Wednesday, March 30, 2011

American Idol-Top 11...Again

Because the judges used their save last week and we all witnessed the Oscar winning "Most Dramatic Performance by an Idol Contestant that Won't Win Anyway" by Casey, there were 11 people performing again. Since two go home tomorrow, I assume Idol bent the rules and will allow 11 on the tour instead of 10. Or if the bus is now smaller due to the shrinking economy and ridiculous gas prices, maybe only nine are going. In other housekeeping news, years ago on my Idol blog I outed myself for my "no longer a secret" Seacrest crush. This year I must say I have a crush on J-Lo. I have been discussing J.Lo with many of my friends and we all think she is looking much better than we've seen in a long time. I love that tonight her nail polish matched a dress I could never pull off. I am in love with her make up artist because her lipstick/gloss always looks amazing (obviously not done by the same artist who did Haley's make up a few weeks back). I also must say hair extensions are pretty amazing. Anyway, I'm slightly girl crushing on J. Lo. I even like her new song. But, "don't be fooled by the rocks" that she got... Anyway...Elton John night. So much to say. So much to say. Let's get to it.

  1. Scotty-I cannot believe my sister-in-law really fast forwards the DVR through him. Chris-you must stop this madness! (And Chris I also can win some money in your NCAA pool if UConn gets in so make sure you are aware of my new address). The guy is very good. While taking notes on his performance I happened to stop looking at the TV and seriously the guys sounds 40 not 16. He sang "Country Comfort" and shouted out to his grandma. The sap in me immediately started tearing up. Tearing because it was so adorable and tearing because my mother, I promise, will never go to Hollywood to hear Preston sing on the Idol stage. I've said this before. Pres is awesome. Pres likes to sing. Pres sings much like I do. Deduction----Pres sucks at singing. Sorry mom. Here's hoping for a grandma shout out during law school graduation.

  2. Naima-a "reggae swag" (her line, so not mine) version of "I'm Still Standing." I'm pretty confident she may not be standing after tomorrow night. Her idea to morph into Lauryn Hill and perform this song was not the best decision. Nor was her choice of outfit. That was such a "cruise" ship performance if I ever heard one. Terrible. I understand why Bobbi and Brooke were all over this and posting to my Wall before I started watching.

  3. Paul- "Rocket Man" Paul pulled out his rose jacket again tonight. I suppose when one who was touring in a van that looks like it would only be driven by private investigators or pedophiles, goes and spends $4500 on a white suit with embroidered roses, you have to rock it more than once. Thankfully for Paul he's not that important or US Weekly would be all over this fashion faux pas ASAP. I always wondered how celebs do it. I mean I love my black 3/4 length cardigan. I may wear it multiple times a month. Thankfully I, much like my buddy Paul, am not famous, so I guess I can rock on with my repeated cardigan. The judges loved Paul. I personally thought tonight Paul sounded like James Blunt. If James Blunt was undergoing a hammertoe operation with just not enough anesthesia.

  4. Pia- I'd love to see Pia duet with Lea Michel from Glee. I think Lea is much better, but Pia certainly can give a good run. She was told to try something other than a ballad, so she tried another ballad. She did say next week she'd rock it so I'm looking forward to seeing what that means. I'd also love to know what Jimmy meant when he said she needs to sing somewhere between Fergie and Axl Rose. Truly I have absolutely no idea what that means. And I love Fergie. And if you knew me when I was younger, you know I was a huge GN'R fan and I'm still confused.

  5. Stefano-"Tiny Dancer" I know in an old Idol blog I mentioned the funniest episode of King of Queens was when Doug thought the lyrics were "Hold me close I'm Tony Danza." Ever since then I can never listen to this song without singing it that way. I also think it's kind of uncanny how much his dad really looks like Howie Mandell....and they both are kind of nerve grating in that lovable

  6. Lauren-"Candle in the Wind" I like Lauren. I was such a huge fan of her in Hollywood, but I totally think she is terrible singing in front of any audience. She was faster than the piano and many of her notes fell flat. I am sure when the judges watch it back, not live, they will agree. I want her to be better because she has a great voice.

