Monday, August 30, 2010

Rudolph Loves Trains

Huh? I picked Preston up from school on Friday and this is what his nose looked like:


The teachers had no idea how this happened. Preston had no idea how this happened. Regardless of my deposition style tactics, Preston kept insisting he did not fall. But he had the day before on the playground. The scrape must not have started to scab for a whole day. Everyone had been scratching their heads! Silly boy. He looked in the mirror on Saturday and proclaimed, “Ohhhh I don’t like this cut on my nose. It’s annoying me!” Can we say vain? Perhaps slowing down on the bicycles is the answer for no more annoying scrapes.

I include this picture below because I snapped it while Pres was playing with Play Doh. He just looks so handsome.

Saturday morning we spent some time outside. I had to laugh because we had one cool (*read 83) degree day and everyone kept saying how fall was coming. Now, it was 97 degrees today. It may be September on Wednesday, but fall is not coming. It’s not coming any time soon. Which is fine with me because I am STILL taking tags off of summer clothes.


Saturday night we went out to dinner with the Kaufmans. Preston has now decided that Maddy is no longer Baby Maddy, but big girl Maddy.


Sunday was a big day for Preston. He was invited to his friend Jack’s birthday party. Jack has left the school but Preston was still invited. They had a piƱata, a magician and of course cake, ice cream, hot dogs and pb&j sandwiches!


Waiting for the magic show.


Cake and ice cream!

My hair dresser, Jesse, who has become a good friend of mine, invited us all over on Sunday to her parents’ home. Her father is a collector of Lionel trains and has an entire room devoted to trains. My father, being a collector too might have been more excited than Preston. Preston was thrilled to get to see all the trains!




Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Preston is Really a Big Boy

I had to do it.  I broke down.  My child is almost five. One thing that we LP parents know is to treat your child like their age, not their size.  Achon kids have average size torsos, so height requirements on car seats and boosters are a tad skewed. Technically when sitting Pres is the same height as his peers, and because his height genes are the way they are, his torso is even a tad longer than some of his peers.  So it was time. 


And of course I rattled off a very nervous text to Emily who assured me she felt the same way when Seamus was in a booster.  You are apprehensive.  I mean first of all it’s not bolted to the car and second he is now against the door as opposed to the middle seat.  Obviously he is happy as a clam because upon arriving at our destination he unlatches himself and opens the door.  Although I sound like a ride at Busch Gardens telling him to sit down, keep his arms inside the vehicle and the seatbelt latched fully until the car comes to a complete stop.  And because I still have not downloaded the New York pictures from my parents’ camera too, I leave you with some more Preston shots.




Pres just LOVES Barnes and Noble.  But I will share with you that he calls it, “Barnes and No-Balls”  Which is completely hilarious to me (and Aunt Tinka).


And how cool is this truck from Uncle Charlie?


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our MIA August

With being in New York the past week and really nothing super exciting going on I have neglected the blog.  I still have yet to upload all the pictures from the wedding and the New York visit, but I am going to include some cute Preston pics from the past two weeks.  How cute is the new Yankee hat?  It is a fitted hat and the material is frayed.  He was dismayed and ran up to me telling me his hat was ripped.  He thought I was a tad nuts when I explained I bought it that way.  Like, Mommy why are you buying ripped articles of clothing? 



I just love Preston in muscle shirts.  And the way this weather is going, he will probably be in the muscle shirts until November. I also realized that he has a fruit snack in his mouth in this picture. 


Because there may not be anything cuter than my son in flip flops.


My handsome little guy.  I promise to update very soon with the wedding weekend pics.  Pres of course did not disappoint in the cuteness department!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Katie's New Blog

I know I have been MIA. I am just taking a bit of a break from the blogs and Facebook for awhile. I am still reading them and commenting and I will post pictures from our New York trip when I get back. I just want to announce my sister's newest blog- I'm on No Sleep- Her mission is to take a self portrait every day of something and write about it. It's very witty and creative and I hope you will take a look!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Katie and Steve Visit! AGAIN KATIE?

Katie and Steve came to join us down here in Richmond for the weekend and it was such a blast.  Started off the weekend on Thursday with hors de ouvres and baseball.  I had just been at two mediations back to back and both cases settled and drove through a monsoon to get home.  Friday I met the fam at the mall for some retail therapy and of course….a ride on the train. 




Saturday we went to Busch Gardens and we did not have Pres with us.  I conquered Griffon!!!! Yay for me.  And it took Mel a lot of convincing to truly believe I did ride!





Can you find Katie and Steve?  Katie is in pink, Steve, red.  When I rode I was one row back all the way to the left.


This picture needs explaining:  Katie has taught Preston Thomas Dolby’s hit, “She Blinded me With Science.”  Every time the guy in the background says, “SCIENCE!” Katie raises a finger.  Preston has decided this is hilarious and it is now a popular request in the car.


So excited to see them again in a few weeks!  Hope everyone has a great week!