Sunday, September 25, 2011

Not a Ton to Share

Week 3 of kindergarten is under his belt. Mastering the triangle and rectangle (grrrrrr).  It’s been raining non-stop which cancelled soccer for this weekend.  We met up yesterday with my friend Kim who babysits Ivy and took the kids out to lunch.  Watching two only children who have been friends since they were 2 1/2 interact is so funny.  They bicker like a married couple.  Eye rolling, hand waving, it’s truly hysterical.  Preston’s change of schedule has us out of the house by 7:00-7:15 every morning.  Naturally by the time the weekend rolls around he sleeps in (a yay for Mommy) and sometimes he’ll just get super quiet and this is how I will find him….



Just some handsome pictures of the dude…..



Today was a great day….Yankees pushed the Sawx even lower in the wild card race and the Giants beat the Eagles.  Go NY!!!  Have a great week!



Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kicking Off the Season!

Preston loved soccer so much in the spring, he is playing fall soccer as well.  The Midlothian Youth league merged with Richmond Kickers, so gone are the blue jerseys and in with the new swanky red.  He really got aggressive at the end of last season, scoring goals and assisting, and started his first game off with a goal!  He’s gotten very good and really pays attention to the rules of the game!  Go Electric Sharks!





I had a great weekend too.  Friday night girls night out with Kim, Melissa and Abby, a 31 bag party at Ms. Delores’ house and last night went to a new Asia Fusion restaurant with my friend Felicia I haven’t seen in over six months.  It was a distraction from the fact it was under 70 degrees this weekend….grrrrrrr.

Two weeks of kindergarten under his belt.  He’s been challenged with the shapes square and circle-next up triangle….OK I understand the beginning of the school year needs to focus on shapes, colors and letters to figure out where all the kids are.  I get this.  I’m just nervous he’ll get bored and start decided class clown is more fun.  I did express this to his teacher at Open School Night.  Also I was happy to hear that he is already very popular in school.  He decided he doesn’t want to buy lunch so I’m packing his lunchbox daily.  We’re starting to really gel into our routine. Have a great week everyone!  Fall TV starts this week.  What are you watching???


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never Forget and New Steps

Ten years ago today was the saddest day in American history.  A friend put on Facebook that the hardest thing is trying to explain to your children why that day took place.  How do you explain in incomprehensible? The senseless?  The tragedy?  How do I explain it, when even I, ten years later cannot even scratch the surface of understanding.  I cannot watch a memorial without crying.  I don’t remember much ten years ago that vividly.  I can remember every moment of that day.  Every.Single. Moment.  And now trying to teach my son that there are horrible people in this world, that there are things mommy cannot answer.  That there are no answers.  Just try to quell his five year old fears that we will be ok, even though I don’t know if we will.  We will never forget.  We will always remember.  God Bless America.  God Bless all those lost.  God Bless the Vianna family today and always.  


Because of the heightened terror threat, my travel time would have been much longer and with Preston who had just started kindergarten, it just sadly meant we stayed home this weekend.  I sadly missed Mel’s Bachelorette party.  I know she had an amazing day and I was heartbroken to miss.

The new steps this week was Preston starting kindergarten.  We are slowly getting into a routine of being up at 5:30 (me) and 6:00 (him-or then 6:15 or my 6:30 with me dragging him out of bed).  Soccer started and the first game is next weekend.  Last week we got up to date on all the immunizations that he would have had to get by age 6 anyway and then it was off to orientation!



The night before his first day, grandma and PaPa took him out to Fleming’s steakhouse for dinner.  The chef made Pres his own celebratory cake!


Tuesday was a miserable rainy day. Totally stinky for back to school.  Preston was so excited.  Here he is before leaving and then getting breakfast at Minnieland before departing to the “big bus.”





And yes…I followed the bus to school.  In tears.


And clearly kindergarten is knocking this little dude out!


But not out enough to spend yesterday in the fountains with his friend Ivy!


Hope everyone’s back to school was a success!  Here’s to a wonderful school year!

Monday, September 5, 2011

It’s the Most Horrible Time of the Year

There is a four letter “f” word that I cringe every time I hear.  Fall.  I hate that today is Labor Day.  And every media outlet tells you how it’s the “unofficial end of summer.” GRRRR.  I feel that summer gets such a bad rap.  Everyone loves fall, then the holidays get everyone's mind off how it is MISERABLY cold outside and then spring is the rebirth and the blooms.  But poor summer kind of gets kicked in the corner.  Everyone gets excited about it for it and then it gets HOT because let’s think…it’s summer and by June 25th everyone is looking forward to fall. Maybe not everyone.  I like to think there are a few who stand with me in the love for summer.  Ok it’s not that I hate fall. I mean clearly there are some positives, the NFL, the Yankees in the post season,  the fall TV lineup, pumpkin coffee from Dunkin.  I just know what is coming.  The bare trees, dead grass, cold weather, night comes at 4:30, I go back to being as pale as Casper. There is SNOW!  What is appealing about that? I already have decided it’s Arizona for retirement. I hate coats.  I don’t like wearing gloves.  I also am bitter that the pool closed and it’s still hot in Virginia until November. So I plod through.  And I think thoughts of Mid March. 

This weekend we went to Maryland for Jaxson and Jude’s Pirate Birthday party.  The night before we went to Paula’s for a sleepover.  Jason made Preston’s weekend by taking the boys to the fire house to climb all over the trucks.  Thank you Jason.  You’re a good sport.  Three boys out of the house so Paula and I could catch up and relax!  Preston LOVED spending time with Jax and Peyton. The pirate party was amazing.  I truly cannot think of a better time for boys.  I was super impressed with the fact they all get dressed up and how the entire ride is based around a treasure hunt.  So cute.  Here are some pics! Pres got VERY into being a pirate “ARGH.” Also in case you were wondering, pirates are also Yankee fans.








After the boat ride we went to Quiet Waters Park for a bbq and cake. it was so great seeing everyone again. I love our Mid Atlantic crew! It was such a fun filled day that Pres fell asleep after two minutes in the car and stayed asleep until I opened my garage. 

Yesterday we went to the end of summer pool party at the pool and spent from 10:30 through 5:30 at the pool.  There was a DJ and a bubble machine.  Seriously I am thinking of purchasing one for my driveway.  It kept him and the other kids busy for HOURS.  We had one heck of a fun summer at the pool.  Met a lot of great friends, caught up with others and Preston started to learn how to swim.  Until next year……


Our Labor Day self portrait!


Next up-KINDERGARTEN tomorrow!!!