  7. James-James was totally into the hair and make up glam session to help him look more like Adam Lambert. Then he performed and pulled out every trick in one performance to try to out do Adam. We had microphone stand tossing (grunge era), Stomping clapping with the audience (a' la Bruce Springsteen-yet James does not have the backside Bruce does), we had a semi crotch grab (a' la MJ) and we had some pyrotechnics setting the piano on fire. I mean at this point to rile James up they should have brought back Hulk Hogan from last week...maybe throw in Mr. T for good measure. He even walked down Ryan's "Beauty School Drop Out" staircase. (another old line pulled out of storage).

  8. Thia-Props to my friend Carol who found Thia's necklace from last week. The necklace retails for $675. I was considering it. Mel told me she wouldn't be my friend if I spent $675 on a necklace that is such a conversation piece I'd probably wear it twice, three times tops. I still want it. Really bad. Something else that was really bad was Thia's performance of "Daniel." I fast forwarded through most of it. I did laugh at the lines prior to her performance, "Forget everything from when you were a little girl" and "When I was younger..."'re 8 years old.

  9. Casey -"Your Song" This is my favorite Elton song. I even love this song more because it was in one of my favorite movies, Moulin Rouge. I'm really over Casey. It was fun at first. I dug the bass. I dug the Seth Rogen-ness. Then he trimmed the beard. Dude-if you're on a win streak you don't trim the beard. I also can't get over the nauseating display of enthusiasm after being saved last week.

  10. Jacob- "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word." I have no words better than my dear friend Karen's Facebook status of the night after Jacob's performance, "It's amazing what tonight's episode has done to me. Listening to Jacob's beautiful voice makes me want to go to church and looking at Steven Tyler makes me want to...well...let us pray." I can't top that. I have nothing.

  11. Haley- In an old Randy-ism he had not said this season, "You blew it out the box!" Haley was fantastic tonight. She was so into her performance she was able to sit on the piano James had just lit on fire a few minutes back. The only criticism I have for Haley is perhaps next week rethink wearing your "People of WalMart" flowered spandex to rehearsal. Just saying. My picks to go home: Naima and Casey.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Drum roll…Preston’s Bath and Room Revealed!

The original floor plan of our house called for three bedrooms upstairs with a hall bath for the two smaller bedrooms.  Since I have another bedroom on the first floor and Preston’s bed would barely fit into one of the rooms, I decided to have the wall knocked down to give him a large room (larger than mine) with the bathroom in his room. In keeping with the construction theme he had as an infant, I added to make it a transportation room.  Mind you we put all the toys away for the pictures.  He is very very neat, but he usually keeps a few stray trucks and cars on the carpet!



In his nursery he had truck curtain rods.  Naturally Pottery Barn Kids no longer carry them, so the middle window just got a nickel plated rod from Target. 


My grandmother who has passed on made that train rug for my brothers.  I’m so happy that it is now in Preston’s room!



His furniture did not come with a nightstand.  Thankfully Target had a great one (Target had a lot of great stuff-like those pictures hanging too-courtesy of Aunt Marrah’s housewarming gift)!  In the drawer he keeps his “important papers” like his post card from Caty.


My mother bought him that other train rug by the larger dresser!



Close up of the bedding here.  I am so in love with the quilt.


The bathroom is a Yankee inspired theme.  It took forever to find a pinstriped shower curtain.  There is also am amazing website called Everything’s Baseball.  It’s where I found a ton of stuff.



Mel bought Preston that stepstool for his second birthday.  It started the theme idea. I even found baseball knobs for the cabinets.



Paper Mache tissue box cover from Mary Kelley, glass nightlight that Preston picked out and I changed all the light switches to antique baseballs.


Yankee Stadium sign from Grandma and PaPa and a Thomas Kinkade painted old Yankee Stadium which has the Bronx County Courthouse in the back where I used to practice.


