Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our Boys Get Together!

Yesterday Preston and I were visited by Jenn, Simon, Jude, Amanda, Corey, Parker and Paula, Jax and Peyton for a fun filled boys Saturday!  We started the day off at CiCi’s Pizza.  This place is a totally great place for kids.  All you can eat pizza, pasta and desserts and video games!


Then we went back to my house for cake, bubbles and the boys had a blast playing in Pres’ room and with his train table.  Amazingly, my son was great with sharing! Go Preston!



Then we were off to my parents’ house to roast marshmallows! Jax fell asleep on the way over and I HAD to take this picture since Preston has fallen asleep on this very chair many of times!










It was such a fun day.  As we all agreed, we are so lucky to live in the MidAtlantic!  It’s like a National every month!  Wish our West Coast friends could join us! Love you girls!  Thank you so much for coming!

Also this week was the first swim meet for the development.  My mother and father won a personal table for all home swim meets.  Tuesday night we were up at the pool cheering on the Marlins.



And just because this is the PERFECT shirt for my son!


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day.  Every year I say the same thing.  It’s a bittersweet day for me. I am so grateful that my father can also be the man my son looks up to and aspires to be.  Considering his real father might as well be in Dubai (where he once thought he was selling real estate) , I am so blessed that my father has taken such an active role in Preston’s life. My heart aches for how he will feel when he grows up, asks questions, wants to know why another child is more important (my guess is room and board), why he’s not worth supporting. I also then think though he doesn’t seem to ask many questions now.  He’s so well adjusted, intelligent and amazing. I will say, I did feel compelled to help myself to a donut at Donuts for Dads at school on Friday!

Preston brought home a poem from school and some coupons.  We rewrote the poem and replaced “Dad” with “PaPa” and made the coupons specific to things they will do together. (i.e. play baseball in the backyard, go to Lowe’s, wash the car and clean the garage).  Preston while decorating the poem with stickers told me that PaPa will bring the poem into his office and all the nurses will ask, “Did Preston make that?” and then Papa will say., “Yes.” and the nurses will say, “Wow, that is so nice of Preston.”  I couldn't stop laughing. Here is the poem:

“Walk a little slower PaPa".” said a child so small.

“I’m following your footsteps and I don’t want to fall.

Sometimes your steps are very fast,

Sometimes they’re hard to see;

So walk a little slower PaPa

For you are leading me.

Someday when I’m all grown up,

You’re what I want to be;

Then I will have a little child

Who’ll want to follow me.

And I would want to lead just right,

And know that I was true;

So walk a little slower PaPa,

For I must follow you!

Thank you dad for being so wonderful.  I love you. 

We got my dad some new lounging pjs for porch and took him out for breakfast. Now we are relaxing before preparing his favorite dinner-roast beef!




Some pics of myself and the dude! Don’t know how well you can see the jewelry in the picture but my mother bought me this set (necklace, earrings and bracelet) after yet another court date with Matt a few weeks back. It’s been quite a five years.  I just love the set so much!



I just have to share a few pics from the past week.  Last weekend we headed down to Williamsburg with my mom and Kelly.  Once again a pure photo opportunity appeared for my mother and Preston obliged…of course.


That morning Preston was being ornery and told me how he wasn’t going to listen to anybody in kindergarten.  I told him that was fine, but Santa would be watching by that point and just won’t bring any gifts.  About a minute later he was crying and telling me, “But if Santa doesn’t bring me anything, I’ll just be so SAD!” (Dramatic… slightly. I’m pretty sure he won’t be skipping the house any time soon).  In any event, how cool that at Yankee Candle, it’s Christmas all year round, so Pres got to sit on Santa’s lap, add his name to the official “good” list and promised to see him in December.  I also thought it was cool Santa sports summer gear including red crocs…which coincidentally (or not really) were the color crocs he picked out at the outlets later that day.


Preston’s class also sang for a nursing home this week.  Look how handsome:


Hope everyone has a great week!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Movin’ on Up!

