Tuesday, April 28, 2009


First I would like to congratulate Renay on the birth of Griffin-her fourth baby boy! He is adorable and Renay is one of my most faithful Idol blog readers. Love and health to you all!

Well the rumors are starting that Simon and Paula will not be back to Idol next year which means yours truly will not be watching. Idol without Simon is kind of like Grey's without Patrick Dempsey, the Yankees without Jeter, my ex husband without child support debt, me without my Black Berry-you know unrealistic things.

In any event we had Big Band night which I was pumped for-I mean the band alone on the stage was so exciting. Then we have to find out who the mystery mentor is for the week. It was a safe bet Frank Sinatra was not going to be exhumed, so my mother and I started pondering-Tony Bennett? I have gotten other suggestions via Facebook like Harry Connick Jr. Michael Buble. So we have all the remaining Idols conveniently perched around the piano singing while Matt's playing, (not staged at all of course) and the background music starts. The limo pulls up like they do on The Bachelor (and for a second I expect Chris Harrison to open the door). And then the mystery person emerges. The dead last person I ever expected to walk out of the limo was Jamie Foxx. Because as my Facebook status stated, when I think Big Band, the first name that pops into mind is Jamie Foxx. Ok, so he was good in Ray, he sang a mean backup on "Gold Digger," but musical and lyrical genius...of the Big Band era??? I mean is Idol having problems booking guests? Their choice irked me throughout the remainder of the show. Then again according to Cat she believes "Blame It" will remain in the musical annuls for many generations to come. (And this is why Cat and I totally need to hang out).

Kris-He sang "The Way you Look Tonight." Played at every wedding in America. He sang it decent. I was kind of bored, started checking my beloved Black Berry for messages. He got a little edgy at the end. Then the judges all gave him stellar comments minus Simon who managed to take Chris's high and crush it like a bug on the windshield of my car going 70 mph. And did someone forget to give DiaGuardi the memo that this was Big band era night not dress in your pole dance outfit night? What was with the tight, spandex neon blue dress?

Alison-So her hair was darker and she looked beautiful. She sang "Someone to Watch Over Me." She sang it well but I was still kind of bored. Randy-ism of the night was "mad young" which translates into not old-under twenty. It was Alison's birthday this week and she said the best surprise was she walked into a room and her whole family was there. Um...because she is 17 isn't her family always there? I mean isn't that part of the deal?

Matt-Randy threw him the "pitchy" comment. I thought he did "My Funny Valentine" very well. DiaGuardi steamrolled him only to have Paula take her comment 180 degrees and praise him. I thought he did a great job.

Danny-Oh Danny Boy. What can be said? I love him. He is so cute! The only thing I hated was DiaGuardi's mention of the word "swagger." Is it just me or is this the word of the month lately? I cannot turn on a radio station without every song having the word swagger in the title. I so see the finish line for Danny.

Adam-Where do I begin. Bobbi you'd better stop reading. First off why does Adam get to make and entrance and everyone else just walks out from backstage? Once on Inside Edition Simon told Ryan he thinks of Grease when Ryan comes down the stairs. Didn't Adam coming down in that white suit make you also think "Beauty School Dropout?" I thought he sang the song with a Satanic edge-a little scary. My friend Jolie informed me he was already on Broadway at one point so I think he should be disqualified and go back to Broadway.

So after the nationwide vote tonight (of 468 million votes-my mother pointed that out-every week there are five million more votes than the week prior), I hate to see it but I think it's going to be Matt and Alison in the bottom two with Matt going home. I am having a hard time picking but we all know it's Adam and Danny in the finals.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Weekend in New Jersey!