Over the toilet we hung the shelf with the mini baseball glove (my favorite), mini Yankee seat and ball and the cutest picture of baby Yankees looking at the All Star Greats!!!  I also have old navy and white towels with a navy waste paper basket.  Preston sure does love his new room and bathroom!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

American Idol-Top 11

Motown Night.  And big night. Because the one voted off tomorrow cannot go on the tour.  Recall that only the top 10 go.  Apparently there is not room for the other three that made it to the top on the tour bus.  Sucks to be them.  So a lot of pressure to “bring it” tonight.  First a few housekeeping items: I cannot stand the faux 20/20-esque interview at the beginning with Ryan asking questions to the judges as if they are off the cuff and they all answer, ‘Why yes Ryan…see…” So put on.  So rehearsed.  If we cut that out along with the trying-to-be-candid-but-not-succeeding, Coca Cola promotions, the show would be 30 minutes shorter.  Second, J Lo’s pink sequined dress rivaled the one I wore to my junior prom.  This sparked my Facebook status desperately pleading with the St. Anthony/Harborfields girl who remember the store in the Walt Whitman Mall circa 1994-1996 that sold dresses next to the Wall (remember that record store) and Lerner before it was NY&Co.  We have narrowed it down to Pzazz. What a fun trip ladies tonight down memory lane!!!! Anyway J-Lo wore my dress with her Smurfette eye shadow which was just horrendous. 

Casey-“Heard it Through the Grapevine.”  I cannot seriously ever listen to this song ever since the late 80’s explosion of the California Raisins.  I loved the California Raisins so much my mother bought me candles (from Wicks n’ Sticks, also in said Walt Whitman Mall) that were shaped like California Raisins.  Anyway, Casey slicked down his hair and in a way he reminded me a little of Milton from Office Space.  I laughed when he warbled “lose my mind” at the end of the song like Axl Rose warbled “knees” in “Welcome to the Jungle.”

Thia-This performance sparked an idea. I think there should be an Idol store.  If you like a particular article of clothing the contestant is wearing or in my case with Thia tonight, her necklace with matching bracelet and earrings; one should be able to find out where to purchase the same stuff.  It annoys me when I love something and cannot find it.  When George W. Bush won a second term, Jenna Bush had A-MAZ-ING green pumps on that to this day I would pay good money to find. (I spent one full day scouring the Internet to no avail).  So if anyone knows where I can get Thia’s jewelry…She sang “Heatwave.”  She maybe heard this song in her grandparents’ car.  Considering she is like 12, her parents aren’t even listening to songs that old.  I think she sounded really good tonight. Rock on Thia. Rock on.

Jacob-I liked Jacob tonight.  Even though his jacket didn’t fit.  It’s as if he went to one of those shwa shwa restaurants and forgot a jacket and they take you back to a little room with some wool burnt umber colored suit jackets that smell of mothballs and give you one so you look appropriate (yet now ridiculous in an ill fitting garment).  He really sang his song, ‘You’re All I Need” really really well. 

Lauren-Loving the flat iron.  She sang, “Keep Me Hanging On.”  I hope she can hang on, because she wasn’t all that great.  Not to mention that dress made her look like a pregnant zebra.  Epic fail on that one.  Too bad Pzazz is out of business.

Stefano-Gordon Ramsey ripped his mom’s pasta.  That was kind of mean.  Poor Stefano’s mom.  Yet the ripping from Gordon was less painful than her son having the audacity to sing my all time, hands down FAVORITE Lionel song.  My obsession with Lionel is long lived.I don’t know how to convey it.  My brother once borrowed Mel’s mother’s cassette tape and endlessly listened to “Dancing on the Ceiling” that day about 254 times.  We taught Pres to dance to “All Night Long.” And I know Mel joins me in some loving of “Say You, Say Me.” (the part when it gets really fast….then slows down….because “you are a shining star”). Katie and I love “Hello.”  In fact, just this morning my sister texted me and wrote, “Just texting to say hello-Lionel style.”  We sing this song at the top of our lungs (and our mom still loves us).  Lionel with his soul glow hair.  And so when I saw this picture on Facebook and that Katie posted to my wall tonight I literally died laughing.


That just may be the funniest thing I have ever seen.  And Stefano took the song and in his love for J Lo totally Marc Anthony'-ied it and blew it.  As my mother said after his performance, “Good bye.”

Haley-How much did her crimped hair probably rebel that flat iron job?  She looked great and I have to say she sang “You Really Got a Hold on Me” very well.  I am sad that she still may go because I don’t think she has the following that some of the others have, but she deserved the praise tonight.

