Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January Happenings

I have been a huge blog slacker.  I guess I will pick  up again once American Idol gets into Hollywood Week.  January is almost over…about 1.5 months away from Spring here in the RVA…although I cannot complain, this winter has been fabulous.  What are some things Pres and I have been up to…. Well he kicked off the new year with the Cruz’ and even stayed up until midnight with his buddy Robert!  He really enjoyed spending time with Ms. Sandy and the crew.  Which allowed mommy and DJ to spend the evening in DC.  After a seven course meal (so yum) we partied with his friends and then spent the night at the Fairfax in Dupont Circle.  It was such a fun New Year’s Eve.  Happy 2012 (25 days late).


Pres spent some time with Grandma and PaPa in Carytown.  He was excited to be picked up from Minnieland early and what is that in Mr. Preston’s hand…hmmm….someone “suckered” grandma….Just a side note on this trip my parents went into the grocery store.  Preston insisted on buying me a red pepper for my salad.  He even felt them all to make sure he was getting a good one.  I love this kid.


Preston’s new found love is Angry Birds.  He is forever asking my mom and I to play our phones. Even trips to the grocery store include game time.


By the way, he was so engrossed in Angry Birds, that he was sitting on my bread.  He is becoming quite a little reader.  I am impressed that halfway through kindergarten his writing and reading are coming along great!


Katie and Steve took off to Arizona to visit Chris and Anna.  Chris and Katie ran the Phoenix Half Marathon-and they both beat their PR (personal record).  It was awesome because Steve signed up to get their times at different points texted to his phone.  We were able to get updates here in VA. Go Raabs!


Oh the Giants are in the Super Bowl.  Preston had faith-here he is during the Packers/Giants play off game.  The only thing wrong with this picture is DJ insists on wearing his Redskin shirt despite the fact they are not in the playoffs.  I keep calling him a bitter man. Here’s my little Eli staking his ground.  Pres insisted on staying up Sunday night to watch them beat the 49er’s.  He told me, “Mom, the game is tied 17-17.  I have to watch.”  How can I argue?  I was so proud I almost cried.


Preston had his artwork on display at Barnes and Noble (or No-balls as he says it).  I was quite impressed with my little Picasso!



This past weekend DJ and I took the boys bowling.  And after adding up what it cost to bowl plus eat I vomited a little.  I dread thinking of what Disney must cost.  I mean it’s a tad absurd that a Sunday afternoon activity requires refinancing your home.  Just saying.  Preston was hysterical.  His fingers don’t fit into the holes so he was rolling the balls.  He had a blast with Caden and Noah.  Of course it became a competition as I wanted to win.  DJ and my scores are a tad pathetic considering we were bowling with rails up.  The PBA tour is certainly not in our immediate future.







And nothing is cuter than this picture-all watching National Geographic sea creatures.  Have a great week everyone!



Caden and Mommy said...

Hooray! I'm so happy for an update! I miss you guys! I get the whole Angry Birds thing. Caden is obsessed with the game as well! He recruits my brother in laws wife to help him when he gets stuck ... this morning he even asked to take my phone with him to daycare so he could finish his crane game he was playing. I think not! I told him the other day to tell Grammy he wants his own iPad for his birthday :o) ...then he will stop taking mine and my phone!
I get the bowling thing. It is ridiculous what they charge especially with shoes, pizza & pop. ... Caden is wanting a bowling birthday party! There's a billion dollars.
Pres's artwork is adorable. Is that a self portrait? You are too funny almost crying over him wanting to stay up to watch the end of the game.
I am so happy you have found DJ and the boys! You all are adorable!

Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

Glad to have you back girlie! Missed ya! Emma LOVES angry birds! You all look wonderful! Keep blogging......we need you! I need to see my cutie Preston! Xoxo

Emily Camenga said...

So great to see what you've all been up to! What an awesome way to ring in New Year's in DC. Great picture of you and DJ. Until I have a social life again, I will live vicariously through you! Angry Birds is a staple at our house and we're even discussing 3 coordinated Angry Bird costumes for Halloween this year! Looks like you all have been having so much fun - so glad to see how happy you are!