Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Preston Sings his ABC's

Here is the latest video of Preston. He is wearing my favorite sweater. I call it the Charlie Brown sweater. I bought it on sale from Gymboree last year for $5.50! (Awesome deal considering it was $32.50)! We also went back to Williamsburg and Preston loves the Yankee Candle Store. There is a huge toy store, a Christmas village and a show with mechanical mice that sing. He also sings the Ukrop's song in the video. It is a silly song about the grocery store that I made up and we sing it everytime we go!
So enjoy the little booger!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Preston and Peyton!

On Friday we met the Mazurs! Danielle and I completely agree that even though we had never met face to face, once we did it was as if we knew each other for a very long time. That is the beauty and the wonder of this blogging world we have going. Well let me just tell you to see all the kids over the blogs is one thing, but to meet them in person is so much better! Peyton is the cutest thing on Earth! As you know with my son being the football fan he is and his love for the Peyton Manning/Chicken Mascot/Sony Bravia commercial, when I told him we were going out to dinner with Peyton he stated, "Oh and the silly chicken?" To which I told him that Peyton was a little girl. Now Preston could not help but correct his mother-after all I am surprised I survived for almost thirty one years without Preston being able to tell me which end is up, so he promptly responded, "No Mommy Peyton is a man." It took some time but he finally relented and let me win (yes it is a contest with my three year old).
We met at Red Robin and at first Preston was very shy around the pretty Peyton. Peyton is learning to talk and it is so cute. When I told her she was so pretty she looked at me with her big blue eyes, smiled and said "Yeah!" SO CUTE. They did warm up to each other and we got some cute pictures. It was so much fun meeting them and I am SO happy we were able to make plans. Now I cannot wait to take Preston to Disney World to meet Riley and Laynie too!

****WARNING TO CAT-Don't let Owen see-he may get a wee bit jealous! :-)

And to keep up his ladies man status today he was at Friday's for lunch. A little girl was in the booth behind us. His first line to her was, "I just went pee pee on the potty." Now there's a line I have never had used on me!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Mean Really....

No, not that fact that every wheeled toy he owns is in the bed. The title portrays how this child is going to give me a heart attack very soon. Now I don't want to brag, but since this is my blog, , I am totally going to! I have been told Preston is a sharp cookie. At first I thought-well sure, I mean everyone says that to new moms, but the comments were a little different. I was told by his NY pediatrician that he was very alert, very bright, very smart. OK. Then his day care teacher pulled me aside one day and said that his sense of humor was above the average 2 1/2 year old.

Now we move to another state and I am pretty sure that no one spoke to anyone here. But the I Love Preston fan club continues to grow across state lines. His teachers think everything he says is ridiculously funny and that he is a smartie pants. On his daily report card there is always something written that is so attuned to Preston. It's not just "Preston played in the block center today, picked his nose once and took a poop at three." One day it was how he was singing Bon Jovi while hanging in the art center. Another day when his teacher was counting off in English and then Spanish to the kids, she said "Preston you are eight-ocho." To which he responded, "No Miss Sandy. I am three." Very seriously. When he first started school he made them aware of his NY daycare injury-not just a boo boo on his finger-oh no. my son told them the correct hospital dx, "I have a hematoma." I was told they never heard a 2 1/2 year old say hematoma. Last week the teacher that started for the mornings told me she thought Preston was more mature than the other kids in the class.