Scotty-So Scotty made a pretty sweet shot from the balcony of the mansion into the basketball net.  Perhaps if Scotty played for Louisville they would have won and my bracket would not be in the pathetic shamble it is.  (MOREHEAD freaking STATE?  REALLY?) Just saying.  His country version of “For Once in my Life” was really good.  I mean a country guy signing Motown is pretty hard. Props to Scotty.

Pia-My friend Brooke is right-her arm movements are constant.  J.Lo read my thoughts calling her a Celine Dion type singer.  Except much prettier.  And she’s from Queens.  So she wins.

Paul-According to my brother’s comment last week, Paul is in a band.  Apparently his band sucks…according to my brother.  Randy also read my thoughts with calling him Rod Stewart.  Literally my notes said, “Rod Stewart mixed in with his James Blunt tonight.”  I even though he was trying to be a bit Paul Simon.  And yes I take notes…

Naima-I saw one verse of Naima.  Because those National Weather Service tests you hear on the radio, actually came across my television during the performance.  Apparently there is to be deadly lightening in my area….as opposed to that other type of lighting that won’t harm you if you happen to be struck.  I did catch the end of her song and her dance.  I loved her dancing.  It surprised me since recall two weeks ago she did that awful Elaine dance.  She was really entertaining!

James-Why does no one else see that this is such an Adam Lambert wannabe?  Why am I still using the term wannabe?  Anyone have a good synonym for that?  

I think Haley and Lauren are in trouble.  Until next week……

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our Week in Review

I have a new computer at home and of course my camera is not connecting to the Zoom Browser program, so I’ve been blogging at my parents’ so as to have pictures.  Grrrrr.  I can fix computers pretty well-no truly I can.  I’ve fixed “unmountable boot volume” with blue screens and I’ve dealt with the latest Windows Internet issue and fixed it but cannot get the darn camera to read. Last Sunday Preston and I went to Sunday Park-a park on the reservoir.  This is about as close as we get to water here.  We had a great afternoon together on the playground, sitting on the docks and hiking.  He even got to see a tree that a beaver had gnawed down to make a dam.  It was such a great afternoon.




This week was St. Patrick’s Day.  Preston was so enthralled by the story of the leprechaun.  He was hoping the leprechaun would not sneak into our house a wreck his building he made with his Trio blocks.  I assured him that under no circumstances was a mischievous little leprechaun getting in my home and messing it up.  To that my son’s response was, “but mom-the leprechaun is so small and fast as lightening!”  He didn’t mess up our house, but causes a little ruckus at school-putting sand and green water in the toilets and tipping over some tables.  Even the trap his class built was no match for that little guy!


Yesterday was the second soccer game.  Pres gets tired by the second half of the game.  Partly because I think the shin guards impede his running.  He told me he likes soccer but thinks he’ll do baseball next year. He still tries his best and that’s all that counts!



My mother bought me stools for my counters yesterday.  While in the store Preston was not amused by the customers who did not clean up in the curtain section, so he did.  I’m thinking of hiring him out for the summer.  He’ll work for $5 an hour.  Any takers? ;-)


And lastly a cute picture of my little dude waiting for our pizza last night!


I think I jinxed myself last night in the car.  I was thinking of how it’s spring and we had a great winter with no significant illnesses.  Sure enough, wouldn’t you know he woke up at 2 am with his diagnosis of a “food ache.”  Or my diagnosis of 24 hour bug.  Awesome.  He’s in great spirits though so we’ll just take it easy today!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

American Idol-Top 12

This is my favorite theme ever. The hopefuls sing from the year they were born. To overshadow how this theme could be depressing (seeing that some were born when I was a high school junior), I get to research the top songs of each year and pick the song (or this year, songs) that I would have chosen for each hopeful.

Naima- 1984. What she sang: “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” What she should have sung": “Let’s Here it for the Boy.” Naima’s issue this week was how to take this Tina song and make is 2011. What happened though was, she didn’t make it to 2011. She stopped in about 1990, with the bad En Vogue background beat and hideous outfit choice. Had she thrown in some fluorescent paint splattered pants, graffiti-ed walls and an “eye patch” she would have had herself a TLC video.

