Sunday, May 31, 2009

Because Chris Thinks I am an Ingrate…

We had a really nice weekend. The silver lining of my ex in town was realized-an afternoon off. And as I said on Facebook, it is very nice to go shopping, without a stroller, five packages of fruit snacks, three toys and the constant, "Pres do you have to go to the bathroom?" which he does but of course waits until the very last possible second to tell me while he is dancing as if he is on hot coals wincing in that high pitched voice, "Pee pee-I have to go pee pee Mommy."

But first yesterday he needed a haircut-


He had been going to Divas n' Dudes down here, but seriously I'd spend $15 dollars for him to sit in a spaceship, watch Thomas on a DVD player smaller than my wallet and have his hair butchered by very nice old ladies who I am sure are wonderful grandmothers but I highly doubt have a cosmetology license. So back to the salon and almost $30 later and it looks so much better! (No more Dumb&Dumber haircuts right Katie???) We then went to the grocery store and much to our surprise the Chesterfield Fire Department was in the parking lot with a BIG FIRETRUCK! Obviously this was way more exciting than the free cookie from the bakery department.



This put him in a great mood. Thankfully there was also one of the TWO truck shopping carts available so we avoided a meltdown. Whatever bright light thought up this idea should be shot. I mean there are about 40 kids in a grocery store at any given time and two truck carts. If there is not one available Preston can wake the dead with his wails. I have actually heard him yelling at the lucky sprite that got the cart before him-he actually has said “That is mine. You took my cart.” I try to assure him it is not ours because last time I checked there was no aluminum grocery cart in the garage. And I hate the truck carts. They fit like a bag of lettuce and I cannot steer them through the aisles. I usually skip every other aisle because I need to swing the damn thing 90 degrees. Stupid truck shaped shopping carts.

Today we headed off to Short Pump Mall for Preston to ride on the train. He even wore his special shirt that Aunt Anna made for him. My brother felt I was an ingrate since I did not dress Preston in the shirt thus far this summer but white shirts can only be worn on weekends were I can supervise dirt consumption. If he wore white to daycare it would be beige. He even got compliments from other parents in line that he was appropriately dressed. Here is Preston at the reverse height stand-you must be under this height to be allowed in the train village. I think he will be ok for quite some time….like until his 7th birthday!


After Grandma bought him some hot pretzel sticks! He also got a few new outfits to don at the convention!



And tomorrow is a big day. Preston is moving from Preschool 1 to Preschool 2! Yay! He has been in there a couple of days this week. What did he learn-that the word poop is funny to interject into every song! Lovely! Can all of you going to NYC let me know what it is you may want to see Sunday and Monday and I’ll try to get an itinerary going? Is everyone just meeting on Saturday the 4th at the hotel? Can’t wait!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Just Some Random Cuteness

I was lazy last week and did not do a blog update.  Nothing too exciting going on, unless you count the 24 hour bug that has hit Preston which kind of pisses me off a little.  He has not been sick in months and now, on a beautiful holiday weekend we are wasting this day indoors.  He is napping right now poor little bugger.  I am sure by tomorrow morning he will be 100%.  A little annoying that his haircut has to wait one more week and his hair is almost to the point of uncontrollable, but he needs his rest.  He has been chugging Gatorade so that’s a good sign.

I would also like to wish a Happy Anniversary to my Mom and Dad today (33 years) and Chris and Anna (1 year).   So here are some recent pics of the dude:


Preston is having a lot of fun lately learning that his body allows him to do splits and other various tricks.  There is a lot of me saying, “Please don’t do that, I’d prefer if you don’t twist your entire body almost 180 degrees.”


He loves this shirt.  I do believe Trace has this one as well.  Notice the matching Converse.  


Whose cute?


Here are Preston and Maddie together.  Last weekend we took the kiddos out to lunch at Red Robin and then to the Gymboree sale. (Ok fine, Jordana and I only cared about the Gymboree sale).

IMG_8339 IMG_8340

Enjoy your long weekend everyone!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I am here-no Ireland this year. Aren't you so excited that I can report on the finale? It's OK, get excited. Just for Lisa though-I did get your comment about my thoughts on the Grey's finale-loved it. I did not see the twist coming at all, although my friend Mel did-how I have no clue because I thought they did a great job with the writing. I am sad I have an entire summer without McDreamy. God he is so hot! OK....

Well it was the typical season finale three round showdown, this time between Kris and Adam. Let's first talk fashion. Randy decided to channel his inner homeless man or closed his eyes and randomly selected items from his closet to come up with a polka dotted red and black tie with a purple gingham shirt and brown and pink jacket. DiaGuardi could be wearing a burlap sack and I really could care less, Paula's shirt was so awesome I will spend a lot of time on Google to try to purchase one similar although I am pretty sure it probably cost a week's salary and Simon apparently thinks he is Tony Daviloni and wore his Dancing with the Stars outfit. We even panned to the kicked off contestants who show up for the finale to show Gokey donning a Fruit of the Loom t-shirt.

