Monday, February 20, 2012

Big Apple Trip

This weekend marked the first Raab/Lapanne trip to NYC.  DJ and the boys had never been and it was completely unacceptable to me; clearly I cannot continue to date someone who has not experienced the greatest city in the world.  Friday night the boys were more than excited to hit the road-all sugared up and ready to go!!!


Less than one hour later…somewhere around Baltimore…..


We woke them all up around Newark so they could get my night tour-George Washington Bridge, West Side Highway, through the park, down 86th Street, FDR Drive and over the Brooklyn Bridge.  We stayed at the Brooklyn Marriott Downtown.  Next day marked the beginnings of the tourist adventure (that’s right Preston has never really done the tourist thing at all either).  The subway into Grand Central and then to 38th and 3rd for real (hot) bagels and tri-color cookies. (thanks Josh for the suggestion)!




Then it was off to the Empire State Building.  A very long line (and as the kids complained I thought…hmmm, there goes the Disney idea…)and almost $100 bucks later, we were at the top.  I am DEATHLY afraid of heights so I don’t look down.  The kids thought it was awesome.  Preston got a kick out of seeing every landmark he knew from that high up.



Seeing the Freedom Tower going up brings with it mixed emotions.  But it is nice to see the rebuilding down at the WTC site.





Very ridiculous touristy picture that was overpriced, but too cute not to get:

02-20-2012 07;18;14pm (2)

We walked down 5th Avenue to see the NY Public Library. Then it was pizza in Times Square, Toys R Us and the M&M Store. 



Saturday night Charlie joined us for dinner at Angelos in Little Italy. 





Sunday morning, Katie, Steve and Charlie and Charlie’s friends Chris and Lisa joined us at Big Daddy’s for brunch.  There was even a balloon man there to entertain the kids.  We ended the day making sure we took home some goodies from my fave---Two Little Red Hens!!!  Thankfully now DJ understands what a real bagel is, real Italian food is and we can continue this relationship! ;-)


IMG_8861 IMG_8863


Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

Such AWESOME PICS!!!!! I love them! We just got back from the city ourselves. Gonna post at the end of the week about our trip. You guys went to some great places. I love the pic of the you guys at the Empire State Building. And the boys sleeping in the car is hilarious! You all look so HAPPY together! xoxo

Caden and Mommy said...

What a fun weekend! Sadly enough there are several "touristy" places in Seattle Caden has never been. I love the souvenir family picture. Well worth the money :0)

Emily Camenga said... third attempt at a comment! What is up with blogger?? What an awesome weekend! Those boys look like such silly monkeys together! I especially love the pic of Pres going to town on some fettucine! Next up...Yankee game??