Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween a Day Early

Preston's school had their Halloween party today and it was amazing. This school does such a great job! The kiddos all got into costume and the outside playground was set up with trick or treating, a treats table, hunt in the hay, pumpkin painting and donuts on a string. Needless to say Preston was in pig heaven. My little vampire was quite adorable I must say. I took a ton of pictures-I'll post some here now and try to get more up in an album on Facebook after trick or treating tomorrow. Halloween is a special day for me. In 2005 on Halloween I found out that something was "not right" with my ultrasound and so started the five and a half weeks of hell and uncertainty. Gosh do I wish I could go back and have a crystal ball to see the future. Each year watching him on Halloween makes me so proud and so happy! Enjoy the pics of the cutest vampire! I took pictures with his friends, but do not want to post pictures of children without parental permission (you know being a lawyer and all). Hope all of our little ghosts and goblins have a blast tomorrow!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our Very Jammed Packed Very Fun Weekend

Wow! What a weekend. It kicked off Friday night with Preston's Spaghetti dinner at school to benefit Make-A-Wish. Each class had a theme and all the parents donated things to be raffled off. The Preppers' theme was Let's Go to the Movies. The basket included DVDs, movie tickets, candy, Blockbuster cards, etc. Of course one class was Rainy Day Fun and they had baskets of games and toys that every kid wanted and I secretly hoped Preston did not win because my mother (obviously) has already bought half the games in the basket for Christmas. Here are some shots:
Preston and Grandma putting in the winning tickets:
Here is Preston enjoying the spaghetti feast!
And the dude was a winner! He won the Nabisco basket full of treats. He was sooo proud!
Saturday Preston woke me up by calling "Kimberly" over the monitor. Hummmm....I really thought I would get Mom before my full name! He also asked my dad to go out to lunch, "just Papa and Preston." So my dad and Preston spent the morning together while my mom and I started some Christmas shopping for Preston. It looks to be a toy filled wonderland already. It was a rainy day so we spent time playing with Play Doh, going for a ride around the area together and reading stories. Here is Preston's ready for some football face:

This morning Preston and I made Halloween cinnamon rolls with orange colored icing. He is loving the whole baking thing. Perhaps I have a future Wolfgang Puck since Pres is loving his way around the kitchen. Today my friend from high school, Jason, who now works at the White House (how cool is that) and his awesome wife Erin-Kate and their two kids, Collin (6) and Mya who is a month older than Pres came for a visit. We met up with Sam, Jordana and Baby Maddie for the Stony Point Fashion Mall's Howl-Ween fest. This is where people dress up their dogs for Halloween. The kids thought this was just hilarious and since Preston wants a dog (which he is totally not getting until he old enough to walk it himself and clean up after it since I am still cleaning up his poopies), he really enjoyed this. His favorite was the Great Dane dressed as a horse which I still think he thinks is a horse, the pug dressed as a pig and the German Shepard which was just a German Shepard and whom Preston declared was "his doggie." The kids had a blast together. Look at how cute Mya and Preston were:

Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

TAG-I'm it

I have been tagged by Danielle. Here goes:

10 Years Ago I
1) Was in my last year (junior year of college) living with Marrah
2) Thought that getting out in the real world totally beat the crap out of 15 hours of school a week
3) Thought I would marry my on again off again boyfriend of forever Derek
4) Was studying for my LSATs (even though I was already admitted to law school)
5) Went to the gym almost five days a week (and smoked a pack of cigarettes a day-the irony)

Things on tomorrow's to-do list

1) Get Amanda a third birthday card
2) Fill up my tank with my grocery store perks and pay----$1.97 a gallon-screw OPEC
3) Meet the 40 new people coming in to work (maybe a hottie amongst them)?
4) Attend Preston's Make-A-Wish Spaghetti Dinner with my mom and the dude
5) Make a grocery list for Jay and Erin-Kate's visit

Things I would do if I were a millionaire

1) Try to snag a date with Derek Jeter
2) Buy Preston and I the house down the street that I love
3) Buy that red Birkin Hermes bag that I promised I would buy myself when I won my first case.
4) Do some serious damage at Louis Vuitton
5) Help out all my family and friends.

