Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nana Was Here

We have been getting a lot of visitors this month. My grandmother who Preston calls Nana came for four days this past weekend. We had a really nice time, took a trip to Williamsburg and went to the Yankee Candle warehouse. Preston had a blast at the Christmas village. The Yankee Candle warehouse is about one and a half NYC city blocks. In the words of my future brother-in-law when he pulled up with Katie there last year was, "Oh...wow...we are going to be here for a long time." The store is so big that when I asked for tea lights last time I was there and they stated that they were out, Steve was dumbfounded. He turned to me and said, "Isn't this the warehouse? They like make candles here? How do they run out?" Anyway, Preston even saw Santa Claus. Here are some pictures from the weekend or I think Mel may commit murder.

Preston had a serious infatuation with the Thomas table....wonder what he'll be asking for this year!

On another note, Preston has a cold. I finally received his medical records from his prior pediatrician and decided to drive to the new doctor, (the new new one-already I got annoyed with the one I originally wanted), drop off the records and take him next door to Quick Care since his chart would not be ready. Here is the conversation between myself and this office.

Lady: Good morning.

Me: Good morning. My son has a little cold and I'd like to have someone listen to his chest...(and before she could cut me off)-but I know he is not fully "charted" here yet so I am dropping off his records and I will go to Quick Care this morning.

Lady: Well he needs a new patient visit.

Me: Bewildered A what?

Lady: A new patient visit. Sort of like an interview with the doctor.

Me: Shouldn't I want to do the interview? (I am also thinking-could he fail, not be accepted as a good enough possible pediatric patient? Is there training for this to ensure that he is accepted? I must buy a new outfit for the occasion)...

Lady: Well each new patient has to have an interview with the doctor. Which doctor do you want?

Me: I really do not care. (Me thinking I guess someone proficient in giving immunizations and writing out prescriptions for any sort of illness. I mean I am 99% sure this person will more than likely be completely inept in achon and measuring and the like so whatev).

Lady: Ok well what is your insurance?

Me: Cigna PPO.

Lady: Ok so this interview lasts about 30 minutes.

Me: Really what is the point of this new patient visit?

Lady: Astonished Well to go over a complete medical history.

Me: Looking down at the half inch thick manila envelope containing Preston's entire medical history. Well can't the doctor just read this? Medical history-right here. Can't you just make a chart and I'll call you if he gets sick?

Lady: No.

Me: Ok can I get a Saturday morning new patient interview?

Lady: No. That is not an option. New patients are not allowed to be seen on Saturdays.

Me: Ok then...when can they be seen?

Lady: Tuesday at 9 or 2.

Me: Yeah....see that's not going to work because I work 30 minutes from here and I am certainly not taking a day off for a visit that to me is completely unnecessary and if you want this so bad shouldn't my convenience matter? I mean I am not trying to be a pain, but I mean really. 9 or 2 on a Tuesday?

Lady: looking at me I don't know what to tell you.

Me: really trying very hard not to lose it. Can I speak to a doctor because we are honestly not going to get anywhere.

Nurse: Can I help you?

Me: Aggravated at having to repeat the dilemma.

Nurse: I have 8:30 next week.

Me: Fine. Two minutes ago you only had 9 and 2 and new patients were not allowed near the vicinity of the building before 9.

Nurse: The appointment though is at the other location.

Me: Naturally.

AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! What the hell is a new patient interview? I am also refusing a co-payment for this. Th doctor can eat the expenses of that one. Preston ended up with no chest problems, just a little cold and we were on our way with some decongestant/antihistamine.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bathroom Shenanigans

Preston was just so cute tonight before bed. He was really excited since he did pee-pee on the potty and that earned him one candy corn. I really do not want to force potty training-some days he is willing to give the ol' potty a shot, other days I swear he is wearing depends to the senior prom.
Preston was donning his new Feast of San Gennaro t-shirt from my father. I am still a little bitter that I could not go to the feast in Little Italy this year and was staring to get over it that night when Katie sent me a picture from her phone of her and my father chowing on a mozzarella pie. Be-otch ! :-) Every year we have gotten Preston shirts from San Gennaro: (eight months, 11 months and 1 1/2 respectively)

Anyway, here are a few quick shots of Preston in his bathroom and brushing his teeth. He now chooses between Thomas toothpaste or Strawberry-oh the decisions of a two year old!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Aunt Tinka was Here

Sorry about the not so frequent updates-and I was "subtlety"reminded by certain persons ...(ahem Mel &Rob) that I am slacking. Not only dos my new position afford me no free time on the Internet, but fall television has started and between my mother and I we have two DVRs going a night to capture all that wholesome goodness. God I love television.