Round 1 began with Adam singing "Mad World." I did not get to see Adam perform this the first time around due to the DVR malfunction of shutting off when a program runs long-damn you DVR. OK, get ready Bobbi-I liked his performance. I write notes during the show to bring you this entertaining weekly masterpiece and I had written down that I could have done without the Phantom of the Opera fog machine and cape-so Simon and I shared a brain on that one. Adam sounded great because he did not screech/scream/break mirrors/scare small children and/or animals in this performance.

Kris sang "Ain't no Sunshine." Did you see the family portrait when Kris was like eight? He still looks the same. Always looks the same. He should battle Ryan for Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin Eve because I think at 90 Kris will look the same. I like his voice but my friend Sam is right-you can hear a lot of Kris-types in college coffee shops all over-but in the same vein, he is very current, very Jason Mraz-ish.

Round 2. I hated both songs picked for both contestants. I was kind of bored. I noticed during this perfroamnce Adam got a sweet manicure for the finale. The comments for "Change is Gonna Come" annoyed me more than the song. When Randy says, "You can sing your face off" to Adam, I agree. You ever notice those very freaky tongue movements? I swear his tongue is coming right out of his mouth. Or is going to grow out of his mouth like in the ending scene of Howard the Duck with that freaky actor who was the principal in Ferris Bueller. Then DiaGuardi says it was his best performance....ever. Which she has said every....single...week. Then Paula called him "iconic" which I believe she also said to Justin Gaurini...exactly. Then they told Kris they did not like the song choice-tell Simon Fuller. He didn't pick that song!

The third round featured DiaGuardi's artistry-her song sung by the finalists. Adam who had more changes of wardrobe than Cher, donned his snakeskin pants which made me feel as fat as I do when I watch DWTS, yet I continued to shove M&Ms down my throat. I thought Kris sounded better because the song was more geared for Top 40 airplay.

I have to say I really don't have too much of a care who wins-I'd like to see Kris because he is the underdog and I honestly need to stop hearing Adam screech. I am not so strongly attached to a contestant like I was Kelly Clarkson or Clay Aiken...or hot Michael Johns. I really liked Danny the best. I am looking forward to the star studded finale-Ryan said to set your DVRs to tape longer. It's been a great season. I really enjoyed blogging about it again. Thank you all for your fun comments, even the Dan Fogelberg fans kept it real. Kim from Season 8-Out!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I am actually glad we have cut down this year on all the hoopla that surrounds hometown week. I mean normally it's ten minutes each contestant in their hometown and it's all the same: they deplane as if they are the Beatles coming to America for the first time, they get in a limo and drive to their old high school and there are 900 people outside (even those people that were stuffing them in a locker ten weeks ago), all the fans have homemade banners on fluorescent paper, they have a pep rally, the cheerleaders kiss them (even though ten weeks ago a cheerleader would never have considered going to second base with said contestant), they see their family, the mayor gives them a big plastic key from the local dollar store and they pet their dog...whatever. And usually the contestants come from a town that is one step above poverty level. I think this might be a set created by the producers. I was worried what they would do if Anoop won since it was obvious Anoop's parents were very well off. Can't have Anoop pulling up to his Chapel Hill mansion. No but seriously, you'll see the Idol walking around some depressed "downtown" area with some boarded up stores, one drugstore with a lone gas pump outside, they live on a farm always, you see them with a slop bucket in hand talking about growing up 300 miles from your next neighbor. Then someone on the set cues the tumbleweed.

But one tradition continued-the tradition that proves to me American Idol thinks America is beyond stupid (which I slightly agree with but moving on)-the "random" text to the contestant to tell them what song they are singing. I mean really. Danny and Adam acting like it is some big surprise that they are getting a text message from the judges. Haven't they watched the hometown show seven prior seasons? This is no surprise. They even got really savvy this year and made Kris get a new phone. First off, how can they give Kris a new phone? They legally cannot sign Kris up for a new phone and phone service. This would be identity theft if they did. They can't just be like-here's your new phone. We signed you up for the Say Anything plan, hope that works for you! We even picked your Fab Five. You get unlimited data so go check that "random" text from Randy.

Anyway no Randy-ism tonight-just a shout out to Mel for thinking she sported the same glasses as Randy in sixth grade. I would like to point out to her they were brown...and Sally Jesse Raphael. And I have pictures. They went great with your side ponytail.