Preston graduated preschool.  Truly I don’t know how this happened.  It was as if I blinked, and five and half years have passed. Preston had a wonderful nanny from six months until about 22 months.  Here is Preston on his first day of school back in New York:


The past two years Montessori focused on the continents.  Therefore each child was assigned a continent to dress up as for graduation.  This caused me much stress.  We just had come up with a costume for the Q&U Wedding.  He was Antarctica. Frantically I called Miss Kim the night before who said, “Just go to Ben Franklin and get a white shirt, glue on some pom poms.  He’ll be fine.”  Recall…fear of craft stores.  I’ve talked about this on numerous occasions.  I braved Ben Franklin Thursday at lunch.  On of the paralegals even texted me during the process to make sure I was doing ok.  I was actually quite pleased with the costume I came up with!  Although when I came home and he asked me if I got his costume, I replied with, “Yes.  You will be the best Asia ever.”  He seriously almost had a heart attack. “MOM!  I’m Antarctica! I told you that!”  (*evil snicker). I bought him Where the Sidewalk Ends since he is loving all the poems in A Light in the Attic.  I wrote, “May your sidewalk never end.”  I also bawled when buying him a card that played “Pomp and Circumstance.”





Of course, Preston had to be the biggest ham of all.  Here is a portion of the “Continents Song.”  The lyrics are, the world is round and there’s lots of land.  Seven big pieces and it’s really grand.  They’re called continents. Continents.”  Check out the facial expressions during the continents. He should have his own television show.




And I like the above picture so much, I’m overlooking the lipstick on my teeth.  I’m ok with it. They made buses with pictures of each kid going to the area elementary schools.


Pres with his teachers, Miss Christine, Miss Kim and Miss Suzette.


Other happenings in June.  My mother’s goddaughter Katie stopped in Virginia to sleep over on her way to New York to visit.  It’s so nice to see her always and we had a lot of laughs.


And a picture of Pres being super handsome:


My mother bought him a sleeping t-shirt with all the New York boroughs on it. He is a huge fan!


This t-shirt mom bought him which we feel sums up his love for snacks:


And because we can have no pictures lately without the signature pointing:


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our Beantown Visit!

Pres and I had the best time in Boston this weekend. The family is Boston is huge and some have not seen Preston in the flesh since he was four months old.  Thanks to Facebook and the blog, everyone can keep up, but they were blown away by the dude.  I believe it was Ann who said, “It’s a darn shame that kid is so shy!” He was right in the mix immediately.  Kristen was graduating and in true Carol and Fred fashion they threw an amazing party.  With cousin Kathy flying in too, what a perfect weekend to go to Boston!


Preston en route to Boston.  He was so cute with his rolling Thomas luggage.  He got through the first TSA agent, then dutifully sat down and took off his shoes.  Spoiled flyer much? We arrived in Logan, picked up a Ford Edge (like Jeter) to drive and it was off to Nunny’s house for meatballs and pasta. Saturday was the party.  Here are some pictures with more to come on Facebook.


Preston and my nephew Isaiah.  They are like two peas in a pod!



Pres and Cousin Kim who is having a little girl in the fall! YAY!


Playing cornhole…and bossing Sally around.


Playing badminton with Cousin Lauren and her boyfriend Corey. I love Lauren because she is so brave to be the only Yankee fan in the Red Sox Nation family!


With Cousin Kathy.  Kathy and I are also going to start a sports show together.  No really, one day.  A Red Sox/Pats fan vs. a Yankee/Giants fan.  It will be great.


With Aunt Carol….he’s kind of cool right?


Even cooler with the shades.


With Uncle Fred.


Playing with Uncle Steve, until “Sweet Caroline” and “New York, New York” came on.  Then he decided to hop up on this rock and become (*shocker), center of attention.



Entertaining Uncle Mike.


Getting ready to go to Kristen’s play off softball game!



At the game with Aunt Ann and Mike!

Sunday morning Preston hung out at Nunny’s and Aunt Linda took him upstairs to play with Sarge, the dog.  Preston pronounces Sarge with a Boston accent.  It’s pretty funny.

img00140-20110605-0928[1] (2)

And he woke up his cousin Emily too:

IMG00138-20110605-0910[1] (2)


Pres and Nunny.

Then it was off for our day in the North End and the Harbor.  We met up with Aunt Tinka who was visiting with Maeve, Jessica (with Michael, Avery and Taylor) and Alyssia and Brooke Green with Rider and little Nate and my friend Kim, whom I worked with in Manhattan and have not seen for six years!  She just had a baby, Addison.  The cuteness abounded!  Of course, Preston was in his glory because he rode the T.  As long as there is a dirty subway station, my son is in Heaven. Brooke picked out Regina Pizzeria.  Such great pizza.  And the best part-Mike’s Pastries for dessert!



IMG_7257 IMG_7258 







My friend Kim and her baby Addison!

And minus the snafu (as Mel aptly put it) with the A/C valve on our plane and having to go on a new plane, the trip was a major success!