Sunday, March 4, 2012

March Already

This year has just been flying by.  A few recent goings on: Preston had his first 100 day of School Celebration.  I’m yet to understand why this is so important, but I do know we counted out 100 Q-Tips and 100 Captain Crunch pieces for the occasion.  I don’t really get it.  I wish I did, but I digress.  In any event on that date he celebrated with my mom and I at Five Guys.


He also celebrated his friend Billy’s Science themed birthday party.  Billy’s mom Trish and I met through the boys being on the same soccer team.  She’s from Jersey so naturally we got along great! Billy has a younger brother Sean-the three of them get along really great. 




This past weekend we were up in Maryland.  DJ found a great bbq place by him; Red, Hot and Blue.  The kids couldn’t pass up a picture with the King:



Last night DJ rented Real Steel for the boys since The Lorax was completely sold out.  Very cute movie (to the tune of me actually thinking there was robot underground wrestling-which is so on DJ who was very convincing). DJ and I also watched Contagion this weekend; not a good movie for a complete and utter hypochondriac like myself.  I was riveted yet now scared to ever touch a doorknob and solidified that I won’t be doing any foreign travel in the near future.  Idol has picked their Top 12 and I must decide if I will be blogging come Wednesday night.  I’ll keep you posted.


Emily Camenga said...

Thank you....I am so glad I'm not the only one who just doesn't get the 100 days thing! Our school does not really celebrate this event but I see stuff popping up all over blog world and have always wondered what I was missing. Although I'll gladly participate if it means a trip to Five Guys! How about 100 fries?? Yum! Love the pic of the boys with Elvis!

Erin said...

Hi Kim!
I have come across your blog and I just love it.
When I read "From Why Me, to Thankfully Me" (from about a year ago) I swear I could have been reading my own thoughts and experiences.
I found out that my son (now almost 6 months old) has achondroplasia when he was 2 months old. Like you, I experienced every kind of feeling possible. And here I am, right where you are - loving my son and feeling overwhelmed with pride and love whenever I look at him.
We've gone through tests and more tests and he's just "going with the flow". And thankfully, so far, we're looking good. Not too much in the way of complications. He's amazing and I know he's going to amaze me more and more - just like Preston.
I'm following your blog - and I'd love to stay in touch. Though it looks like we live pretty far apart - we're in San Jose, CA.
Thank goodness for technology. :)
Hopefully I'll be blogging myself soon too.
Thanks Again, you and Preston are awesome!

aka-mama said...

I miss your updates and how gracefully you handled being a single mom. Hope you are enjoying the end of the school year and looking forward to summer vacation in your new home.