Paul- 1984. What he sang: “Guess That’s Why They Call it the Blues.” What he should have sung: “Break My Stride,” “Infatuation” or “Magic.” Being that Paul really has a unique voice, the Elton song was not really working for him. It worked about as well as his mom’s 1984 blouse and Mrs. Keaton hairdo she was sporting in the intros. I was not sure I was seeing that “star quality” Jennifer was seeing-perhaps because he makes Paul also makes me dizzy with all the constant moving around.

Thia- 1995. Seriously? 1995? What she sang: “Colors of the Wind.” What she should have sung: “No More I Love Yous.” Her song choice was played at my then boyfriend’s senior prom as the slow song.I felt so OLD! She has a good voice, but I agreed with the judges that I was bored out of my skull. She said she didn’t have a lot to choose from in 1995. Oh honey-how could you overlook such chart toppers as “Tootsie Roll” and “Cotton Eyed Joe?”

James-Before James, Ryan apologized for putting Kate Hudson in the bleacher seats. As a Yankee fan that watched that beotch take up prime seating during the World Series in 2009 I was pretty happy to see her in those nosebleed seats. Anyway. James. 1989. What he sang: “I’ll Be There for You.” What he should have sung: “18 and Life” or “Patience.” There’s something about someone singing Bon Jovi. They’re not Bon Jovi. That’s the main problem. The other issue I had was him starting in the middle of the song. That irked me. It’s like when you turn on your car and you hear a song you like but then you realize it’s got about 30 seconds left and you do one of those Seinfeld-esque sighs because you’re just not going to get to rock out fully it on your drive.

Haley-1990. The year that brought you “Ice Ice Baby,” “U Can’t Touch This” and every girl’s fave song, Nelson’s “Love and Affection.” What she sang: “I’m Your Baby Tonight.” What she should have sung: Nothing. Ok. Ok. Fine. “Nothing Compares to You.” I feel Haley has a better slow song type voice. Off topic: Haley’s mom’s perms were pretty awful. Haley may still have a perm. I’m not thinking that’s her natural hair. It’s like Mariah’s in the “Someday” video. Perms were just not a good look. I had one. It was so bad I try to block it out, but I still see the Berlin wall that were my bangs. Anyway, poor Haley also had grandma lipstick (or maybe from 1991- Wet n’ Wild lipstick) on her teeth, chin and cheek and only Ryan was kind enough to point it out. Poor girl.

Stefano-1989. Stefano totally dissed on 1989. I mean the year of “Bust a Move.” And lyrics like, “Your best friend Harry, has a brother Larry, in five days from now he’s gonna marry.” And why was Young MC asked to be the best man? Why not Harry? I digress. He thought he had nothing to choose from and let me tell you Stefano, “Funky Cold Medina” would have been better than your boring song choice of “If You Don’t Know me by Now.” Last week he rocked Fresh Prince’s high tops, this week he was dressed like Carlton. He should have sung: “Look Away” by Chicago or “Waiting for a Star to Fall.” Dissing on 1989.So wrong.

Pia-1988. The year where you were able to pick a vacation destination based on the Beach Boys Cocktail song. What she sang: “Where Do Broken Hearts Go.” What she should have sung, “The Flame” or “Could’ve Been.” Listening to her and her parents talk makes me homesick. Those aren’t accents to me. Her earrings and voice were amazing. Her jumpsuit-not so much.

Scotty-1993. What he sang, “Can’t Trust You With my Heart.” What he should have sung: “Rump Shaker.” Joking. “Bed of Roses.” I think in this instance, even though he is not Jon Bon Jovi, his voice would have been cool on that particular song.

Karen-1989 What she sang: “Love Will Lead you Back.” What she should have sung: “If I Could Turn Back Time” or “Like a Prayer.” What she wished she could have sang: a J-Lo or Selena song if they were chart topping it in 1989. Steven brought in the best phrase tonight. He told her he likes her, “ethnic what-it-is-ness.” That was an original.