Katie was here this weekend. That was super cool, but unsuper cool is the fact that I will not see her again until October 17th. I know that a lot of people don't get to see their siblings often, but I am so used to seeing Katie every weekend! Friday night we came back to the new Raab abode and Katie told mom and dad she thought the inside of the house was pretty awful... (lol!) Saturday Preston spent some quality time with the babysitter while us girls went for pedicures. I must say I am a wee bit disappointed in the pedicures here. I am used to a good massage-that includes some beating of my legs-here I was lucky to get a medium intensity rub for five seconds on my shins with the cream. The massage chair however was so hard it was painful, so what I think they need to do is lessen the massage on the chair and increase the massage on the legs. And while we are on things I don't think I will ever get used to-I really am having a hard time understanding the lack of speed on the highways here. I really don't see how people get from point A to point B in time. There is just one speed and it is freakin 55 mph regardless of the lane one is traveling in. There have been quite a few curse words thrown around on my way to work (sorry Marrah). So I propose that Virginia drivers step on it. God-I should run this state. ;-)

Here are Katie and Preston hanging out in the "attic" or third floor.
Here is Preston being a goof ball on the porch.

We also took Katie shopping to the Stony Pointe Fashion Park. The malls here are quite amazing. Saturday night Katie and I attended a "passion party" hosted by one of Jordana's neighbors. Katie has attended a few of these (her friends obviously way more adventurous than mine) and it was such a fun girls night out. Due to this being a family blog, I will refrain from getting into detail regarding same, so suffice it to say we had a lot of laughs and I got to meet some really great girls.

On Sunday we had a nice breakfast from Panera and then we went to the Short Pump Mall. There was a cute children's train ride that Preston and I went on and I'd show you pictures but Katie took them on her camera despite my protests and of course they are not available at the present moment, so I'll have to do an addendum to this post when she gets around to it! Preston had a blast riding on the coal car around the outdoor mall. When we got home we watched Big Blue win again (yay!) and then watched the Emmy's. Here are some pics of the dude!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Settling In

We are getting into our "groove" here in VA! We had a really great weekend. We attended our first ever Richmond Spiders Football Game courtesy of Sammy and got to hang out in the corporate tent (how cool are we)? It was also about 99 degrees outside so we made it to halftime and then me, being a good parent took my way overheated son home.
Last night we also had dinner with Sammy and J and baby Maddie. Our mutual friend and former roommate Billy also was there since he and his wife Devon (with whom I also went to law school with) and their two children are relocating to Miami this week. The funny thing is Billy & Devon literally lived two buildings away from me in Bronxville too! So we are all making the change together.

Today was football and I am very happy with the results of Big Blue's Sunday game. Then again if they did not beat the Rams for goodness sakes, what the heck kind of season am I looking at here?

I also did some dreaded pants shopping for Preston. Not that I believe in this heat Preston will ever wear pants anytime soon, but I need time to hem them-I'm not hemming them, let's not get crazy-but I have to try them on again with his sneakers and pin them where the necessary whacking off the bottoms is to take place. I also am very into pants with elastic waists for him since I feel pants are too uncomfortable around the belly when he sits if they are cut too small in the waist. I personally am a big fan of elastic pants for myself but unfortunately I still am completely refusing "mom" jeans or elastic trousers. I'll just dream of sweats while at work.

For all you Facebookers-I may pull my profile for several reasons-one is I hate the new layout. I finally join and then they change it for Heavens knows what reason. Second someone sent me a message with a link to a video. Since I opened the message (which was not originally sent by one of my friends, but disguised as one), my profile sends the same message to others. This annoys me. I have no time for hacker scams on Facebook. Like I need to take my computer back that scary Geek Squad guy? I'll let you know-but I am staying out of it for a couple of days. If you get a message from me for a video, it's spam.