What did smart Preston do this weekend? Preston at home with me is in full cry mode whenever he does not get his way. I mean this is a talent. The tears are right there-they just start. And it's not for important things-it's things like, he does not want to wear a ceratin pair of shoes, the tv is not turned on fast enough, a toy is out of batteries, the sun did not rise properly...etc. Well Preston also has a tendency that after the first wail, he takes a breath and turns purple and red and other assorted colors and you wait...and wait....and wait and then the second loud wail. I usually will say "Breathe." Last week I noticed he wasn't wailing a second time until I shook him. This past Sunday he did it again, except this time he passed OUT! Like full on passed out. You want to talk about the most agonizing, frightening, five seconds of my life? Of course to me it felt like minutes. Screaming for my parents I breathed into his mouth and then had to slap his face. Apparently Preston has decided to begin breath holding spells. Which if you research is quite common. As long as your child does not turn white/pale and pass out, it is a typical normal occurrence and it is used as ...drumroll....a form of manipulation. I was hysterical crying for about ten full minutes afterwards which I found out is exactly what they want. Of course I rushed to the pediatrician anyway who told me that, "this is what happens when you have a really smart child." He has pulled it one more time since but did not pass out. I was told that he will always come to in a matter of seconds and it will not cause any brain damage whatsoever. He now tells me he will "bweathe" and not scare Mommy.

Smart child? Hey Preston-take a breath and save the smarts for Harvard Medical School.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"The Shirt"

Because there has been an overwhelming request for the shirt details-I bought it at Kohl's. It was a Nike T-shirt. I have tried to google it and I found that you can get it on EBay. Kohl's according to Jordana is running their HUGE baby/toddler sale, so there is a good chance you can find it on clearance. I bought it a few weeks prior to Christmas and just thought it was perfect.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Katie's Getting Married

Well we knew this, but she is really doing it now! She is going to have her wedding here in Virginia in September on the reservoir. It's such a beautiful venue. Katie and her best friend Maeve came down for the weekend for the Richmond Bridal Show. There were so many vendors! On Long Island most weddings are done at a catering hall. The only outside vendors are flowers and the band. My wedding was pretty kick ass. Wrong groom, but awesome day. We had enough food to feed a large third world nation and there was no stone left unturned. In VA, a lot of places are rented and then you bring in a caterer. This distressed my father who really likes the idea of everything under one roof with an open bar for the whole event. Katie found it! It is going to be amazing and so pretty at that time of year! The bridal show was really a lot of fun because Maeve and I ate a lot of cake. And at every booth candy or cookies. Maeve and I also got fake light up rings which Maeve is totally going to sport back in Boston. Here are a few of the Bridal Show.

And here is us the day before sporting princess tiaras at the mall. Katie totally should wear this on her wedding day!
And for good measure here is the dude, who is consistently peeing now at school and has started going poopy over the weekend. He is in love with twins in the older kids class (his girls) so I think he wants to join them in the big kids room. Hey whatever works right?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I've got Nothing....

Mel told me I haven't posted. But I have nothing interesting going on. I mean I could bore you with the details of my day, but really do you want to hear that? Although the highlight of my month came this morning when I received the most beautiful message from my friend Missy, so thank you Missy for making me so happy over my not so great coffee this morning. I guess a major highlight is Preston peed on the potty AT SCHOOL! For some reason Preston thinks that peeing in a potty stops upon exiting this house. Wonder what would happen if I thought the same way. He also does not think pooping is acceptable in any receptacle other than his pull up. Other than that he is staying dry and in underwear on the weekends. At night I wake him before I go to bed and stick him on the bowl half out of it. So far waking up dry. I am so sick of Pull Ups so hopefully we are on our way. In other Preston news he is very happy that he is back in school and his teachers back from vacation. Let's see so far this year I still have not met that hot rich doctor, so quitting work will not happen anytime in the foreseeable future. Oh well. But TV is back (I am truly pathetic) and IDOL is on next week. Do I have any Idol watchers? I am thinking about doing my recap blogs again once the top 12 are picked but do I have followers?

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of Katie and her BFF Maeve (xoxo) on Friday! Yay! And already sick to my stomach over the Giants playing this weekend. Why can't I just be a girl and hate sports because it causes me a lot of stress. Of course I am sure you all just want to see cute pics of Preston, so here they are. Have a good week!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Here's wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year. Here are some pics of us last night before leaving for our pajama New Year's Eve party with Jordana, Sam and Baby Maddie (oh and of course Princess Ashley-Jordana's dog that is probably very happy today a certain three year old is home)!