Casey- 1991 DRUMS PLEASE! (You’re totally singing “Summertime” now right)? From the year that brought you “Rico Sauve,” Marky Mark and the hippest acronym “O.P.P.” Casey sang, “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” What he should have sung: “Right Here Right Now.” When this song came out and the Seattle scene exploded faster than Brad and Emily’s engagement, there was no or what have you. (or cell phones…or caller ID…) I had no earthly idea what Kurt Cobain was saying, but it was the most raved about song and the video was played on a loop on MTV (when MTV had music). I went to Record World in the Walt Whitman Mall and bought my cassette and the CD (in it’s long non-Earth friendly cardboard box) with the naked baby swimming after a dollar and played it over and over until “my mosquito” sounded cool and not strange. Somewhere during this performance tonight, Kurt rolled over in his grave. I love me some Casey, but seriously Seth Rogen cannot do a good Kurt Cobain impression.

Lauren-1994. What she sang “I’m the Only One.” What she should have sung, “Stay” by Lisa Loeb or “Come to my Window.” I think that was a stronger Melissa Ethridge song. This was also the year Nate Dogg (R.I.P. was calling for the REGULATORS)!

Jacob- 1987. It would have been cool if Jacob sang, “Jacob’s Ladder.” But alas, he sung “Alone.” Not the greatest choice. From the year we were fighting for our right to party, living on prayer and walking like an Egyptian (so as not to disturb Luka on the second floor), Jacob could have sung, “When Smokey Sings” or think about this one “Head to Toe.” I think he could have covered Lisa Lisa.

Going home? Haley.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Soccer Mom to Mom’s Sanctuary

Preston started soccer.  I never thought Preston would play soccer.  No one in my family ever played the sport.  Being from Long Island, more kids tended to play baseball or softball.  So I have ventured into new territory-as did my mother who took Pres to his first practice with shin guards over the pants.  How did we know?  I was going to sign him up for T-ball.  We went to sign up on the wrong day.  The night before I was to sign him up the following conversation took place at the dinner table.

Pres: I don’t want to play baseball.

Me: (dumbfounded) But why?

Pres: I’m not going to hit the ball that far.  I want to play soccer.

Me: Honey, some of the kids will have longer legs and they will run faster.  

Pres: Ok. I’ll play baseball (sigh) 

PAUSE for approximately 10 seconds.

Pres: You know what mom?  I CAN run fast.  I am a really fast kid.  I can run. I’m playing soccer.

It was in that moment that I learned a lesson from my five year old.  That nothing is impossible.  That you can do anything you want-it may be slightly harder, but you can do it.  I wasn’t trying to discourage.  I just felt that with his legs being shorter (because he is right, he’s fast) he’d have a harder time keeping up.  Today was the first game. He had the world’s biggest smile on his face.  He played hard and laughed and cheered. The only pitfall was he was hit in the nether regions once by the ball.  He did get tired by the last quarter.  Here are some pics:









Next week I’m snack mommy.  We also started the morning at Lowe’s.  In honor of March Madness, the kids made a basketball hoop.  We met up with Lisa and her son again today!



I also want to share pics of my room.  I still need artwork for my walls and I’m thinking a small chair for in between my two windows.  Katie and Charlie painted the room and bathroom.  I have a great garden tub in my bathroom too! In my apartment in New York, Preston only had a half bath.  While living with my mom and dad Preston and I shared the Jack and Jill bath.  It is so nice taking a bath with no bath toys!!!  I am so in love with my room! 






Wednesday, March 9, 2011

American Idol-Top 13

I truly thought that the exit of Simon would be the death of this show.  Who would have expected the exact opposite? I absolutely LOVE this season so far. People who have not been faithful watchers have returned.  To those that have followed my blog the past three seasons know how devastated I am over the exit of Kara as well.  We have had the emergence of the new judges.  Steven Tyler, who is still a fine piece of ass, despite as one of my friends on Facebook has claimed, “he is 136 years old.”  The emergence of Steven also means a lot more Aerosmith getting air time on XM’s 90s on 9-an added bonus to hear “Love in an Elevator” on the way to work. Jennifer Lopez looks amazing.  Seriously?  What is her secret?  She’s super hot. One of Mel’s fellow bridesmaids Lauren and I truly need to hire her make up artist for the wedding.  My dog Randy is the veteran, even though his cardigan tonight looked like seagulls crapped all over him.  Since there are 13 contestants let’s get right into it:

1) Lauren-She was my favorite coming into tonight but her performance really fell flat.  I’d never heard that Shania song, but the way Lauren sang it I could easily picture her singing at a State Fair on a stage in between the blue ribbon pie off  tent and the pig races. Shout out to my girl Cat for saying she looks like a young Candace Cameron! That is spot on!