Danny started off with "Dance Little Sister." (DANCE KATIE). I thought it was a horrible song choice. Partly because it is never good to have never heard the song and since it is not IPod worthy in my opinion, I thought it was not the song for Danny. Of course DiaGuardi (who ranks up there with my ex husband right now) had to make the relevant comment about Danny's dancing. Paula basically beotch-slapped her and said Danny danced great. He could have mimicked Elaine on Seinfeld and Paula would have complimented him.

Kris-I love that song. Although to make it authentic Kris should have called Timbaland (on his new savvy phone of course) to sing back up. Because every song in the world features Timbaland. I love how Simon beotch-slapped DiaGuardi because Kris did what One Republic did, he sat behind the piano. This was the point where I started calculating how much I would owe my mom for breaking her TV because throwing the remote would be so satisfying.

Adam-I just thought this was terrible. That song is so inherently Bono and Adam bottom line butchered "One." I mean Mary J did Bono proud. That was God awful.

Then we had the Africa segment which annoyed me because Idol had no right cutting out the "Idol Gives Back" show. It is evident that many parts of this country as well as those abroad need help and that was a dumb decision to cut that show. It puts things in perspective-like how vile it really is that my son has 14 pairs of summer shoes and that little baby was crawling on a disease laden ground.

Round 2:
I think Danny did "You Are So Beautiful" great! I did however think a better song choice would have been "Up Where We Belong" or Bob Seger's "We've Got Tonight." I think I want to be a judge next year.

Kris does Kanye. Props to Kris. Like seriously. That was so awesome. I personally think it was the BEST performance of the night because it was original and showed true talent. I like most people thought Kris was a goner. Now dare I say, Kris could win this thing?

Adam sang "Screaming." I mean "Cryin'." What's with the weird tongue movements? Notice that Adam almost always sings last? And the judges need to realize only two can go on to next week since they all told all three they would be in the finals. No guys, three people would be tonight all over again. Then again Taylor Hicks won this show. Well see you in the finals. I cannot guess but part of me thinks Kris is moving on. At least I am not missing the final this year (had to stick that in Christopher-love you and Anna and Happy Anniversary a few weeks early)!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother’s Day Weekend

Well, this Friday was Mother’s Day breakfast at school. My mother and I both went, but I was a little bit disappointed. A lot of moms did not come and I felt that his celebration at his old school last year was much more put together. He was satisfied that we came though and ate in the big kids room. He even showed us his favorite thing there-the easel:IMG_8221

Saturday my mother and I participated in the Susan G. Komen 5K Run/Walk in Richmond. It was really a wonderful cause and our development had a team complete with team shirts and all. Of course this race also smacked me in the face of how out of shape I really am and therefore instead of just lying on the couch and not moving until the pain subsided, I walked another two miles this morning with my family pushing Preston (who is no lightweight). So now I cannot feel my legs, but it has taught me that walking from my desk to the coffeepot at work is not exercise and if I just try I can stop feeling like a Mac Truck hits me when I slightly exert myself (like getting four cups of coffee). I also did some errands yesterday because I utterly refused to go grocery shopping on Mother’s Day! Oh wait! I cannot forget the highlight of the weekend-supervising the visit with my ex husband. This sucks so badly. Preston won’t sit with him alone so until Preston regains trust in him (possibly never), this will be what I have to do. It is so beyond annoying sitting across from a person who hurt not only me but my son. And who whips out the bank card to pay for a lousy $8 kids meal at Friendly’s but has not contributed to Preston’s well being in months. Moving on….


Today was Mommy’s Day! Preston surprised me with a bag full of goodies including make up, hair accessories, nail polish, flip flops, a beautiful photo album, bath gels/cream/body spray and two cards (oh wait-three-the homemade one with his hand print on it-I wonder if the teacher’s even put his name on it since it is blatantly obvious who that hand print belongs to). Then we had a big breakfast, took our walk and drove to Williamsburg for the day. My best present?? Preston did not fight me on getting one pair of sandals. Yay! He can still wear Crocs to school (at his own risk). Apparently the kids are falling in them. Preston always falls. Footwear is not the reason. LOL! Hope everyone had a Happy Mother’s DAY!!!!! IMG_8239

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Rock night. Oh My God! So when I found out it was Slash as the mentor, I was truly super excited. I was the BIGGEST GN'R fan ever. (Ask Mel and Cheryl if you don't believe me). I truly lived, ate, breathed, slept, GN'R. Posters all over my wall (which totally pissed off my mom since it was going to rip the wallpaper) and the door to my bedroom (also pissing off my mom because really Axl did not go with the motif of the rest of the house). I know every word to every song, even those truly explicit ones that got my cassette tapes confiscated by my parents (don't worry I bought other ones). I remember begging to go see them play with Metallica. I was told "no." I mean looking back, I get it, I was all of 14, but they were rock GODS! So you can understand that when my friend Mary Beth tells me she is taking me to see Duff's new band Loaded and perhaps I can meet Duff himself, I get a tad giddy. And did you see Slash in the audience rocking a newsboy cap? Love it!

