Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Little of This of That

What else have Pres and I been up to this January?  Well, last weekend we met at my parents’ clubhouse to make Valentine cards for sick children.  One of the woman in the development organizes this every year. She does an amazing job choosing the children and getting all the supplies. It is so heart wrenching to read the stories of these children and how many of them will not get better.  It’s amazing how health is taken for granted. I know most of my readers have children where health concerns have always been in the forefront. It just proves how we should never take health for granted.  Here are Pres and I making our cards. 



We are still acclimating to the house. Preston does love his room and has found a home for all his toys! Those canvas bins from Target are a lifesaver!


He convinced my father to set up the train set at my parents’ house.  He is very excited to go with my father tomorrow to pick up Lionel trains.  My father has an amazing collection and had to have his two engines fixed.  The man who fixed them has a train room that will knock Preston’s socks off.  It’s equivalent of me walking into Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe closet.  As you can also see, I also could no longer deal with the growing out of the hair.  It looked great at night after bath, but by morning was just impossible to deal with.  No worries if I didn’t like it since Pres’ hair grows like a weed! Have a great week everyone!  (And for my Idol followers----I cannot wait to start blogging for Idol.  I am actually very excited about this season)!



Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Some House Pictures!

I am not one to post pictures of the house without it being completely done, but realizing that it may not happen for a few more months, I decided ok-well actually my friend Jessie last night after visiting told me to suck it up and post some pics.  I figured since the curtains are not up yet in any room (just blinds) except the living room, I would post pictures of the second floor! First here is an old picture from December of Preston on the deck off the second floor looking into the backyard:



The second floor is living room/dining room/kitchen and powder room.  I’d like to get a nice throw rug for under the table and obviously a runner on the table.


That hutch was my grandmother’s.  I bought the table to match the hutch.  You can see the pantry, the second coat closet and the stairs leading upstairs from here.


Living Room-obviously I need a lot of things for the walls!  But I am in love with my brand new coffee table!







That’s it for now----ok and a cute picture of Preston for good measure.  I am trying the whole-growing out his hair thing, but we need a trim to thin it out! Stay tuned to see if I keep up with it!


Pres brushing his teeth in his baseball bathroom in his football pajamas.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our First Bake!

Preston and I still don’t completely feel at home yet in our new place.  I still reach to my right for garbage since that is where it is at my parents, instead of under the sink now at my place.  I still open five cabinets to find the plates I want.  We had our first movie date together-we watched Up (and I seriously cried through half the movie). It seems a bit more official that this place is ours since Preston and I baked our first batch of cupcakes in the new kitchen.  I have a little center island which is great-Preston just pulls over the stepstool and we are both good to go!



Aunt Melski gave us this great cake plate for our house warming gift from Sur La Table.  She thought that it would look great on the island displaying our baked goods.  An added bonus even she did not know, was it can be turned upside down and used as a punch bowl!  Here is our finished product.



How much do you heart that chair?  I have a bump out in the kitchen and saw two of those chairs.  I am now just looking for a little bistro table to join them! Tomorrow I’m cooking for football and having company.  I promise house pictures coming soon!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Southern Preston

I have not posted the house pics yet-partly because I’m one of those people who wants it perfect before showing.  Once I get Pres’ curtains up I will take his room.  The house still smells like paint so I’ve been lighting candles.  I did my first load of wash and ordered all new pictures for my frames.  It’s been a lot of fun going through boxes and putting out all the stuff I forgot I even owned.  Preston LOVES his new bed and has slept like a champ.  I still don’t have internet or phone yet (grrrrr) but thanks to my mother I have Direct TV! Yay!  Just in time for football (and Idol).  I was going nuts after four days that I stayed at my parents’ for Grey’s the other night. Here’s just a funny video of Pres dancing to his musical Cadillac Escalade.

I promise once I hang (*read my dad hangs) the curtains, I swear I will post pictures.


But I have to explain the pic below: I was looking through a box of Lenox items and came across a Lenox bulldog I had bought my ex husband when he said he wanted a dog.  I was totally going to deep six it in the trash when my brother took it and said in honor of my happiness that the Eagles lost he would take care of Michael Vick the Lenox bulldog.


My brother and sis were an awesome painting team:


And nothing beats a dinner at Yamato!!!!


or roasting marshmallows at the fire pit: (Fire pit totally at mom and dad’s-I am not yet that awesome)!



Have a great week!!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

We Have Moved!

Right now I have no television, phone or Internet. I'm not sure what's worse the fact that I don't have any phone, cable or Internet until the 19th (yes, you heard correctly, the 19th) or the fact that there is a forecast for snow tomorrow. With the words "potentially significant" before it. I will blog this weekend from my parents' with pictures of the new digs. In true ironic fashion it was snowing on Saturday morning. Of course it was. Last weekend was 60 degrees. The move went rather smoothly. In other true Kim fashion, the house appears as it would for someone who has been living there for about three months. My room, bathroom and Preston's room and bathroom are painted and finished. All furniture is in, the beds are made, pictures on the wall. Our dining room and kitchen are all set up as is the living room. Charlie and Katie were awesome. They painted all the bedrooms already and my bathroom. They are such a good team. As long as they have an iPod and food, they are ready to roll. My mother helped with all the unpacking and the stocking of our fridge and pantry! Daddy hung all the blind, put together Preston's bed that came without directions and the dining room set I ordered.
It feels a bit odd staying there. I don't know which light switches turn on what, so I keep turning on fans (FANS MEL!) instead of lights but I am sure I will get the hang of it. Preston and I both enjoyed our first night's sleep. As my brother Charlie said, "Make this house a home Kim." I can't wait.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Auld Lang Syne

Welcome 2011.  2010 was a good year.  When my ex husband left four and a half years ago, I looked at my bank accounts (depleted), the damage to my credit card bill (staggering), my six month old baby who couldn’t sit up yet because of his back, an apartment that was $2300 a month, my father in the hospital recovering from quadruple bypass two days prior and I just recall looking at Mel (who raced up from Manhattan to Westchester when I called forty minutes prior) and said, “What am I going to do?”  It started the whirlwind that was my life.  And this past Tuesday I closed on my first house….all by myself.  When I came to Virginia I started looking at houses.  Every resale I’d look at had something I didn’t want to deal with (kitchen remodel, bath remodel, wallpaper to pull down).  Then I figured single family houses may not be the way to go (after all I wasn’t going to mow on the weekends).  A townhouse seemed like the best option.  I visited the one I finally decided on each time I’d look at a different subdivision.  I took the plunge.  I would build from the ground up.

Building this house was cathartic. It was my rebuild. Each nail represented my revenge.  Maybe that sounds immature.  But Preston and I did not deserve what has transpired.  It’s been hard.  I want to write about it and I will one day.  I want to put it all down because I need to, but for now suffice it to say that signing on the dotted line and being handed the keys was as close as I can come to closure.  As I bought all new furniture to replace what we picked out together, I got closure.  And being able to do this for my son, the son who I wheeled everyday three to four block to our apartment in a stroller regardless of the weather because there was no parking and no one would give up their spot…was closure.   For you Preston.  Welcome Home. 



It was only fitting because Mel and I typically parallel a lot in life, that she became ENGAGED this week.  So to you, my forever friend, much love, peace and happiness always!  Now let’s get planning that wedding!!!!!!

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