2) Casey-I mean is there anything cooler than bizzarro Seth Rogen singing the theme from The Wonder Years?  I think not.  I also love that Casey is sporting the overgrown beard as if it is Week 12 of the NFL season and he is afraid if he shaves he’ll jinx the winning streak of his team.  Love this guy. He is a true performer.  Besides I have a ton of respect for a musician who brings a bass on stage to perform during Hollywood Week.

3) Ashton-I truly believe listening to a cat get slaughtered would have been less painful than listening to Ashton butcher Diana Ross.  Tonight was another time when I thought I was watching a different show because the judges were all about her, even saying she’s “growing as a singer.” Growing how exactly?  In suckiness quotient?

4) Paul- I like the sound of this guy’s voice.  It’s a tad James Blunt-ish.  On a totally unrelated to singing note, it is rumored that Paul spent $4500 on his Axl Rose “Paradise City” inspired white leather suit he wore during Hollywood week. I can think of something way better to spend $4500 (plus $500) on…like a Birkin bag. Jeez Paul. Priorities.

5) Pia-Wins for hottest shoes of the night.  If anyone can tell me whose they were, please dish because they will be the ones I wear to Mel’s wedding.  I am so excited she sang “All By Myself.”  That is one of those songs I sing…all by myself…in the car…loudly.  I sing all by myself because the aforementioned cat slaughtering and Ashton’s performance would be more pleasant to listen to than moi. 

6) James-  I want to like James.  Because on Facebook loves James. (I stalk you all to see what you say in re Idol by the way).  I think he has a great voice.  There is just something about him that makes me not love him.  My friend Karen is so in love with him I can feel that energy from her home in Maine.  To me he is an un-glammed Adam Lambert.  But yet not as good. I have to say I did love the George Michael inspired cross earring he was “Faith”fully rocking.  Especially on Ash Wednesday.

7) Haley-I loved her earrings and her dress.  My brother Chris just texted me from Arizona that he has a thing for Haley.  Not sure if my sister in law knows this-or if she cares.  I didn’t think she was boring.  It was a nice enough performance.  Her hair was a little too “prom-ish” however.  I’d post a picture of the hair I had at prom, but that would require me scanning a picture and that’s just too much at this EST hour. I don’t think she’ll stick around because I feel her personality is akin to a dish rag.

8) Jacob-Jacob’s Idol is R. Kelly.  Because clearly a person indicted for a sex scandal involving underage girls is the way to go in terms of looking up to someone.  I personally think Jacob is not good.  He may be “bouncing on 24’s” out of this competition in a few weeks.

9) Thia Megia- We all laughed when Adam Sandler said, “Her name’s gonna be Julia Goolia?”  because it was that ridiculous.  Thia is like a character from a Miley Cyrus-esque Disney show.  Certainly no one in their right mind is going to a Thia Megia concert right?  She has a pretty voice, I’ll give her that, but she doesn’t strike me as Idol. And where in Heaven’s name is this girl sounding like Michael Jackson.  My friend Matt stated and I will quote because it’s that good, “That was horrid. Somewhere Michael Jackson rolled over in his grave and yacked.” Followed up by my friend Tara’s, “I think that was the last time we will hear Thia Megia.”  The only thing that made me quickly forget Thia’s performance was the commercial I did not fast forward through for Bradley Cooper’s new movie. Because Bradley Cooper just may be the hottest man alive.

10) Stefano-Came out rocking the Fresh Prince of Bel Air high-tops and the Danny Zucco inspired jacket.  Took Stevie’s song and added a nice ‘Pump up the Jam Beat” or for my fellow New Yorkers-he “KTU’ed” the song.  KTU is one of those hyper dance stations with djs named Goomba Johnny who take any song and turn it into a club masterpiece.  Seriously.  They can take ‘Imagine” and pump it up. 

