Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kate’s Bridal Shower


This past weekend was my sister’s bridal shower.  I think it came out great if I do say so myself.  I flew into NYC on Friday night and it was seriously the scariest flight of my life.  I am not a person who jumps up and down when going on an airplane-I deal o.k. But I will not lie, when the plane touches down I am pretty relieved.  I also hate the saying-your chances of dying in a car accident are greater. Possibly yes, but I still feel that I have a chance of survival in a car accident-I have 0 percent chance when the plane is free falling from 30,000 feet.  The pilot made a sharp turn and everyone on the plane I think turned a sickening shade of white/green.  The thoughts start racing like-great I have not made my will and Preston right now was with his father.  Needless to say, I drove home Sunday back to VA.  I also got to spend Friday night with my friend Kim and we had dinner on the Upper West Side and then went out to a nice wine bar.  It was so much fun to see her again!  Here are some pics of the event!!! Enjoy!


The cake.  I ordered it like 3 weeks ago.  I went to pick it up.  The girl goes in the back, comes out and says, “Are you sure you ordered it under Kim Raab?”  No I ordered it under Jane Smith you moron!  My heart sunk thinking, “We have no cake-yet they charged me the outrageous fee and I already paid my credit card bill!”  They had the cake but for a minute there I almost threw up!




They wrote “Congratulations Kathryn” on the board outside!


Tables-Katie had a beachy theme so those were shells---I did not get them at the beach-Dollar Tree!  And little boxes of Godiva for everyone.  And of course, no Raab function is complete without candy bowls on the table!


The loot!


One of the gifts I got her---(of course let’s make this a little about me… LOL).  There was a matching dish and bowl to for entertaining.


My cousin Caitlin made the hat.  I think she should hire herself out to showers!


Only a few more weeks until the wedding!!!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Pres and the Pool

Preston has taken a liking to the pool, but does not like taking off his shirt-self conscious? A little young I would think-and it’s not for lack of self esteem-I pretty much tell him 50 times a day he rocks. Anyway here are some pre-pool weekend pics first. My parents are getting landscaping done and Preston posed on the new rocks!


Here is my handsome dude in the front garden-where he should not be, but I could not resist the cute picture…

IMG_9263 And here we are at the pool. Thanks to my mom who got some great action shots! Unfortunately it rained today so we could not go in after school-maybe tomorrow. Preston just needs some ear plugs-his tubes are still in miraculously and he is doing very well going under water and coming up and blinking away the water! My goal is to have him swimming like a fish in no time. I had passed a teacher’s aide swimming course so I feel that I should be able to teach my child to swim!






And being the true lawyer, I called the Homeowner’s Association last week to report that the coping around the pool was too slippery (who puts non porous brick around a pool)? They did not call me back. Now they are on notice. See my education was worthwhile! LOL!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Aunt Tinka, Nana & Busch Gardens Oh MY!

What a weekend we had. My sister and Grandma were down for the weekend. On Friday night we went to Friday cheers at the pool that finally opened in the development. Preston did not want to go in his bathing suit and then decided he did want to go in the water. In addition to the big pool there is an eighteen inch deep wading pool. Pres slipped in the pool itself and went under the water for all of 2 seconds. I picked him up, he sputtered, blinked and was fine. Until my sister had to tell me that he was scared out of his mind and his little life probably flashed before his eyes….I know…a bit much.

On Saturday we went to Busch Gardens. I have not been in years so this was really a great treat for me as well. I have also become a lot more fearful of roller coasters. As I am going up 210 feet I start thinking about what if the harness gives out, what if we break down and I am forced to walk down the stairs and I am so scared of heights, what if one of my dad’s stents collapses on our way down….which prompts my sister to make fun of me. The lines were not long at all. My father said when we were younger the line for the log flume was two hours. This is where our parenting differs. I would have told us “Oh jeez kids, it appears there was a malfunction…not enough logs…they are shutting down the flume. We’ll just go get some ice cream.” What a good dad to wait on a two hour line for a three minute ride. In a log…with no harness mind you!

****DISCLAIMER***** The following pictures are not intended to be photocopied, scanned, saved to a desktop, etc. by any ex-husband to then be cropped, photoshopped, re-captioned and then posted to his own Facebook profile in an attempt to pretend that this is somehow his life with Preston. That is an unauthorized use.

Here are some pics from the weekend. Well my sister hijacked these and posted them to her Facebook already-but she did ask-even though my sis never needs my permission!




Super excited about our Busch Gardens adventure!



Preston loved the rides. I personally did not think the “child restraints” were all that great, but he was so into the rides he was not attempting to climb out. The only time he cried was when his partner on the plane ride refused to pull the lever to push them into the air!

Check this out: Our first family trip to Busch Gardens (I was 11 or 12)?07-15-2009 07;48;18PM

Preston’s First Trip:


There were trips in between but the pics are buried somewhere in old albums and have not been unpacked in the move. Don’t worry Mel-I will find the ones of us together here in high school thinking we were AWESOME!


Katie won this on her first try at Derby Dogs. It was a piece of crap. Literally was falling apart. When Pres put it down at dinner I went up to another mother and it went like this, “I have a dog over there. It’s not coming home with me. Would one of your kids want it, or if you do not want another big piece of crap in your house feel free to say no.” The dog hopefully has nice new owners.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

We Took a Bite Out of the Big Apple!


What a weekend!  I cannot believe it is over.  All the planning and all the talk.  But it totally lived up to the hype.  We did not get to the convention until Sunday.  I thought I was totally screwed but was pretty elated to score a room at the downtown Marriott in NYC.  Until Tonya called.  She told me to call Brooklyn-ask for Melanie.  Tonya rules.  I got a room in Brooklyn.  I cannot tell you how amazing it was to meet our blogging family.  Alex was totally right-it’s like we have known each other forever!  And the kids are even cuter in person.  My son’s behavior left a lot to be desired-mainly because since Thursday he was up every night until almost 11 if not later.  First here are a few pics from Fourth of July weekend pre-convention!  Look who charmed Jet Blue in the Richmond airport and was invited into the cockpit? 



We visited Aunt Melski Friday morning and in the afternoon visited with Amanda and then got a much needed haircut at our old salon!



Here are some pictures from the Fourth of July:

IMG_8886 IMG_8898



I know ridiculous.  And here are some pictures from the conference!


IMG_8962 IMG_9052 IMG_9066



IMG_9101 IMG_9107 IMG_9110


See everyone in Nashville!!!!!!