We had a great time. I mean after all I was met at the airport, by Marrah, with Dunkin Donuts. It just is that great. Marrah and I were in tears and Preston was like, I really don't get why you guys are crying just because bags are going around and around in a circle. After we retrieved our bags I was welcomed home to bumper to bumper traffic! YAY! Nothing a little Italian food on Staten Island couldn't fix. Friday morning I finally got to love on my nephew Finn-since the last time I saw him he was behind glass about eight hours old. He is such a patoot. I wanted to put him on my carry on, but for some reason I think Marrah and Lee would miss him! He is such a cute little guy. Big beautiful eyes and the cutest little smile. Oh and the curls in his hair. GORGEOUS! We had a wonderful weekend. Finn's birthday party was beautiful. My friend can put on a party. Minus the live Elmo and Cookie Monster that Finn and Preston were none to fond of, the party was amazing-great food, great decorations, great company! I am going to miss her-Marrah you and Finn better get down to Virginia! Sunday morning we were also in for a treat, Aunt Melski came to NJ to see us! Preston was very excited to see his godmother (and obviously I was thrilled to see Mel). Mel was concerned Preston was going to forget who she was-ridiculous. He even gave her a Thomas sticker to show his affection. All in all we had a great time. Marrah and Lee are amazing hosts as well as lifelong friends and we are going to miss them SOOOOOO much. Love you guys!

Here is Preston on the plane. He was super excited about getting cookies. He is very anal and was very upset about our suitcase that was checked. He was keeping a constant watch over the suitcases (I mean I know this is a great security measure but he was like an old man obsessing about the weather). He even was concerned his stroller was not going to make it to our destination. It's a little frightening that at 3 these are his concerns. Soon he'll be asking me if I remembered to unplug the coffeepot.

Here is a picture of Preston in a pair of kelly green Converse. Preston utterly refuses to try on sandals. So we ended up with two pairs of sneakers after a MAJOR, I mean MAJOR meltdown in Stride Rite. I seriously was mortified. Marrah thinks I need to pick my battles but you all know my obsession with fashion and shoes are no exception. We will try again this weekend. We must have proper footwear for the summer. And here are some from the party:

Jolie, Marrah and I:

And here is Pres Pres with his Aunt Mel.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


*Shout out to Marissa for picking up my mistake last week. Marissa informed me Robin Hood was released summer of '91 not '92.

So let's see tonight was disco night which I was dreading being that disco is not one of my fave genres. Let's put it this way-it does not make the preset station in my car. But before we get into tonight I have an observation which I have been confirming on the web-no Idol Gives Back show this year. (I think I just heard Bono faint). I must say I am totally disappointed. This was a great idea, a huge money maker and last time I checked Africa didn't become a budding metropolis and the kids in Appalachia still can't read so I am not quite sure the reason behind this one. Very very uncool Idol. Very uncool.

Second announcement: After the You Tube explosion of Susan Boyle, Shaheen and the dance group Flawless, I am stunned as to why an American network won't pick up Britain's Got Talent for this season. Just for those persons alone you would get through the roof ratings. Literally I get goosebumps listening to Ms. Boyle. If you have not seen any of these ads get over to You Tube immediately! (After reading my blog of course).

My Randy-ism tonight deals with fashion. What in the hell was Randy wearing? Seriously- a spray painted, fluorescent tee-shirt with fake graffiti? What is this 1988? Who are you -the Fresh friggin Prince? )You are all totally singing the theme song right now aren't you? I mean it was, in Simon's words-God Awful! It was as bad as those plastic ring clips that you would attach to your long t-shirt over leggings and slouch socks. Not to mention it looked like it had been through the wash quite a few times as it was clinging to Randy and Randy is no A-Rod body wise. I love my dog Randy but come on! (*Disclaimer-no offense to Will Smith either-the Banks family was a fab way to kick off Monday night sitcoms-right before Blossom).

The whole show was on fast forward-literally Ryan would quickly usher off the performers during their final note as to get the show over so Fringe didn't "infringe" on the 10 o' clock news. Here goes:

Lil-Well at least she was able to get the public humiliation out of the way immediately. I love Dia-loser's comment how she does not see Lil's true artist come through-the girl has been performing for seven weeks and tried seven times to appease you. Doesn't mean she is not an artist, you just don't like her. You knew it was bad when the comments started off with Randy sucking air through his teeth.

Kris-Loved him! Loved the Santana/Dave Matthews Band type performance. He did a great job but I cannot comment much further because this was the point in the show when I was struck with the reality of Randy's t-shirt so I was a little flummoxed for a bit.

Danny-Here is my problem with the 70's. It pretty much will all sound like karaoke. Pretty much every wedding band you ever see really showcases their 70's flavor. I mean everyone has their bridal party get introduced to "Celebrate." We all get down to "We are Family." That's why Danny I think did really well, because at least he showcased his voice a bit during the performance. And speaking of wedding bands, I did not notice Danny's tonight. Simon wanted him to do something more on stage. Not quite sure what he would like to see-back flips perhaps?