11) Karen-Selina still has a stalker.  Do you think Karen was giving Jennifer the eye like, “Bitch, I can sing this better than you.”  And Jennifer kind of let her know that she was a bit “off” on some of her notes.  You know Jen’s thinking, ‘Bitch, I sing it better AND I was in the movie.”

12) Scotty-When I hear Scotty sing I like to close my eyes and pretend it’s not some 16 year old singing, but some hot cowboy Brett Michaels look alike, leaning against a rusty pick up truck with a guitar and a three legged dog at his heels.  You have to hand it to this kid, that is some amazing voice.  Even if you are not a country fan you have to give him props.

13) Naima- Watching Naima dance was like watching a combination of myself trying to Zumba and Elaine Benis’ dance from Seinfeld.  It was that awful.  I did not think the Rhianna song was a good idea.  It did not fit Naima’s voice.  She did much better in Hollywood Week.

My picks to go: It’s a toss up between Thia, Ashton and Haley.


I’d LOVE your thoughts!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It’s Up to You New York, New York

This past weekend was one of our 24 hour turnaround trips to NY.  Saturday we were up and rolling by 5:30.  We were off to Aunt Melski’s for a luncheon. I had yet to see Mel’s engagement ring (*gorgeous), was going to meet Tara and Teri, two other bridesmaids and their kids (*also gorgeous) and tried on my bridesmaid dress (*totally in love with)!  After lunch we took the kids to the park to play.  Preston was totally enamored with Jackson and Matison.  He was so protective of Jackson, he held his hand around the entire pond.  So incredibly cute.  Pictures at the wedding with be cuteness overload!





Later that day I took Preston to Little Vinny’s.  This was a pizzeria that I frequented many a times in high school.  The pizza is still ridiculously amazing!  I took these pictures of Pres with my BlackBerry.

img00740-20110305-1900[1] (2)

img00748-20110305-1907[1] (2)

Then it was off to Aunt Tinka and Uncle Steve’s.  On Sunday morning they started the morning with the cartoon movie of Transformers.  Steve and I could not stop laughing since the opening scene stated the year was 2005.  Pretty ambitious in 1986 thinking robots in disguise would be inheriting Earth. I include this picture because my sister looks hot in her snowflake pants and tie dye Billy Joel shirt which may be from 1986.


Tinka and Steve took Pres to Chuck E. Cheese while I went to NYC to have breakfast (*read real bagels) with my friend Josh.  Then later in the day a family brunch at Maureen’s Kitchen!



And last-we waited 30 minutes for gas in New Jersey. One because it was $3.25 and two because they pump it for me and three it was raining.  So I figured let’s whip out the camera!


Idol blog starts tomorrow!!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pictures and Dancing

Katie came down this weekend.  Which was great timing since Friday morning Pres got his third set of ear tubes.  The doctor gave me his old set to show him.  They are so tiny!  He had a slight hole in his right ear drum.  He was not a happy camper with the anesthesia and cried for a solid two and half hours.  The cries were half pain and half, “Get these new tubes out! I hate them!” After a nap though he was good to go.  We picked up PaPa and Tinka from the airport and it was off to Yamato for dinner.  Preston and Tinka shared a love for Cadbury crème eggs afterwards:



Saturday morning my mother and I had the fun task of waiting for Fios to set up my phone and internet (grrrrr) [thankful for DirecTV] so Tinka and PaPa took Pres to Lowe’s Build and Grow.  They built a racecar!





Above is Tinka and Preston doing “SCIENCE!” If you recall Katie taught him the chart topping, “She Blinded Me with Science!” Later on Pres and Tinka played with all his cars.



Sunday it was off to the mall to buy Preston all his soccer gear.  It’s kind of funny because I’m so not a soccer mom and as much as I LOVE sports, I hate soccer.  So standing in Dick’s like well….I have no idea about shin guards and apparently there are different sized soccer balls.  Whatever.  All I know is his cleats are pretty darn cute and he did amazing today at his first practice according to Grandma!


While waiting for Katie to pick out running shoes Preston wanted to take pictures together. 




Don;t you just want to eat him?  And no weekend is complete without a dance a thon! Pres totally joined in on the action and showing us his amazing achon double-jointed moves: ENJOY!