Well we found out that the Idol stage went through technical problems. I wish the tower had collapsed on DiaGuardi because she honestly almost made me throw a remote at my mother's beautiful plasma TV. The only thing holding me back was the thought of paying for said TV. Every time she would enunciate a syllable I wanted to punch the couch. We also were introduced to the judges and I realized Randy's shirt got into a serious fight with the Bedazzler.

Adam: OK I will give him props. He rocked the Led Zepplin song. He did a great job. I think DiaGuardi calling him a God was a bit much considering he has a long way to go before being allowed in the same circle as Slash. (Wait I just have to pause because Derek was kicked off Dancing with the Stars and Jewel's husband who has the personality of dirt, is still on). OK, moving on.

Allison: Was she even born when "Appetite for Destruction" was released? Anyway I think she did amazing too. Honestly I am glad her and Adam were paired for a duet because they are the rockers of the group and really did a fabulous job on the duet. I thought she did great with the song. Once again you have DiaGuardi knocking her down only to have Paula tell her she was great. I want a DiaGuardi v. Abdul smackdown.

Then we had an intermission of Kris and Danny singing Styx. I like "Renegade" but would have loved them to do "Come Sail Away" for purely personal reasons that only Katie understands.

Kris: Kris is like a Ken doll. He always looks the same, same hair, same style, same smile, just every week they put on different clothes depending on the genre-denim jacket, leather jacket, chambray shirt. He just always looks the same. It really did not matter what Kris sang tonight because he is going anyway. It just is inevitable. If I was in Kris' position I would have picked "Yellow Submarine" over "Come Together" just to be annoying. Although I thought it was cute when he said he almost peed his pants when he met Slash.

Danny: I did not think it was bad at all. Granted, rock is not really Danny's genre, but I think they were a little too harsh. Wedding band back on. The best comment of the night from DiaGuardi, "Would have loved to see you do early Aerosmith, like "Crazy" or "Cryin'" Ummmmm......I would think that early Aerosmith would encompass "Janie got a Gun" or "Love in an Elevator." That's just me. Didn't think songs from videos starring Alicia Silverstone were considered early Aerosmith.

The only criticism I have for the Adam/Allison duet-OK two actually, is Adam must stop wearing leggings and for the love of everything good, why was Allison donning Doc Martins? Meanwhile when they were in style she was in Stride Rite.

So Kris is BYE BYE! Then to be honest, I am stumped on the final. I think Allison can pull it out. Let's see what next week brings!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our Weekend with Cousin Caitlin

This weekend kicked off when I got off the plane from Arkansas. No offense to Arkansas but I never felt more like a fish out of water. I am Catholic, but have never seen a billboard that just said JESUS. Anyway, my cousin Caitlin came down to spend the weekend with us. Saturday we took Preston to the berry farm to go strawberry picking. My mom definitely had a good time picking strawberries and ended up with about 12 pounds. They were the most beautiful, huge, red strawberries I have ever seen. I would love to know where the Driscoll farm is because those berries that I buy in the grocery store are seriously pathetic. We ended up giving many in the neighborhood bowls of strawberries. It was a lot of fun. Mom picked some winners. We have been eating strawberries all weekend. Here are some pics:This weekend also marked PaPa starting in his garden. Here is Preston wanting to help out. I promised him next weekend he can use his new hoe (joke never gets old people).
Today we celebrated my birthday a day early-that is after my real birthday present-my ex moving back to town. I have so many mixed feelings-I am totally indifferent to him-personally I can care less what he does and where he does it, but I get pissy when I think of how Preston is thrown into this mix. We met him at Target so he can start getting items for Preston for his apartment; Preston was receptive, but Mommy still was not to be out of sight for that long and he had no reservations about coming back into the car at the end of the visit. I just know that somehow this won't work out. That he will ingrain himself into Preston's life and leave again. Not to mention the thousands in back support he owes. The only good thing is he has now availed himself to the jurisdiction of Virginia so.....Enough wasting time on that subject.
I got very nice gifts-beautiful earrings and clothes from my parents and Pres got me earrings and flip flops. I also got some cash to buy myself-not Preston, more clothes. My cousin made me a beautiful collage with pictures of Preston and I together which of course made me cry. I will be hanging in my office. She is so creative! Then we went to dinner at a great Italian place. A big Happy Birthday to my birthday buddy Marrah (kind of amazing we share a birthday-which was so much fun when we were in college) and to Mike Mallison!