The only other complaint of the weekend are the price gouging whores at the pumps. I mean seriously I am paying almost what I paid for gas this summer. I mean the storm was devastating but we did RUN OUT of gas. The refineries went on like a mini vaca. Everyone needs to friggin relax. There was me on the Attorney General of Virginia's website to get the number to report each gas station within a five mile radius. Gas is a big sore subject with me. I tend to get quite heated.

And because Mel is not happy about her less than daily picture allotment, here are some recent pics of the dude.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Seven years and it is still such a raw wound. Seven years and not a day goes by where I do not remember. Grandma, God took you the day before and like I said in your eulogy, it was because he new he needed you to help with all the new angels that would be there the very next morning.

That beautiful morning...severe clear they called it, not a cloud in the sky. It was a bright day that ended with the darkest cloud. You were there to help everyone. I know you were there to embrace Matt and the Vianna's have to know that.

And Matt...seven years..God you would have been thirty too this year. Probably married, maybe with a child. Maybe still working towards executive at Cantor. Instead you will be forever twenty three with a big smile and a big heart. I think so often of your family. Dad gives me updates whenever he sees your father. Now that I am a mother, I cannot even begin to imagine your mother's heart today especially. Please comfort her.

We will never forget....God Bless you all, God Bless America.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Preston Mishaps-A Video

Well Preston has become that rough and tumble boy! Yesterday at day care he slipped into a chair cutting his lip on the inside. Apparently I was not notified since there was no first aid other than TLC and an ice pop needed. That is actually a nice reprieve. His old day care called if he got a splinter which annoyed me because there is nothing I could do. Here, unless there is biting (either the biter or the bitee) or a facial injury on the outside of the face (not inside the mouth-unless of course a tooth is chipped), there is no call. Seriously I don't need a call regarding a scraped knee. My biggest concern was that his tooth was intact. I was already calculating his dental bills and thinking that I should have extended my dental coverage after leaving WEMED, when it was determined (my me and my dental degree) that his tooth was indeed fine and intact.
Today after Hanna left (which cracked me up because Virginians getting ready for this storm was about as ridiculous as New York City preparing for a dusting of snow), Preston and I spent the afternoon outside. He hit the curb on his ride on toy and went over the handlebars. This kid is so good with knowing how to fall, I think about when Cat thought Owen could be the next Wee Man and I am thinking perhaps Preston is on the same path. Crying lasted all of 20 seconds, followed by two minutes of crazy mommy checking his teeth again (I don't think I will allow hockey as he matures). He spent the next hour after that running, playing with his toys outside completely unfazed.

He also received his lunch at Friendly's reward for sleeping in his bed the whole week! No camping. Although he has rejected his pillow. I would say maybe it is a neck thing, but whenever he sees pillows on the floor he dives right in. Strange child. :-)

Here is a Preston video-please excuse the blatant booger hunting-he has really taken a liking to picking his nose. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Preston Sized Windows

Well here we are-one full week in Richmond and we are really settling in. Preston has been back to school in the Preppers class (Sorry Jennifer-no more interesting produce-inspired names). His teacher Miss Sandy is also from New York and so far has not lost her accent. I truly am hoping to hold on to mine as long as possible. Marrah has promised to speak "Staten Island" to me over the phone to ensure that accent you all have come to love will still be present next summer. Wait until you guys all go to Brooklyn next year. You think I have a New York accent-just wait! Mine is more Long Island, although it is toned down-I don't say "cauffee"...ok maybe I do. :-) Preston may pick up the accent though.

One thing I love about the day care is it is brand new which means brand new playgrounds with foam padding versus wood chips. He is so much cleaner. I don't need to wash his feet prior to bathing so he is not washing in complete filth. I think he still thinks we may be going home or that he will come here and his toys will be moved again. He was crying when I picked him up today because apparently he was beat out for the police car ride-on toy that yesterday he monopolized. I tried to explain sharing, but he did not really give a damn about that since someone else had a toy that he clearly thinks is his. Not to mention though he also monopolized one of the scooters at recess. So Preston got his first lesson in sharing.

My job started today. It's a little different from what I am used to. I go for another long orientation tomorrow and then we start on Friday.

Here are some pics of Preston in his new room. All the windows in this house are low-perfectly Preston sized so he can look out. Look how cute he is in his pjs after bath!