Alison-Awesome. She has such an amazing voice. The only thing not amazing were the leather control top pantyhose she was wearing. I hate pantyhose-you take it out-it is the size of doll pants. It is a true testament to acrobatics in my room when I have to get into pantyhose. It's a sight to see let me tell you. Forget it if it is control top-those are the size of a lima bean and somehow they are supposed to fit on my body. Moving on...Alison did a great job and her hair was styled cute!

Adam-I don't even know where to begin. The song sounded nice. Then he had his Axl Rose impression which just does not work. Paula cried which pissed me off. Then Adam did it-thanked the composer for the arrangement he supposedly wrote for Adam. I guess Adam did not get the memo that this was the seventh week of Idol, not the acceptance speeches at the Grammys. That is where I can't stand Adam. It's the cocky, obnoxious attitude. And I liked him all through the elimination rounds and then I don't know what happened. And to my friend Bobbi-you know I love you girl, but Taylor Hicks was also crowned the Idol once. And Sebastian Bach? No one can do "18 and Life" like Sebastian. And he was H-O-T! (O.k. so we totally agree on Skid Row).

Matt-I think Matt would like to morph into Justin Timberlake to the point I was waiting for T.I. or Ludacris to join him on stage for some fabulous duo. He was pretty awful-especially since he was saved. I like him voice, I think he is cool, but "Staying Alive" will not keep him alive this week.

Anoop-My Idol fashion plate. Rocking the pink sweater that I would do anything for in size 3T for Preston right now. Who else digs the Desai's? I think Anoop's parents are super cool. I really liked his take on Donna Summer. Everyone did Donna Summer proud tonight. I actually saw Donna Summer in concert at Jones Beach back in the day with my high school boyfriend. She rocked!

My picks are Lil and Matt for the ceremonial booting tomorrow. I think Anoop might hit bottom 3, but he should last at least one more week. Watch this go completely awry and Alison goes-sometimes that is just how it rolls on Idol.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fun Weekend with Aunt Tinka

My sister came down this weekend. It was supposed to be a surprise for my mom's birthday but my dad slipped. We hadn't even told Preston knowing he would definitely ask when Aunt Tinka was coming. It was so nice to see Katie. Saturday morning Katie ran a 5K in under 30 minutes! Go Katie! We were supposed to go strawberry picking on Saturday, only to drive up and see it closed. Poor Preston was pretty disappointed. I guess he felt a little like Chevy Chase when he pulled up to Wally World, except John Candy totally was not at the gate and we really did not go to the farm and ride all the rides by ourselves. So the berry farm has to wait a few more weeks (this is also the same place as the pumpkin farm with the petting zoo and barrel rides so you see why the kiddo was so disappointed). My mom felt so bad that Preston was that disappointed, she started looking frantically all around her for a toy store. Instead we spent the afternoon outside, at the playground and Pres rode his scooter. I also picked up my new car! Yippee! My lease was up and I was so over the allotted mileage-I would owe over five thousand dollars! Now that leasing is mostly a thing of the past, the dealership bought out the amount I owed and I got into another Equinox. This time though there is no mileage restriction. The Equinox is coming out with a new body style this summer, so if after a couple of years I want to trade in, I have that option. This one is awesome with satellite radio, OnStar already in and activated and the IPod dock. The other cool thing is the last car I picked out with my ex husband so it felt good to give back another piece of that part of my life. I would have posted a picture, but my license plate is visible so I will take another one this week. Today we took my mother to the Jefferson Hotel for their champagne Sunday brunch-a Richmond tradition. It was so nice and the food was ridiculous! We had a great time! Here are some pics of the weekend!
Brunch was so amazing-they had our table on the rotunda level all set up with a booster seat ready and his water and juice cups ready as well. He felt very special since all the table are pre-set with water, orange juice and champagne! Check out my mom and sis hitting up the dessert buffet table!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Apparently Dan Fogelberg's mom hijacked my blog last week, which is cool, don't get me wrong. But if you want to leave a comment leave your name. Come on! I mean I am just a cool mom who blogs about Idol because it is fun. This is just giving me a break from legal writing. I love music. Seriously love music and will listen to just about anything from classical to country to metal to rock, etc. BUT, sometimes there are things, artists, songs, etc. I don't like and I may mock them. I love Barry Manilow....a lot. My friend Melissa swears everyone in the world is a closet Fanilow, but alas many don't see the beauty behind the man who wrote the songs that made the whole word sing. I heart Bon Jovi...a ridiculous amount. If you don't like him...o.k. well that you probably should keep to yourself....LOL!

