Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Tree Snafu

So we got the tree. There was a picture of it in the last post. I put the lights on the tree Monday night. On Tuesday my mom came over and we decorated the tree. It was so pretty.

I took my mother home and put Preston to bed. I started another task. I looked. I squinted. OMG why is the angel coming forward? Holy crap, the tree is going to fall. So I'm in my living room. Holding the tree. With a sleeping child upstairs who doesn't wake up for smoke alarms next to his ear, so my screaming won't wake him. And there is no one else in my home. See the issue? I see my phone on the coffee table and slide it over with my foot and dial my mom while holding the tree watching ornaments plummet to the carpet. I put her on speaker and we devise a plan. I shimmy (if I even can shimmy-what is shimmy-ing? I suck at dancing so I'm pretty sure i suck at shimmy-ing). In any event I tighten the one bolt loose on the tree stand enough to anchor the tree. I take off all the ornaments and drag the tree to the deck. I don't have the wire to secure it to the wall. There I am. Three hours later looking at the ornaments on the coffee table...again. So we do the whole procedure over Wednesday night. I am Bill Murray and Sonny and Cher are playing in the background. The tree is now secured to my drapery rod hooks. If it falls, it pulls down the drapes. If that happens, Santa is being detoured to my parents because Christmas will officially be banned from my home. Here is the tree part 2.

Almost identical, except we had one ornament casualty. It looks gorgeous. I thank my mom for putting up my tree...twice. This weekend we went up to Maryland for DJ's mom's side of the family's Christmas party. Preston had a blast since there were a ton of kids to play with and he was able to run free in the big backyard. DJ did the organizing (this was a surprise Christmas party for his grandmother). The three boys passed out in the back seat on the way to his parents' later that day. The picture I posted to Facebook was priceless. I also got to see the musical side of DJ this weekend. He spent a good portion of time in one band a few years back. The band he played with this weekend is a cover band. His voice I would say is a mix of Creed and Staind. Seeing that I sing about as well as American Idol hopefuls in auditions (the bad ones), I get so excited to hear people with good voices. I'm sure I am biased, but he was pretty incredible and I was impressed. It was fun going to meet his friends and get to hang out with his sister a bit longer. Here he is jamming out.

And our relationship still lasted through the Giants/Redskins game today-or really the Redskins game since clearly the Giants didn't even come out to play. Hope everyone enjoys the last week of shopping!!!! For good measure...Jaime M. posted a pic of Caty dressed as a reindeer. It reminded me of Preston dressed as a reindeer when he was almost two. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Birthday Celebration

Preston’s actual birthday was a big deal. I baked cupcakes for his party in school. He celebrated with all women-my mother, myself, Kelly and Eileen and Katie.  We started out opening gifts, then it was off to Longhorn for dinner and then back to our house for more gifts.  Clearly this child is not spoiled.



Because this was his Golden Birthday (6 on December 6th), Kelly made a golden basket!


He also got an adorable Build a Bear with an extra outfit from Eileen and Katie and Kelly also bought him Mr. Popper’s Penguins.  My mother bought him clothes and books and toys, but nothing was more exciting than this-


I had no idea what to get him this year.  So I bought him a flat screen HDTV.  You know, the typical gift for a 6th birthday.


This weekend Mel and Katie came down to celebrate the festivities at Pump it Up.  This year his party was not cancelled either by his father.  We had a great time today!










After the party we went to Buffalo Wild Wings with Katie, my parents, Kim and DJ and the boys. This weekend was also Miss Faith’s baby shower and we bought our Christmas tree.  The branches still have not fallen, but DJ got it in the stand for me and the boys did have fun picking it out.  So I’ll attempt getting the lights on it tonight! 



And I broke down and decided to do Christmas cards, but I am only going to send out a limited number this year.  I will post a copy here though.  Hope everyone is enjoying the last two weeks before the big day!!! I’m more than halfway done shopping-yippee!!! 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Pres Pres!!!

My Dearest Preston,

As you turn six years old today I cannot help but think back to the day you were born. It was snowing. It's 70 degrees today. You came into the world are still not what we call, "quiet." You are a total Raab in that department. Speaking of Raab, you are officially a Raab now as well. You are the funniest kid on the planet. You challenge me intellectually at six. As I told you, once you pass the bar, I may let you win an argument. You are doing amazing in kindergarten. In fact after the first quarter you've scored over what you need to pass kindergarten. I was a little worried when you left the bubble of Minnieland, but in true Preston fashion you became the mayor of the school, stealing everyone's hearts. All those worries I had on the day you were born are gone. You have shown the world that you are amazing. You have shown the world that differences do not mean less than perfect; that they mean perfection for you! You played soccer for two seasons and you have become an aggressive little player, scoring goals and helping assist. You love trains and I am so proud of how you can navigate the NYC subway system (and you also know how to hail a cab). You love Phineas and Ferb and there is nothing funnier than listening to you belly laugh while watching an episode. You are reading. You are writing. You are doing very well in math (which is great because mommy is terrible). You love music. You listen to everything and can tell me who sings what within a few notes (much like Mommy and Aunt Tinka). Your current fave is "Country Girl" and I catch you in your room singing it and shaking it for me! You've become interested in video games and play many games on Grandma and Mommy's iPhones. You LOVE going out to dinner and trying new foods. You still have a big sweet tooth!

Preston, we cannot go many places in Midlothian where you are not known. I'm ok with being "Preston's Mommy." It's quite the badge of honor. You are the apple of this family's eye. Your Grandma and PaPa love you so darn much. Grandma couldn't even finish singing to you without breaking down because that is how much your presence in our lives mean. Your uncles and aunts love you so much. They have had so much fun watching you grow up and develop into the character you are today. You are Star of the Week this week in school. You and DJ had a great time making your poster and coloring it all in. You are the Star of Every Day for me.

Thank you Preston for being the amazing little boy you are. I am so lucky to be your mother and watch you grow up. Always remain who you are. Reach for the stars. I will be right there next to you every step of the way!!!!

I love you. Happy Birthday.