5 Places I have lived

1) Greenlawn, Long Island
2) Albany, New York
3) Flushing, New York
4) Moseley, Virginia
5) God look at me-I have only four places! So pathetic

5 jobs I have had (not counting law-related for me)

1) Waitress at the Harbor Club catering hall
2) Camp Counselor
3) Grocery store checker (one week people)
4) Clerk at Harmon Drug (CVS-like)
5) Babysitter

I tag the rest of you ladies because I cannot recall who has and who has not been tagged-Jill, Mandy, Andrea, Renay, Jane, Charmaine, Amanda, Lisa, Catie, Sarah, Sheri and MY SISTER-go Katie.

Monday, October 20, 2008

A Fun Filled Weekend With Aunt Tinka

My sister arrived Friday night for another fun filled weekend. She really wanted to take Preston back to the pumpkin farm so that is where we went. Of course it was the first chilly day in Virginia and I was quite cold on the hay ride. This time we even went on the wagon ride. He was so exhausted he was about five seconds away from passing out on the barrel ride! On Saturday night we had a block party. Preston even sat still and had his face painted. It was the first time I felt a little "weird." I just never noticed being a single mom much in New York because I did not live in the textbook Wisteria Lane neighborhood. Being divorced was not a "big" deal. I felt on Saturday night I was the only person not married, no 2.5 kids, golden retriever, etc. I know it is truly time to start dating and getting myself out there. YIKES! But I did feel a bit better knowing I did not sport a pair of "mom jeans" either. Sunday I did go and try out the hair salon and have become a red head for the winter. I had a great visit with my sister-we even narrowed down the bridesmaid gowns. She wants vintage and I must say the dresses we picked were really different from the traditional weddings I have been in. I cannot wait to try them on. She also dropped the bomb that her and Steve may move to Colorado. I am truly happy for them, but for my own selfish reasons I want her to come to Virginia. (I mean we do have Mattress King LOL)! I know he is ridiculously adorable. Truly puntable as his godmother Mel would so affectionately state! Although I hate posting pictures of myself solo, I wanted to show some of those who begged me to go blond, how boldly I did not listen (sorry, hair is much to healthy). Excuse the bathroom shot, but I just applied lipstick and took a quick pic!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's a Preston Thing

This past weekend Aunt Pat and Uncle Dennis visited. It was so great. I took for granted how close geographically we were, because I do very much miss pizza Fridays! We went back to Williamsburg to hit the outlets, since Preston's foot has grown again. Of course that meant FIVE pairs of new shoes. (Emily-the Stride Rite outlet is truly amazing)! One thing my aunt loves about Preston is his ability to stand up without bending his knees. Preston's double jointedness is one added bonus of achon. His superior upper body strength is uncanny for a kid not even three. So here are a few Preston shots for example:
Perhaps a gold medal on the rings is in his future???

And he can even sit wider-he just was so cooperative for picture taking :-)

And here is just a great shot of the dude before we went out to Glory Days for dinner the other night when everyone arrived. (And looking handsome in the shirt given to him by Jolie)!

We are so super excited for Aunt Tinka's arrival this weekend!!!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

For Pariser

Because Rob has been asking for pumpkin shots since April, I figure I'd better put up the shots from the pumpkin farm this weekend. We went to the Chesterfield Berry Farm- a real farm. Some of the pumpkins were picked, others were still on vines. Now you see on Long Island, pumpkins are grown elsewhere, shipped to a nursery, the nursery charges $15 for admission per person, then you can walk through the grass and pick a pumpkin. (Then spend $10 for the pumpkin, $12, if you want it painted and then $25 for a pie, the hay ride lacks hay and the petting zoo smells like a toilet house). We took a tractor hay ride to the field and picked our pumpkin. Then we went to the petting zoo, the children's haunted house and Preston rode on the barrel train ride. We topped off the day baking Halloween cupcakes! (Which I ended up taking to work because what are my mother and I going to do with 24 cupcakes-exactly---that's why they went to work)!

He was very determined to get the big pumpkin....we told him Aunt Tinka will lift it when she comes next week. So Katie-here is your warning-you have to pick up a 75 pound pumpkin. Sorry-otherwise you will no longer be the favorite aunt. Oh and it's 59 cents a pound-glad we got that established.... (just kidding).
Preston wanted to be in the caboose. If you look closely you can see his little hat.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

If we Could Talk to the Animals

Preston loves animals and animal books. He also has the Baby Einstein Animal Cards. These are beautiful picture cards of animals with animal facts on the back. This video is for all of you that don't see Preston on an everyday basis-his vocabulary is coming along very nicely although we are still working on pronunciation. My mother also taught his about milking a cow, so yes Mel-there is "faux" milking on this video. The video cuts off since my camera card became full-but enjoy.

We are off to the pumpkin farm this afternoon!