OK so tonight was movie theme night. Personally if I were on Idol tonight it would have been a toss up between "Ghostbusters" and "Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangsta" from Office Space. But alas, I did not get the memo about appearing on Idol. Due to last week's DVR fiasco, the judges had to cut down on critiques. I have a great idea for 19 Productions-cut DiaGuardi. The contestants all met Quentin Tarantino. I must say his movies are all a little on the crazy side. I loved the "Kill Bill" movies. Uma Thurman was such a bad ass. Anyone who can break out of wooden coffin buried underground gets my vote. And speaking of Uma, once as I was coming out of court last summer she was filming a movie right on the courthouse steps. Ahhh, good ol' New York.

Randy-ism-Tonight it is more a Randy quirk-when Randy sucks air through his teeth-you know the critique is not going to be a walk in the peonies.

Allison-she sang "Don't Want to Miss a Thing" from the ever so realistic movie Armageddon. I mean seriously I got so caught up in the father/daughter end scene that I forgot to realize that Bruce Willis was going to land a spaceship...on a moving meteor....and blow it up. Right. Anyway it was not my favorite performance from Allison even though I really like her. Simon told her that she was the girls' only hope. Poor Lil got bashed and she had not even sung yet and I mean the only girls left are her and Lil. Not hard to top the Season 8 girl's chart.

Anoop-Good ol' love song of summer 92. Got to love Robin Hood. I think I saw it like five times that summer. I was also spending the entire summer with my grandparents in Florida so I understand why we took so many trips to the theatre. Love that Anoop's wild and crazy accounting fraternity was representing in the audience. I really love Anoop's voice. And he dresses divinely.

Adam: O.K. now you guys know I am not an Adam fan for the winner of Idol, but I will admit that I think he can sing really really well. I still see him more as a Broadway superstar though. I must say, I agree with my future brother in law that the song he could potentially "blow out the box" is "Welcome to the Jungle." I saw so much Axl Rose in him tonight. My love for G N' R runs deep. A good friend of mine personally knows Duff McKagan. She promises that next east coast show for his new band she will get me in-that makes me a little giddy! One thing I will give Adam props for is fitting into those jeans; my thighs are envious.

Matt: So as Quentin was talking to Matt he was playing the piano much like that creepy piano player a few weeks back. It was a rough rendition for him and his notes did crack. I will go on record saying when I hear DiaGuardi say the word "chops," I kind of want to punch her.

Danny: Sans glasses tonight. Am I the only one who notices Danny sometimes wears his wedding band, sometimes not? Interesting. I love Danny. I don't understand why I cannot meet a cool guy like Danny to serenade me...just in scrubs of course (LOL)! He sang Lionel too. Love Lionel. They need to do an Idol Lionel night. There is a catalogue that runs deep.

Kris: I loved Kris' performance and I equally loved that song. I must make that an IPod download.

Lil-YOU GO LIL! Finally she stood up for herself. I totally agree-she "made the song her own." Had she sung it like the original they would have said she was boring. Then they criticized her for doing it her way. Last time I listed to "The Rose" there was no gospel twist. It sounded great. Still not good enough. I kind of want her to stay now all the way to the finals on spite.

I have picked every one right so far but tonight I am really stumped as to who goes home. I want to say Lil, but I think her fans may come through. I hate to say it because I like him but I think Matt is going home.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our Easter Eggstravaganza!

Yeah I know-that was a cheesy title, but fun. So after the neighborhood egg hunt two weeks ago, Preston had three more egg hunts this weekend. The first was at school and he came home with a bag of goodies. Saturday our section of the neighborhood was having an egg hunt. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate, but the family who was hosting decided to still have the brunch. Instead of the egg hunt, we did an egg exchange. Each child had to bring 10 eggs, so each was allowed to pick 10 eggs to put in their baskets. The people in the neighborhood are so welcoming. Preston had a great time with all the kids as well. And the food-so good! Then we dyed Easter eggs. This was Preston's first foray into the dying. The Paas kit gives you that wire egg holder which really is a useless piece of crap, but as children and there were four of us, we fought over using that thing. Preston attempted to use it but instead just resorted to good old throwing in the eggs and scooping them out with his hands. Which of course dyed too and smelled like white vinegar! And on another note, what does Paas do now until next Easter? Is this their only gig? I mean do they make that much on Easter egg dye to take off until Ash Wednesday 2010?

