Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Lot to Catch up On!

I am so happy you all enjoyed Preston’s concert. I have not updated on what has been going on around here. The past two days I have tried again to figure out Facebook’s new layout (dammit can’t they leave well enough alone) and change the 250 friend option to like 5000 so this way I can read the status updates of everyone.  I love how Facebook has taken the liberty to try to choose who I would like to read about and even suggested that I should write on my mom’s wall to “reconnect” with her.  I was sitting in the library-she was in the den.  Pretty sure if I needed to reconnect I could just say “Mom!” The only good thing is blocking Mafia Wars and Farmville.  No offense, but I don’t have pink elephants to give.  (And you guys all know there are no such thing as a pink elephant and even if there was a pink elephant it would not go on a farm). I digress.  Last weekend was so damn cold for October.  But Preston insisted on going out to fetch the paper:


We had to run into Pier 1 and Preston thought this mask was cool:


Sunday was another blustery, miserable day, so we drove into Richmond to take Preston to Bottoms Up Pizza.  It was one of the first restaurants Preston ever went to in Richmond.  It is located right next to the train trestles so you can imagine the excitement.


Friday we went to Hopkins for his annual appointment with Dr. Ain.  We spent about ten minutes talking New York sports with Dr. Ain first (he is from Long Island and a big Yanks fan too).  Preston was told he looks like “a million bucks.”  Then it was up to Dr. Tunkel in the ENT department.  Preston needs a new set of tubes as the right one finally has fallen out after almost two years and a sleep study.  This aggravates me because the tonsils are huge and need to come out and now I have to do a sleep study which should be miserable with an almost four year old.  But we will try to get this done within a few weeks so I can schedule the surgery hopefully right after the holidays.  I really am concerned about the tube because there is fluid already in the ear and I cannot deal with ear infections and the rounds of antibiotics.  I may ask Tunkel if we can go ahead and get the tubes here in VA.  The anesthesia for tubes will not affect his neck.  I’d like to get that done ASAP.  Here is Preston before taking off for Baltimore:



In his gown after x-rays with Dr. Ain’s team:


Waiting for Dr. Tunkel:


Yesterday was his fall festival at school.  I would post more about it but it will have to wait mid week as the Yankees and Giants are playing in five minutes.  Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Monday, October 19, 2009

After a Tough Loss...A Preston Pick Me Up

Like Seamus, Preston is in love with the Black Eyed Peas. He saw them on Oprah when 21,000 people danced to "I Gotta Feeling." I told him that Seamus' favorite part of the song was "Mazel Tov" so now he will yell that part-a kiddie shout-out to his friend, if you would. He is so excited there is a new Direct TV commercial where he will tell you Fergie and Will I. Am are on TV. I think he has a mini crush on Fergie. Here he is singing his favorite part of the song:

And he also shows his love for Bon Jovi. Watch how funny it is when he forgets the words!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Weekend of Fun with a Chance of Meatballs

What a weekend.  My family was out in San Diego because my cousin Sarah was getting married.  I am bummed that I missed it, but since Preston’s behavior at his own aunt’s wedding was pretty deplorable, there was nothing appealing about a day each way traveling with him on a plane.  So we had another fun filled weekend on our own.  Friday, to celebrate my new job offer and the fact that the child support hearing went fabulously in my favor, I took Preston to McDonalds.  Of course there was one hitch-the toy in the Happy Meal was not the one he wanted.  The bat was not as cool as the dragon with two heads so there was a slight meltdown.  There should be one girl toy, one boy toy, because that piece of s#$% five cent plastic toy causes a lot of problems.  You did not see me carrying on in McDonalds because my large fry did not carry the Reading Railroad Monopoly piece so I could win $500 did you? 

Saturday we went for a walk with the neighborhood kids and then it was off to Preston’s first movie theater experience to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.   He was extremely excited.  The only hitch was the seats in the theater need at least 45 pounds to keep them from folding back up so I had to put my pocketbook on the back of the seat.  Lucky for Preston my backpack is about 15 pounds because I carry everything in it.  He made it through the previews (which I am happy about because now he is excited to see Where the Wild Things Are) and then conked out ten minutes into the movie.  I woke him up about 35 minutes later and he watched the rest. After the movie we met up with Sam, Jordana and Baby Maddy for dinner. 


Today we woke up and had breakfast together, then went grocery shopping, then had lunch together.  We also made Halloween cupcakes together with Preston doing the majority of the work!


Hey it fits!  Maybe a new fall fashion!


Tasting the batter-which he was allowed just for one beater since there is raw egg!


With the cake decorations.  He picked sugared bats and spooky eyes!


And every good baker needs to try out his goodies!

Last but not least here is a picture of Preston with his Halloween card from Aunt Tinka and Uncle Steve…with a little monetary surprise inside!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mr. Cool and You've Been Boo'D!

Preston is Mr. Joe Cool, the cat's meow, etc. with his new backpack. My mother found a totally Preston-sized backpack at JFK Airport last week. It is also very appropriate for our post-season madness that is going on here. As soon as Preston saw this he immediately put his toys in the bag and wore it all night. Now it comes to school everyday and he brings his blanket for naptime back and forth just to have something to put in the bag. I get a little teary seeing him with the backpack. As you know, we are approaching Halloween, the day that started the roller coaster that I entitle "Let's Just tell a Very Pregnant Woman her Baby will Die." And here he is, with his backpack. In school. Learning so much.

Last week I was informed by him that "a continent is a body of land surrounded by water." I almost passed out when he said that! He went on to tell me there are seven continents and I taught him there are four oceans as well. This week he is learning about icebergs and told me when ice and snow melt they become water. I am thinking of printing out this post and sending it to Columbia Presbyterian to those nice doctors who completely misdiagnosed him. A-holes.

So without further ado-here is Pres and his backpack!
And for you girls---I thought this was so cool. Preston was boo'd today! In our neighborhood someone left a pumpkin filled with treats on our doorstep. He got candy and a book and Teddy Grahams! He was so beyond excited. You don't know who leaves it for you but then you have to fill up two pumpkins and leave it on other kids' doorsteps. Once you have been boo'd you hang a sign on your door. We filled our pumpkins with a bunch of great stuff from Target-Halloween pencils, stickers, bubbles, fruit snacks, candy bars, ring pops. We are so exciting to boo our neighbors. I thought that if anyone wants to try here are the two sheets that came with our pumpkin (so you would need two copies of each per pumpkin)