeed, in it to win it.

5. Haley-Sang a Lady Gaga song that has not yet been released. Randy and Jennifer not only ripped Haley but ripped Gaga’s song.  I’m pretty sure Lady G was at home thinking, “whatever Jenny from the block-you may not like my song but you can’t rock a dress made out of meat and while we are on the subject, “Jenny From the Block” was a horrendous song.” So there.

6. James Part Duex-James sang, “Without You” which is on my sister and my OMG CD.  The OMG CD was made after watching The Wedding Singer and the Boy George look alike starts crying during the wedding and says…well…OMG.  So we compiled a list of songs so heart wrenching as to make one say, OMG.  Others include Sheena Easton’s “Almost Over You” and “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?” by Culture Club.  Anyway, James singing in his toned down voice makes me really like him.  I’ve always liked him as a person, not a singer, but this performance makes me like him as a singer too.

7. Jacob-Also sang a song off OMG, with Nazareth’s “Love Hurts.”  It was hurting me to listen so I continued compiling the list: talking to Fios customer service; talking to Direct TV customer service; sitting in rush hour on the LIE…on a Friday…in the summer and finally listening to Joe Buck commentate a Yankees play off game.  Yes, he’s that bad.

8. Lauren-I finally listened long enough to Ryan to hear that the Idols were singing songs this round from their parent’s era.  I half expected Lauren to sing “The Thong Song” since I’m pretty sure her parents are 19 years old.  But alas, “Unchained Melody.”  I’m positive they were not growing up when that song came out. In any event it was a snoozefest for me. Sorry Lauren in your prom dress gone hideously wrong.

9. Scotty-During Scotty’s performance, the 256 females from his high school sent 792 tweets respectively regarding same. 

10.  Haley-won the award for “slaying” it tonight.  She was unreal on “House of the Rising Sun.”  Singing the first part acapella was such a great idea.  She was amazing.  She deserved the standing O!

I think we all know my pick to go home.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Preston did it! Scored his very first goal yesterday.  This is big accomplishment, especially since it came in the fourth quarter and he usually only plays through the third since he is tired.  I may have forced him to continue playing.  I may have told him he wanted to go to that party at Inflation Nation later in the day.  In any event every single person on both sides clapped and cheered and my mom and I got a little teary!  And on my dad’s birthday too!!!  To celebrate, we actually had a shirt to commemorate the event.


Today we took my father out for brunch at the Boathouse.  The Boathouse is the only restaurant in the area on the water.  And when I say on the water I am using this term loosely.  For a girl that grew up on Long Island I miss the water.  Water here means the reservoir.  But nonetheless, provides for a great picture taking backdrop!