Today Preston had his egg hunt from the Easter Bunny and was quite happy with two baskets of goodies (one from the Easter Bunny Mommy and the other from Grandma and PaPa). We then had a nice brunch and went down to Monument Avenue for the Easter Festival. This was so much fun! Dogs were dressed up, people dressed up in funny hats and costumes and there was such amazing festival food (think funnel cakes-come on Marrah I know you are feeling me on this one). Preston had a blast and looked beyond adorable in his newsboy cap. I got compliments from he looks like a little rascal, to telling me he is too cute for words. My mother's decorator had an open house (all of the homes along Monument are old mansions and some have been converted into apartments). Many homeowners along the Avenue open up their homes to family and friends and serve food and drinks. All in all it was a great Easter but there were too many good pics to choose from so hopefully this slide show boots up! Scroll down!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


OK, disclaimer and this is really inadvertent, but I cannot critique Adam. I cannot critique Adam because I DVRed the episode and the episode must have run long and the DVR cut off. I tried very diligently to get the performance and would have even bought it from iTunes for 99 cents just to complete the blog, but alas, even Idol on Fox does not have tonight's performances up yet, so sorry. I mean last year I missed the finale since my brother totally planned his wedding, in Ireland of all places, during the finale and you all forgave me, so I missed a performance. (*Hanging head in shame*) And let me just say something else-I took a lot of heat on my non love affair with Adam. I must say I love that some of you disagree with me-that is what makes this fun. It is not that Adam is not a good singer-he is, if he cut out the screeching and the variety show act. Anyone else would be told to pick a persona, but his persona is variety show and for some reason that annoys me a bit. I don't know why-sometimes things annoy me-like repeats of Grey's Anatomy and the new Facebook layout. Although today on Facebook I did become a fan of Ryan Seacrest. The other issue I have with Adam is he is a little too cocky for Week 5.

Randy-ism "She can sing her face off." I assume this translates to "She pretty much rocks and can sing the phone book."

Anyway tonight's theme-songs from the year you were born. I was so excited because technically this was 1980's night and you all know my "infatuation" (year 1984) with the 80's; the synthesizers, the big hair, the music videos, the euro glam bands. So awesome. Minus Alison, they were all born in the 80's. While I liked most of the songs they picked, I would like to interject what I think each of the contestants should have sung. That is my game tonight. I was born in 1978. If I was on Idol it would have been a toss up between "Kiss you All Over" (think Adam Sandler) or "Dust in the Wind." (Think Will Ferrell)

Danny, 1980: What he sang: "Stand By Me."
What he Should Have Sung: "Hungry Heart" Bruce Springsteen
I love Danny, but I feel he cheated. This song was re-done in 1980. I feel that going through the Top 100 from that year there was a lot to chose from: Queen, Billy Joel, Dan Fogelberg. (Totally kidding on Fogelberg and I know Katie, this is second year in a row I am ripping on the dead guy).

Kris, 1985: What He Sang: "All She Wants to Do is Dance"
What He Should Have Sung: "St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion)"-John Parr or "Never Surrender" by Corey Hart
Ok, so I like those songs! I HATE the staged, created Idol-esque mosh pit. This feature on Idol needs to end. The people are half heartedly clapping along. It's so bad. I kind of liked his funky, Jamiroquoi version of the song. I love how he also was happy to get a day off. A question though, isn't this whole Idol thing just one big giant DAY OFF? How is living in a ginormous house, going to movie premieres, shooting Focus commercials and having a cook, work? Seriously- because that sounds like the elements of a vaca. Enough complaining Kris. You are getting paid.

Lil, 1984: What She Sang: "What's Love Got to Do With It"
What She Should have Sung...does it really matter? I mean no matter what this girl does she is going to get ripped apart. I just wanted to cry for her. It would be less painful for the four judges to come out and wail her with a baseball bat. It's just so harsh! Sing a ballad-your ballad sucks. Sing a fast song-your fast song sucks. Poor Lil. The only good thing for her was finally wardrobe dressed her in black instead of unflattering white. And all four judges have to rub a jar of Morton's salt into the wound. By the time she got to Kara I think she got it. Meanwhile I think she is 100 times better than Fantasia was, but she cannot do anything right. Still, if I am playing the game, I would have picked, "Let's Hear it for the Boy."
And totally unrelated, 1984 was the release date for my favorite movie, Ghostbusters. Also the year that Thriller was released. God the 80's were so awesome!

Anoop, 1986:What He Sang: "True Colors"
What He Should Have Sung: "If You Leave" OMD
Don't worry Katie-Mr. Mister came in a very close second. Anoop was rocking the awesome lime green cardigan which once again I wish came in Preston size. One thing that bugged me is Anoop is an only child and stated he hates taking pictures now because his mom took a thousand pictures of him and only him while he was growing up. Poor Preston is doomed. I think he has like 3000 so far. Anoop sang really well, minus the cheesy lights that kept changing colors because he sang, "True Colors." I guess they were lucky he was not born in 1984 and singing "Purple Rain."

Scott, 1985: What He Sang: "The Search is Over"
What He Should Have Sung: "We Are the World."
I mean Scott is that wholesome. Paula must have been thrilled he played guitar and got away from the piano. I thought he did OK. I love the song. The song brings me back to the days of mix tapes. Fast forward to late late 80's into the early 90's. Taping songs off my pink (yes pink dammit) radio (so you hear that sound like a record being ripped off the turntable and half of the dj's introduction before each Chicago song). I would make mix tapes off the love song station. Power ballads were the way to go. Then I'd write in my diary or if my life was that dramatic that day, lie on my bed and cry to "Separate Lives." After all, life was hard as a teenager. And especially before iPods, computers, text messaging and caller ID or call waiting for that matter.

Alison, 1992: What She Sang: "I Can't Make you Love Me"
What She Should have Sung: "Damn, Wish I was Your Lover"
I think the same person who does wardrobe for America Ferrara on Ugly Betty dresses Alison. I abhor the song she picked even though she sings like a superstar. Her voice is just amazing. 1992 was the year of my first boyfriend. It was also the year of "Baby Got Back", "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and Wayne's World. Even Paula had a hit that year with "Blowing Kisses in the Wind." Oh the memories.

Matt, 1985: What He Sang: "Part Time Lover"
What I Would Have Also Liked Him to Do: "Sussuido" Phil Collins.
Matt was really amazing, but I think he would sing Phil proud too. Loving the JT hat as well.

I did not see Adam, but safe bet he will remain. So my pick to go home is Scott. Hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I Bought my Son a Hoe----and He Grew Some Grass!

Gosh! I crack myself up! I know most of you saw my Facebook status, but let's start with the grass. It was gardening week at school and Preston and his classmates all planted grass seed in little pieces of egg cartons and viola! Grass! Now as Mel and I stated, if at sixteen he comes to me and tell me about some grass he is growing in his closet, well then I doubt I will make it a Kodak moment.
This weekend was gorgeous! Saturday morning we went to get Preston's haircut and the bangs were cut too short! Remember Katie when you got so mad at Cole's stylist? Yeah-Preston has the Dumb and Dumber haircut too! His hair grows like a weed so I am sure by next week it will be in his eyes again! We met up with Jordana and baby Maddie and Jordana's friend Diane and her adorable son Anderson for lunch at the mall. We did not ride the train this time since the line was a good forty minutes and there was no way Preston would have stood and waited!
Poor Maddie looks so bored. Don't worry sweetie-your mommy and I will make sure you heart shopping soon enough! Today we took a long walk and Preston played with the neighborhood kiddos outside again! We also went to Lowe's to start getting ready for gardening and I bought Preston a garden hoe. He is so excited to plant with PaPa next weekend!

Preston's shirt has Snoopy on it and it says 'Call Me.' I told him to add "ladies" to the end. When asked later what his shirt said, he smiled and said, "Call Me Girls." He's learning.

Well this is also a huge week because tomorrow starts the baseball season! And I just won my brother's March Madness pool! Whoo hoo! Have a great week!